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What to do When it all Gets to be Too Much: Switch Off The Day

The times are overwhelming.  It’s as if everyone is “always on”.  I find that when I’m always connected, things can quit working.  When I’m always connected, I find myself staring at screens, answering every door bell and phone ring.

When things quit working, one of the most effective  things I do is switch everything off.  This includes me.  I switch off – both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I turn off electronic devices.  The phone goes off.  The computer shuts down.  The TV is off.  I turn off all the lights.

And, you know what?  almost everything works better after I’ve unplugged it for a few minutes.  And, that includes me.

And, then, I get in my most comfortable chair and  give myself a Reiki therapy session.

I begin the session with the symbols and three hand positions to my head.  My intention is to relax so that I won’t be so fatigued and overwhelmed.

Now…I know that switching everything off can be difficult.  In some cases, it’s impossible. I also know that there comes a time when saying “no” is not selfish.

An important lesson I had to learn as an adult is that when everybody is getting oxygen masks, we sometimes each need to get our own oxygen mask first so we can make sure everyone else is being properly cared for.

So, becoming comfortable with “no” and “off” is something that I had to learn in life.

A life lesson I had to learn was that some people stress me out.  Learning to recognize  stressor people and situations was (is) important.  Once stressors are are recognized, it is easy to avoid them.

Life is more pleasant, less complicated,  and easier when stressors are recognized and minimized.

Reiki sessions help.  Both Reiki and reflexology promote relaxation and a more positive outlook.

Emergency Reiki sessions are a dramatic improvement.  They work even better when they are a supplement to regularly scheduled Reiki therapy sessions.

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