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Are you fat, frazzled and exhausted? – Have you thought about your Endocrine system?

I never even thought about my endocrine system until I went to Potomac MyoTherapy Institute.  And, even then, I wasn’t sure what it was.  It wasn’t until I practiced reflexology and Reiki therapy that I really became involved with how important the endocrine system is.

So I have some questions for you:

Do you sleep poorly?

Do you get colds and other infections easily?  Are they hard to kick?

Are you depressed, anxious, or irritable?

Has your sex drive disappeared?

Do you have clawing pains on your legs?

Are you worried about a heart attack?

That’s a lot of questions, but, really, if you are tired, anxious, overweight, or in pain, you may have an issue with your endocrine system.

There are many endocrine systems glands.  The three most likely to cause problems are your thyroid, adrenal gland, or reproductive glands.

In many cases these deficiencies can be easily diagnosed and safely treated.  After you’ve discovered the issue and corrected it, you can feel like a new person again.

I know I did.

Before my  underactive thyroid was discovered, I was a walking zombie.

I went to bed at night exhausted and did not wake up feeling any better the next morning..

I was forgetful and couldn’t focus.

I gained a lot of  weight and couldn’t lose not even one ounce.

My muscles ached and I couldn’t lift much.

My skin and hair were dry, dry, dry.

I was cold – always.

And, these were just the problems I had with my thyroid.  Even so, I never really appreciated my endocrine system until I struggled with my thyroid.

Fortunately, I stumbled on a physician who saw my situation for what it was and I got the pills.  And, that is not to say there were no problems along the way.  I’ve been overmedicted, undermedicated, and not medicated over the years.

Overall, the pills are doing their job.  Regular reflexology sessions helped – a lot.

Your endocrine system is much more than your thyroid.  Your endocrine system includes glands located throughout the body which normalize how your body works and communicate with your chakra system.

Your endocrine system is the most spiritual system of your body.  When a reflexologist focuses a session on the endocrine system, the session can have long lasting, transformational effects.

When one or more of your endocrine system glands is stressed or unbalanced, your whole being knows it.  Why?  Your endocrine system glands manufacture hormones which control your life.  If a gland produces too much or too little of a hormone, your body knows about it.  That’s because your glands regulate every other system in your body.

When even one gland doesn’t work, everything is out of balance.  Your entire body is bothered.  Even your chakras are affected.

That’s my take on it anyway.

And, there are several glands throughout your body – all of which work together.  Or not.  I used my thyroid as an example.

I’m not suggesting that everyone has an unbalanced thyroid.  Other hormone imbalances  include adrenals, estrogen and progesterone imbalances, and testosterone.

Do you think you might want to learn more about your endocrine glands?  They are interesting.  Even their names are interesting:  parathyroid, pineal, thymus, pancreas.

Ongoing reflexology and Reiki therapy sessions encourage homeostasis which will work to balance your total body. But, you may need more support than a weekly session.

Have you ever visited an endocrinologist?

I’m always amazed at the number of people who have never made an appointment with an endocrinologist.  Actually, most of them never really ever heard about endocrinology.

Your body begins to break down from the effects of an unbalanced endocrine system.  An exhausted endocrine system can and does produce a long list of symptoms because an exhausted endocrine system can produce problems with other systems:  your immune system, your digestive system, your circulatory system, your…  You get the picture.

The bottom line is that you are finally unable to deal with life’s challenges.

There comes a time when you may be ready to get to the heart of the matter.  When this happens, and you discover the cause of your problems, you may begin to feel like a new person.

You are ready for a happy, healthy, natural ending to your story.

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A Little-Known Cause of Poor Health – and What You Can Do About It

Please allow me to introduce you to my favorite relative – Aunt Ruby.

Aunt Ruby was a nurse – and I’m convinced that there has never been a better nurse than Aunt Ruby.  She was 80+ and together.  Then, one day she wasn’t.

When Aunt Ruby came to live at our home,she was wearing a back brace.  She barely knew the day of the week.  She fell asleep repeatedly throughout the day.  She walked with the aid of a rollator and a cane. She wore a lift on one shoe.  A  mysterious rash covered one leg.

Aunt Ruby could no longer dress herself.

It took us 18 months to get Aunt Ruby back again.  One reason it took so long was that we weren’t sure what the problem was.

And, what was the problem?  After much trial and error, we finally found out.  Aunt Ruby, as good as she was a nurse,  took whatever pills, drops, lozenges, creams she felt she needed at the moment.  And, when she didn’t need the particular product anymore, she just kept on using it.

