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Reflexology for the Spirit and the Chakras – Now let’s put it all together.

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We’ve spent the last few posts learning things  we can use at our healing table.  But, the question remains:  How do we use what we’ve got here?

Suppose a person comes to your table with asthma.  This is a fourth Chakra issue.  So, right away, you know that you’re going to be working with the physical issues associated with asthma.  But, you’re going to also be working with grief…a major issue that everyone faces at some point.

Offering Reiki therapy in conjunction with the reflexology will help balance the Chakras.  Be sure to work the fourth Chakra reflex point.

When a person comes to you for reflexology sessions because they have lower back pain, you know that you need to work certain reflex points.  But, in addition, it helps to know that a person with lower back pain is dealing with a first Chakra issue.

This person is grappling  with his/her core beliefs.  Reflexology for the Spirit and Reiki therapy will be very supportive.  Include a few moments working the first Chakra reflex point.

This process continues up the body with each Chakra.  When a person comes to your table with an issue, you determine which Chakra is affected.    Knowing this  will help you explore the spiritual issue. Then, you bring in Reiki    and help balance the affected Chakra.

Another approach you may use is a Chakra session.  In a Chakra session, you’ll work the Chakra reflex points exclusively.   When you offer a reflexology session focusing exclusively on the Chakras, it will be shorter than a regular reflexology session.  Your first such session should be no more than 30 minutes.  Divided up, the Chakra session will offer 15 minutes of work on each foot.

In a 30-minute Chakra session, you’ll  include a 5-minute warm up on the right  foot, then work the Chakra reflex points for 5 minutes.  Finish with a 5-minute warm down.   Move on to the left foot.

Work the left foot the same way:  Offer 5 minutes of warm ups, then work the Chakra reflex points for 5 minutes.  Finish with a 5-minute warm down.

Complete the session by holding the feet for a few moments.  Working the Chakras in reflexology can be deep therapy.

After your client partner gets off the table, spend a few quiet minutes with him/her just to make sure the transition back to “now” is smooth.


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Putting it all together – The Chakra System, Reflexology for the Spirit, and Reiki Therapy

Spiritual System

Chakras  work together.  If one  is unbalanced, the entire system  is affected.  The Chakras communicate with one another as their energy moves up and down the spine from  Chakra to Chakra.

When this Chakra System is open and functioning well, the human body is in a positive, stress-free, alert state.  When the energy traveling from one Chakra to another is not balanced, the body is stressed.  Even though the imbalance may be limited to only 1 Chakra, the system will be affected.

Humans use several  ways of communicating with ourselves, other humans, and the environment around us:

the cranial brain

the nervous system

the abdominal brain

the energetic layers surrounding the physical body

Using the cranial brain, we know what is going on around us, We observe it,  We form opinions, belief systems, and we communicate with others using language, both written, spoken, and body language.  We use our senses:

our  eyes,





We feel pain, emotion, know when we are ill, afraid, or happy.

Our abdominal brain sends much information to the brain.  There is a continual flow of information going from the digestive tract to the brain which keeps the brain informed about what is happening  in the body.  The abdominal brain sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the intestinal tract.  This leads me to believe that the intestinal brain is more important than we realize.

Our Chakras work together as a communication system.  The Chakras communicate with:

one another,

our bodies,

those around us,

the entire universe.

So far, this book/blog is focusing on the seven major Chakras located along the spine.   In reality, each person has many more Chakras, all of which work together.  They also work with our cranial brain, central nervous system, and our abdominal brain to assist and guide us in our journey through life.

The interconnection created by our Chakras, our cranial brain, our nervous system, and our abdominal brain results in a beautiful spiritual consciousness  which supports us in our journey through life.

Reflexologists, as you work to facilitate homeostasis in your client partners, don’t leave out the Chakras.  Include this fascinating energy system as you work.

BothRreflexology for the Spirit and Reiki therapy fit into this spiritual communication system.  When you offer reflexology to a client partner and you set up the session with Reiki therapy, you expand the power and scope of the healing you  offer.  As you reflex the feet, if you include  the Chakras, you are adding even more power to what you are doing:

Reflexology for the Spirit

Reiki therapy


You  bring about homeostasis as you balance the energy systems of the body.   You work to connect your client partner with all that is.  Your client partner’s body, mind, and spirit are joined  through the Chakras located throughout his/her body.

This is truly healing the mind, the body, and the spirit at the same time.  This is Reflexology for the Spirit.


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