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Hay Fever Attacks us Seasonally When Our Defenses are Low

Hay Fever is a seasonal affliction which succeeds in making its sufferers totally miserable.  My mother had several serious diseases in her life.  The one that caused her the most trouble and discomfort was hay fever.

Hay Fever is not contagious.  It is an allergic reaction to airborne substances such as pollen and pollution.  Hay Fever sufferers are always easy to spot because they have watery inflamed eyes, inflamed sinuses, and nasal passages resulting in runny noses.  There’s a lot of itching also.  Sometimes, when life is really bad, they also have a sore throat and irritated bronchial tubes.

Hay Fever sufferers have a tendency to overreact to the symptoms.  The itching can be very irritating.  The runny eyes are very distracting.

Although Hay Fever is seasonal, its sufferers can have attacks whenever there is an intense emotional reaction to a situation.

Visiting a competent allergist regularly to reduce one’s sensitivity to allergies  can change an allergy sufferer’s life for the better.

If you have a client partner suffering with hay fever, suggest weekly Reflexology for the Spirit sessions  at least during allergy season.  This will offer some relief and much needed homeostasis.

Begin the session by working the diaphragm reflexes and the solar plexus.  Move to the endocrine system and focus on the pituitary gland reflexes and the adrenal gland reflexes.  Then move to the respiratory system focusing on the lung reflexes.  Finish the session by giving attention to the liver and returning to a solar plexus hold.

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Finish with

Respiratory System: Bottom Line Information, Essential Oils, Foods that Nourish the Respiratory System and Improvements to be Expected from Regular Sessions.

The respiratory system has highly emotional and spiritual facets to it.  People dealing with chronic respiratory issues are often grieving.  While it’s not necessary for you to know what’s causing the grief, it’s helpful to be aware of the grief process and the part it may be playing in your client partner’s health issues.

Essential Oils Nourishing the Respiratory System Include:  eucalyptus radiata, frankincense, German chamomile, lavender, lemon, peppermint, ravensara, Roman chamomile, rose, thyme, and wintergreen.

Foods Nourishing the Respiratory System Include: almonds, apples, apricots, beans, cantaloupe, carrots, chicken soup, crab, decaffeinated coffee, eggs, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, garlic, hot peppers, lamb, leafy greens, legumes, lemons, low-fat milk, non-fat cheeses, nuts, onions, oysters, papaya, pineapple, pumpkin, salmon, soy, spinach, sweet potatoes, tea, tofu, tomatoes, water, wheat germ, watercress, whole grains, yogurt.

Of the foods in the above list, the following foods are also on Johnny Bowden Ph.D.’s list of the 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth:    amonds, apples, apricots, beans, cantaloupe, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, garlic, lamb, lentils,   lemons, low-fat milk, non-fat cheese, onions, oysters, peppers (hot),  pineapple, pumpkin, salmon (wild Alaska),  sweet potatoes, tea, watercress, yogurt.

So,  you’ve actually got two lists here.  The top list is the list of foods nourishing the respiratory system.  The second list is those foods on Johnny Bowden’s list.  This is a little complicated but worth knowing.  Please let me know if you have a problems with the information and how it’s listed.

Improvements to be Expected from Sessions to the Respiratory System: 

Congestion and inflammation should be cleared.  Asthma can be improved.  Breathing should improve when it becomes regulated, slower and deeper.  On a spiritual level, this will assist the client partner to live life more fully.  Inflammation should be alleviated.  Regular sessions help expel mucus.

On a spiritual level, working the respiratory system not only addresses the physical issues, but assists in dealing with the associated processes.  People with respiratory issues who are willing to face whatever fears are preventing them from living life to the fullest will be able to benefit more fully from the physical improvements to the respiratory system offered by Reflexology for the Spirit sessions.

Recovery from colds, coughs can be improved.

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Disorders of the Respiratory System are very Common. Their Causes are Both Physical and Spiritual.

Respiratory SystemBecause we don’t store oxygen, we must constantly breathe to keep our bodies oxygenated. The respiratory system is composed of the nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, and our lungs with bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli.  The diaphragm muscles are also part of our breathing system.  As we breathe, our nasal passages act as generalized filters which clean out some toxins and also warm or cool the air before it gets to the lungs.  Breathing not only supplies oxygen and gets rid of carbon dioxide, it also enables us to speak.

When we reflex the diaphragm muscles, we stimulate the diaphragm and solar plexus to relieve stress, regulate breathing, and to relax.

                             Our breath is, quite simply, our life force.

It reflects our feelings at any given moment.  An important way to offer support in this area is work the solar plexus.  The solar plexus is a group of nerves in the abdomen controlling adrenal gland and muscular function in the intestinal walls.

