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Now, Try a 1-Evening, Digital Detox


My last blog post focused on having a mild detox – actually, a limited detox.  It focused on receiving three extra reflexology sessions and cutting out the inevitable junk food which greets us every day.

Now, I’m inviting you to enjoy something you may not have even thought of – or even dreamed of – in a long, long time:

A digital detox event one evening every month.

Several years ago, I signed up for a detox vacation.  I enrolled in a 7-day, supervised, fast.  This vacation included drinking special juices during the day.

I also drank 2 broths each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  This broth was a specially prepared soup of vegetables designed to rid my body of toxins.

Pure water was also part of the menu.  I drank glass after glass of glorious, pure water.

Between drinking juices, broths, and waters, we went on walks around the area.  Some of us practiced yoga daily.  Others of us received massages.  Yet others listened to live guitar concerts.

I don’t have to tell you that I loved this whole experience.  The juices, the waters, the walks…everything.

We did one thing that really wasn’t on the brochure.  Nobody even whispered about it.  WE SLOWED DOWN.

Stress simply was not part of the reality.

As I recall this experience, I feel the absence of stress was probably the single most important positive portion of this whole event.

As the toxins left our bodies, they took the stress with them.  When our bodies realized that they were on vacation too, other things  happened:

We laughed more.

Our kidneys relaxed.

Blood pressure began to slowly, gradually, lower for some of us.

Intestinal problems took short holidays.

People commented about brain responses becoming a bit faster.

Most of us lost a few pounds.

Since that fasting vacation years ago, I’ve sought ways to replicate this experience in smaller, more intimate events when the seasons change.

I felt then, have felt since, and still feel now, that it is easier to do a good thing for my body more often.  An ongoing detox can pamper my body in ways that an occasional week-long fast cannot.

So, now, one evening a month, I go all out for a digital detox.

I give my ears, my eyes, my brain, and my hands a break from phone calls, emails, social media pages.

heart with wings

At first, it felt a little weird.  But, now I know that a technical vacation is less a luxury than a necessity.

One evening a month I turn everything off:  TV, phone, tablet, laptop, and everything else eletronic in my home.  I close these things up and put them away.

Imagine:  no little blue light!

I sit down in a comfortable chair and enjoy the evening.  This is my time to meditate for a few extra moments, read a book, have a conversation with a loved one.

When this break is over, I’m refreshed, grounded, and feeling positive.

Guess what.  I know something that a lot of people don’t yet know.  There is more to my life than the small screen and the little blue light.

Now, I’m inviting you to do something you may not even have thought of – or even dreamed of – in a long, long time.

Turn off everything that has a little blue light.  Everything.  Just for one short evening.  Silence your phone, computer, tablet, TV, and every other distracting electronic thing in your space.

A short break from technology can refresh you, ground you, and remind you there is more to life than a message from a small screen.

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Boost Your Energy With an Autumn Detox!

I love autumn and I love to celebrate the season with a detox.

When September rolls around, I know a detox will put sparkle in my eyes, and  boost my energy.

One reason I like an autumn detox is because I’m a reflexologist and I know that one of the things a reflexology session does best is encourage a mild detox.

So, I begin my autumn detox with three days of reflexology sessions right in a row.

My next step is to eliminate.  After all, that’s what a detox is all about.  My autumn detox is a little different from any other detox, though.  I’m not looking to eliminate everything – just the foods and drinks that weigh me down and make me feel sluggish.  That means I’m going to ditch the junk and processed foods.

Because of the foods I eliminate, this detox is different from all the other detoxes that I do.  Junk food and carbs top the list.

This season’s detox focuses on eating fruits for one day.  Use them to rebalance your system.  Because fruits always make me feel so good and energetic, I’ll probably stretch the one day out to two or three.

Each year, when I schedule my detox, I always schedule a few days of elimination when I cut out the junk foods, carbs, processed foods and the caffeine.  (If you smoke, this is a good time to offload the nicotine.)

It’s never more than a couple days before I notice that my body is energized.

While I’m getting rid of the toxins and replacing them with good nutrients, I feel lighter, cleaner, and more energetic.

That’s when I take time to walk, schedule a yoga session, or go for a swim.  The idea is to participate in activities which relax and rejuvenate your body.

An autumn detox is not  new in my life.  I remember autumn detox events dating back to my childhood in the South.

As the days grew cooler, a neighborhood mother prepared her special concoction and gave everyone a giant spoon full.  To this very day, I have no idea what was in it.

This I do know:  It tasted terrible!  And, our bodies smelled terrible for several days afterward.  If I ever smell that aroma again, I’m going to ask whoever is walking around with it to talk to me.  I want to know everything!

Another neighborhood mother put herbs in asperfidity bags which she personally prepared for us.  We wore them around our necks like necklaces.  The only thing I remember was garlic.  After that, my memory grows hazy.

Well, now is the 21st century and I prefer my autumn detox.  It’s practical and easy.  There are no smelly asperfidity bags to wear through the winter.