Aunt Ruby ruined her health by overmedicating herself with several OTC and prescriptives that never should have been taken beyond their practical use.

And, truth be told, Aunt Ruby’s story is pretty common.

A number of medications are commmon culprits.

Antacid drugs – Heartburn drugs




Osteoporosis Drugs

OTC drugs

All of the above listed medications can and will help you if you need them. If you don’t need them, they can change your behavior, alter your personality, give you an itchy rash, make you feel so tired you can’t walk across the room.

However, they should be taken if they are needed.

They can cause many health problems if they are taken with other medications which don’t mix well. Taking several drugs can create interactions: fatigue, depression, confusion, jumpy skin, insomnia.

An interested medical professional should periodically monitor every pill, liquid, salve, you use.   If they don’t work, and if they don’t work together, they should be discontinued.

If a product doesn’t work, doubling the dose is not going to help.

Very few drugs should be taken for an extended period of time without periodic blood tests and observation to be sure they are still doing what they need to do without causing problems.

Sometimes, when these drugs are discontinued, these feelings are replaced by mental clarity, and better energy.  If you feel better after stopping the medications in question, work with your physician and/or pharmacist to discover the way to your best health.

While this is happening to you, you will feel very different as your body returns to a healthier state.

Regular reflexology and Reiki therapy sessions will keep your body grounded and encourage homeostasis as your body gains its new good health.

And, ideally, regular reflexology or Reiki therapy sessions are a part of your  weekly wellness schedule over time to help you maintain your best possible health.

Aunt Ruby’s body underwent many changes while some drugs were discontinued.  Other drugs were adjusted so that she received fewer amounts.  The homeostasis encouraged by reflexology and Reiki helped her daily life balance itself.

This whole process took months.

I’m definitely not suggesting that all people taking several drugs or even one or two drugs are over medicated.  However, a periodic review of your medications can help you learn whether or not you are taking the proper medications in the correct amounts.

This includes your vitamins.  I get all my vitamin and mineral preparations from Woodstock Apothecary.  I recently reviewed everything I take.

This also includes many herbs and other preparations sold without prescriptions.  Any product which has the capacity to improve your life can also wreak havoc with your life if it is not the right time for you to be taking this drug or herb or other medication you are considering.

I hope the information in this blog post will help you.

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Thurman Greco

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3 Ways to Find Yourself in Our New World

Forever changed is our future:

The pandemic and its surrounding life events changed us dramatically.  We each  experienced the pandemic differently.  This event transformed us.  Even if you denied the pandemic and ignored the events…

Especially if you denied the pandemic.

We have a new life now.

Remember those plans you made for the future?  Are the goals the same?  Do they need updating?  Improving?  Now is a good time to update them.

We can keep them as simple or complex as we want.

One thing is still the same:  feeling happy everyday.

Everyday habits keep us healthy and happy.  By that, I’m referring to what we eat, how well we sleep, how much exercise we get…

To plan my life again, I took stock of my days.  I focused on the everyday habits that I never even thought about.  I focused on things I ignored in the past.

I asked:  “What works?  What doesn’t?”

I realized I have a chance to be happy today and tomorrow and next week.

I hope you’ll join me in this review.

First step in your new life:  feel, really feel your feelings.  All that anger, fear, stress, curiosity.  Acknowledge it. Feel it. Somewhere in all those feelings, you’re going to discover happiness.

Spend some time on this.  Feel your past.  Feel your present.  Feel your future.  Take some time now to think joyous thoughts.  Catch those happy thoughts and hang onto them.

In step two, don’t blame anyone  – not even yourself.  When you don’t blame anyone, you jettison everything but happiness.  When you don’t blame anyone, you suddenly control your life as you leave your past behind and move into your future.

In step three, choose happiness.  This is where you have a gift card to all the goodies in the deli.  This is where you choose all the things which make you feel good.  This is where you choose your future.  What you focus on becomes your future.  Meditate on this happy future.  List all the things you like about your happy future.

What comes next!

What comes next is healing!

Practice Reiki with the intention of choosing a happy future.  Heal your future self with Reiki and reflexology.

Your feet are your command center.  Focus on a healthy future for your feet and for the rest of your body.

Did you study Reiki in your past but never really used it?  Now is a good time to bring Reiki with you to your future.

Schedule regular sessions.  The homeostasis offered by Reiki and reflexology cannot be overblown.

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