This is where our third chakra is located and where we get the feelings of “butterflies in the stomach”.

We can improve a situation by changing our breathing rate or depth.

Many people go through life without knowing how to properly breathe.

Encourage yoga classes.  Refer your client-partner to a teacher who knows about breathing and teaches it regularly in class.  If you can’t find a yoga teacher who meets your needs regarding breathing, take continuing education classes and incorporate breathing techniques into your practice.

Encourage your client partners to schedule appointments with you within 48 hours of a yoga class to boost the effects of both sessions.

Respiratory disorders are very common.  Smoking, dusty environments, poor air quality, allergies, and chemicals in the air are major causes of respiratory ailments in addition to the spiritual and emotional issues which also contribute.

Working the respiratory areas in the feet can help relieve bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, to name a few.  Also, working the respiratory areas in the feet also helps clear congestion, inflammation, and assist breathing.

When offering Reflexology for the Spirit to someone suffering from respiratory difficulties, make sure they are sitting up at a 30 degree angle.  This promotes easier breathing and reduces the chance of coughing during a session.

Always work the solar plexus to promote a strong respiratory system.

If a client partner is having trouble breathing (due to congestion, etc.), admits to serious snoring, has allergies,and/or has a chronic cough, there are several things you can, and should, do.  Refer him/her to an ear/nose/throat specialist.  People don’t realize that snoring can be a serious health risk.

Avoid having a client-partner with undiagnosed sleep apnia, a serious condition requiring skilled medical attention.  You are not referring someone to an otolaryngologist to get rid of him/her.  You want your client-partner to have the condition evaluated medically so the proper healing procedures can be followed along with your ongoing reflexology.

If someone has allergies, encourage a commitment to visit an allergist.  A good allergist provides injections to significantly improve the quality of life.  That way, your client partner will have the best chance of achieving optimum respiratory health.  Whatever medical attention is needed and received means that s/he will fare better with proper medical attention in addition to reflexology.  Once the acute situation is taken care of, continued reflexology sessions will support wellness.

Maintaining a healthy respiratory system takes a commitment to Reflexology for the Spirit sessions regularly.   They offer a much needed opportunity for homeostasis which is very important.  People suffering with respiratory system issues are often carrying anger, bitterness, grief, hate, loneliness.  Learning about forgiveness is an  important step for healing.

Please note that the respiratory system interacts closely with both the cardiovascular and digestive systems.  Whenever possible, work all three systems when you are trying to deal with respiratory issues.

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Reflexology Blog – A Guided Meditation

Find a comfortable place and begin to relax. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing as you inhale slowly and deeply. Count slowly to 4 as you breathe in. Then, exhale slowly and deeply. Count again slowly to 4. Now, at the end of the deep exhale, count to 2 as you rest between breaths. Repeat this breathing pattern. Inhale slowly and deeply. Count slowly to 4 as you inhale. Now, exhale slowly and deeply as you again count to 4. At the end of the exhale, count to 2. Repeat this pattern of breathing for a few moments as your body becomes more quiet.
You are slowing down and relaxing. Allow any thoughts entering your mind now to pass by without focusing on them or analyzing them in any way. Just let them go.
You feel fully relaxed and comfortable. You see an angel moving toward you. Notice how this angel appears to you. How large is this angel? What colors surround this angel?
You know without asking that this angel has come to bring you a gift – a healing flower. You accept this beautiful flower with gratitude. As you hold it  in your hands, you notice  you are feeling warmer and even more comfortable. You feel love surrounding this flower. What color is it? What does it look like? How big is it? Are there leaves surrounding it? Without even asking, you know that this gift, this flower being given to you by this special angel is a healing gift.
As you hold this healing flower,  you feel its warmth. You begin to be aware of the vibrations being shared with you through petals of this flower. You are also receiving energy from this magical flower.
You glance around you and realize you are in a very special bubble of protection for this healing gift. Your angel has surrounded you and the healing flower with a bubble so that nothing can disturb as you receive this special healing energy.
You begin to feel this beautiful healing energy circulate throughout your entire body. The energy feels warm and comforting. As this energy circulates throughout your body, you feel the healing rays. You are happy to be in this healing bubble as the warmth and healing energy engulf you. You feel safe.
You relax even more. This happens as you feel more and more protected and safe.
You begin to focus on the flower. You notice different colors in this flower and how they offer healing energy just for you. You are aware of a healing light in your bubble and you feel very safe and loved in this space which the angel has created. You feel your angel  enfolding you and offering you healing energy and safety. You know you are in a space which is very good for you.
For a few moments, you just rest comfortably in this special healing sanctuary.   This is your moment to absorb the positive, warm, enfolding energy.
You forget about time passing. You are able to just “be in the moment.” You absorb the peace of the moment and cherish the experience.
Slowly, you return to the world. You offer gratitude and love to your special angel who created this space just for you. You return to your body. You feel comfortable as you become aware of the room once again.
You thank the angel again. You are grateful for the blessings you received and for the healing energy that was the special gift from your angel. You feel that the goodness received from your angel has expanded your being.
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The Sense of Taste – OR – 8 Ways to Reduce Salt in Your Diet

