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A Good Morning Body Scan Reveals Healing Options.

Every morning I start my day by checking in with my body, my energy, my emotions.  My goal is to know how I’m feeling.  I’m tapping into my inner wisdom.  For me, the best time to do this is at the beginning of the day when I have a few moments just for myself.

I begin by checking in with my body from my feet up.  I work my way through my ankles, knees, hips, abdomen, chest, back, spine, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists.  I’m sure to include my neck, ears, mouth, nose, chin, face, forehead, eyes, scalp.  Finally, I examine my hair.

I ask myself:

Is anything feeling out of balance?

Do I hurt anywhere?

Am I tight or sore anywhere?

These are the basic “little things” that need attention.  If ignored, they can easily become “bigger things”.  Pay attention to every part of your body.

Here’s an example:

If you answered “yes” to hurting anywhere, look more deeply:

Where does it hurt?

Why does it hurt?

What does this pain feel like?

Is this pain on the surface of my body or does it go deeper?

What is the exact location of this pain?

Listen to your answers.  What are they telling you?

“I should probably look further into this, just…not right now.

Then, I ask myself about my moods, emotions, and mental outlook.

Am I feeling disconnected from myself and my body?

Am I depressed, happy, anxious?

Finally, I ask myself if I’m hungry.

How long has it been since I last ate?

Did I drink enough liquids in the last 24 hours?

The most important thing about this scan is learning to listen to the answers.  Your body is a wonderful communicator.  Between your chakras and your abdominal brain – you can keep tabs on your body, mind, heart, soul.

Tracking your feelings gives you a good opportunity to journal this information each day.  Over time, you may realize that you are keeping track of yourself on a deeper level.

Checking in with your inner wisdom often and regularly will help you know yourself better.

When you scan your self and journal the results, you are researching your body, emotions, mental activity, and spiritual aspects.  Your journal will encourage you to trust what you feel and experience.  You are researching your self!

Include reflexology and reiki sessions at every opportunity.  This wake-up scan works well with a self-Reiki session.

This scan is not a substitute for regular reflexology sessions.

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