Salt has been with us for awhile.. Go back in time about 6000 years and you’ll find salt being processed in Romania and China. It was prized by Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Hittites and Egyptians.
Historians tell us that  salt extraction and rapid rapid population growth happened at the same time.
Salt has a history of being an issue in wars up to and including the 20th century. Governments throughout history have imposed salt taxes on their people…and throughout time people have revolted. Think the French Revolution, and Mahatma Gandhi’s protesters.
Salt has been used as currency. The word salary comes from from the word salt. Salt was traded for gold in some historical cultures.
On a religious level, salt has long been an important part of ceremonies in most of the world’s religions.
Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used salt and water in their offering ceremonies. Some scholars tell us that this was the basis of the Holy Water used in some Christian ceremonies today.
We know that the Aztecs used salt and salt water in their fertility rites.
Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, and Shinto followers all use salt in religious ceremonies.
Salt plays a strong part in the Old Testament which has many references to salt. One famous bible story describes Lot’s wife being turned into a pillar of salt as she looked back at the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah as they were being destroyed.
The New Testament has references to salt.
Celtic rituals use water with salt added.

We flavor our foods with seasonings in five categories: sweet, sour, salt, bitterness, and umami.

We exercise our sense of taste when we eat food. The sense of taste works with the sense of smell to help us taste food.
As a culture, we have a taste for salt…so much so that some of our citizens  suffer with high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic kidney disease.
All of us, without exception, will improve our lives if we can reduce our intake to one teaspoon of salt per day. So, how do we do this?
Cut Down on Processed Foods. This is easily done by eating less processed food. Cut back on pizza, bacon, sausage, hot dogs, deli/luncheon meats. Buy fewer canned foods such as chili, soups, stews, ravioli. A key here is fresh foods have lower amounts of sodium.
Cook More Meals at Home. When you prepare meals at home, you’re spending less on food and can control  what goes in it. Cooking meals at home allows you to limit the amount of salt used in your food..
Eat Veggies and Fruits. Fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables naturally have less sodium. Include a vegetable or fruit at every meal.
Cut Back on Salt Slowly, a little at a time. This way you’ll  become accustomed to the natural taste of food. Learn to season your foods with herbs, spices, garlic, and lemon.
Read the Labels Many canned goods have more than a daily serving of salt. Find products that are “low salt”, “no salt”, and “low sodium”. A caution here: sometimes the processed foods which are labeled “low salt” are “high sugar”. Don’t trade one bad habit for another.
Skip the “high Sodium” Condiments. Avoid high sodium ketchup, pickles, olives, salad dressings, soy sauce. Choose those  seasoned with reasonable amounts of salt.
Hide the Salt. Don’t put salt on the kitchen counter or the table. Use low salt seasonings instead.
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Our Skin Protects Us and Guards Us.

The largest organ we have, our skin is our biggest protector. It is a sense organ because it is through the skin that we exercise our sense of touch.
Skin is both emotional and spiritual. When we describe skin, we use words such as protect, nourish, insulate, communicate, heal, give, receive.
Our skin is our boundary so there are many skin issues to deal with throughout life. This blog has already addressed the following issues in previous posts: acne, callouses, corns, eczema, peeling skin, psoriasis, shingles, sweaty feet, and thick skin.
Whew! That says a lot about our skin and the work it does. What it says is this:
Reflexology for the Spirit sessions are very important when addressing sense organ issues in general and skin issues specifically.
When you offer reflexology for a skin issue, please work it holistically. In other words,  work to heal the physical issue but also  consider where this problem is manifesting itself on the feet.  It is also important to help your client partner feel safe for a few moments when you offer a session.

Safety can be suggested through the music used, the essential oils offered, and having enough blankets and pillows on the table.  Think cocoon here.

Our skin is very emotional as well as spiritual.  Therefore, it reacts to everything that happens to us.  Rashes, in particular are emotional reactions to life events.  A good example of this is hives.  A person suffering with hives  may be experiencing fear, irritation, feeling overwhelmed, deep anger.

There will be more posts in the future about different issues which manifest themselves through the skin.

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Eye Infections and Reflexology for the Spirit

Physically, eye infections are caused by viruses and bacteria. Infections usually are found on the surface of the cornea, the lining of the eyelid, or in the sebaceous glands.
When the left eye is affected, I feel that the person has a lack of joy, fun, and creativity. Instead, the person is finding life to be hard, challenging, and a struggle. As these things happen, the sufferer begins to focus on the negativity and “Loses sight” of the positive things in life.
When the Right eye is affected, I feel that the person is experiencing challenges in abundance, relationships, moving forward in life. The person becomes irritated with him/herself and is unable to “see how the situation can be changed for the positive”.
With eyes, of course, it all boils down to how things are perceived. So, with our eyes, we see far more than just the object…unless we don’t want to see. And, our perceptions are all colored by our upbringing, education, learned biases, life experiences.
When offering reflexology to a person suffering with an eye infection, work the urinary system with a focus on the kidney reflexes. Work the sense organs with a focus on the eye reflexes. Work the spleen reflex. Work the liver and solar plexus. End the session by working the lymphatic system.
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Sense of Sight – Eyestrain

Physical causes of eyestrain include excessive eye fatigue which can result in headache. Other causes include stress, overuse of eyes at work or at video or computer monitors. Poor lighting, incorrect eyeglass/contact lens prescriptions.
Spiritually and emotionally, vision problems go hand-in-hand with emotional traumas, fear, and rejection of the outside world. It has been said that our eyes are the mirrors of our soul.
Relief is available for people suffering with eyestrain. Better lighting, better eyeglasses, Reflexology for the Spirit sessions. But also, the client partner needs to look at lifestyle issues and work to relieve stress, overuse of eyes.
As you offer reflexology sessions, be aware of the need for homeostasis. Deep relaxation is important.
Work the urinary system with a focus on the kidneys, work the sense organs with a focus on the eye reflexes, work the arm and shoulder reflexes, work the spine reflexes, work the lymphatic system and finally focus on the solar plexus and diaphragm reflexes.
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Tinnitus is a Spiritual Event

One way we perceive our world is through sound. This perception is influenced by our emotions and spiritual reactions to life events. We hear things and we also listen to what we’re hearing. We interpret the things we hear and listen to. We not only hear and listen to events happening around us but we also hear and listen to our inner voice.
My conclusion here is that hearing and listening is both highly emotional and spiritual. Reduced to it’s lowest common denominator, the concepts we hear can touch our core beliefs in ways that go straight to the heart and soul. Our attitudes, opinions, and feelings about what we hear may or may not be based on facts, or statistics, or even what’s real. Often, our attitudes cannot be changed by facts, statistics, or information.
Our feelings, beliefs, educational background and training, life experiences, all influence what we feel, see, and hear. Our responses include these influences.
Tinnitus is a ringing, hissing, or buzzing in the ears which has no external origin.
In my opinion, Tinnitus occurs when a person no longer trusts his/her own voice. Tinnitus occurs when your body tells you it’s time to pay more attention to your inner voice, to your feelings, to your inner self.
Reflexology for the Spirit sessions are important in the life of a Tinnitus sufferer.
Work the respiratory system with emphasis on the sinuses, work the sense organs with emphasis on the ears, work the entire endocrine system and finish up the session with working the liver and the solar plexus. Homeostasis is very important here and that is exactly what your sessions will offer.
Peace and food for all.
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Reflexology Blog – Ear Infections are common in young children and can be dangerous.

Ear infections are often connected with respiratory tract infections. They can be either caused by bacterial or fungal infections brought on by water or other foreign matter in the ear. They can be either chronic or acute.
Ear infections are so common that about half of all visits to pediatricians are for their treatment. This is an important statement because spiritually, ear infections occur when a person is having trouble hearing what is going on around them. Children sometimes have difficulties expressing feelings.
So…what might a child be hearing that will distress him/her to the point of an infection? Abusive language, people shouting at one another, bullying behavior. An earache suggests that the subject is very disturbing to the child. It represents a pained heart or mind.
Adults dealing with ear infections have the same spiritual issues. Words that come to mind here are resentment, unsteadiness, being judged, blame, frustration, anger, arguments.
And, of course, the most difficult voice to hear sometimes is that of the inner self.
That being said, ear infections can be very serious. Ear infections are potentially dangerous health events and need to be supervised by a physician.
The bottom line here is this: If someone has an ear infection, s/he needs to seek medical care to take care of the physical aspects of the disease. S/he also needs to deal with the painful sounds and events in life which are stressful enough to contribute to ear infections.
Reflexology for the Spirit can help, but not replace the medical attention needed. When working the feet, focus on the sense organs with emphasis on the ears, work the spleen, work the lymphatic system, and complete the session by working the liver and solar plexus. What you will bring to the table, which is very important, is relief, calm, homeostasis, an encouragement of the body systems to fight the situation.
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