The power you will achieve by getting junk foods out of your life and your body encourages good things for you.

Several days worth of reflexology sessions bring bliss!

Adding exercises like walking, tai chi, or yoga are ideal for autumn rejuvenation and relaxation.

Complicated changes are not always necessary to promote wholistic health improvement and a longer life.

I hope you’re planning to join me and take the autumn equinox detox challenge!

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September Brings a New Season.

September is a time to honor your health – your wellbeing.

Have fun with this!  Celebrate the season!

LOCAL FARMERS’ MARKETS offer a bounty of fresh and local fruits, vegetables, and artisanal products.

September’s markets bring my favorite foods.

Tomatoes, potatoes, squash, apples, melons, figs, and beets are in season this time of year  adding color to your plate and your soul.

Stick with these new fresh produce options throughout your Autumn and into Winter.  Two fruits which I make a point to buy and eat in September include pears and pumpkins.  I love both these foods and they taste best during September.

Find a farmers’ market and plan your meals around the seasonal produce you discover.  A bonus on this food is that you’ll boost your antioxidents when you eat fresh seasonal produce.

Cook up a soup or stew.

I think of my breakfast as a September food.  Every morning I have a serving of muesli topped with yogurt and blueberries or other seasonal fruit.

Visit your LOCAL HEALTH FOOD STORE for what you can’t find at the farmers’ market.

While you’re there, stock up on immune-boosting supplements.  Go for a multi-vitamin, calcium, D3, a protein, and probiotics.

Commit to staying hydrated with lots of water.

It’s sweater time!  Is your wardrobe ready for that extra layer you’re going to need?  Consider LOCAL THRIFT SHOPS AND YARD SALES.  Make eco-friendly options a priority.

Is someone in your house returning to school?  Check the backpacks and lunch boxes.  Are they in good condition?

SLEEP BETTER in this cooler weather.  When September rolls around, I enjoy renewing tranquility with soothing colors in my bedroom.

I look around the room and remove any and all electronic gadgets that have somehow sneaked in during the year.

September is the time of the year when I ban  TVs, computers, phones, and anything else with an electromagnetic field which can produce irritating attitudes and challenge my sleep.

My goal is to refresh my bedroom so that it’s a retreat where I escape from the noise of everyday life.  This sanctuary reminds me that meditation, rest, and contemplation are important for a renewed state of mind.

Nourish your mind and rejuvenate yourself for the coming winter months.

Go a step further and schedule a regular reflexology or reiki session.  Better yet, get one of each!

ENRICH YOUR LIFE a bit.  September is a good time to learn to play a musical instrument, visit a museum, investigate your family history, take a walk, or just daydream.


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Your Spiritual Journey

I really like this beach scene.  When you look closely, you’ll see foot prints in the sand.

I recently attuned a young man to first degree Reiki.  He’s at the beginning of his spiritual path.  I confess that I was impressed with him.  After all, to have just “opened the door” on his journey with a Reiki attunement can be  special.

The young traveler/Reiki student,  newly arrived on his path, seemed hesitant and almost fearful of where he was going.  He was trying to find his next steps.

To be young, and newly realizing you are on a spiritual path can raise issues of trust.

As I reflect on this young student, I wonder:  What would I have done if I had been introduced to Reiki when I was 18?

Youth is an important detail.  Sometimes that’s how a spiritual journey goes.

At other times, people discover Reiki after they’ve traveled on their path for awhile.  I also see questions in a new, middle aged Reiki practitioner.

For me, finding Reiki was a middle age event.  In my 50’s, my questions had to do with how I could experience more Reiki.

If you’re not careful, Reiki will surprise you in the middle of your spiritual journey.  This can be especially true if you don’t have enough room for your own journey’s details.

If you are middle aged, you may not want  to clutter up either your trip or the path with too many details.  After all, you’re the only one on your spiritual path. No one else will join you.

Maybe you’ve been on your path so long you feel like that’s just how you “roll”.

Through the years I’ve attuned people to Reiki 2 who received a Reiki 1 attunement many  years before.  These travelers had questions also.  Was trust the issue then?  Or was it fear of failure?

I never asked.  Now, having met Mark, I know there is more to hesitancy than readiness.

A teacher is a vital link between a student experiencing a challenge and the professional practitioner.

That’s where we return to the journey.

Wherever you are, take what you can use and leave the rest for a traveler coming up behind you, the one you may never meet.

Select what you need.  Pack what you can use.

Look around you.  Is there any space left?  Maybe you have room for a few more things to use further down the road.

Remember, it’s okay to carry a few extra things – just in case.

The first thing to pack in your spiritual journey bag is positive feelings.

Can you use joy?  What about gratitude or kindness?  Patience and laughter may come in handy.  Finally, courage and self-love will fit in somewhere.

What are some things you might be cultivating?

As you focus on your inner life, how important are rest and sleep?

.What are some activities which will help?

Positive  feelings are the foundation for how you engage with these elements.  Being calm and focused is basic.

Then, you can work on your vision, values, and your goals.

You’ll need them when you develop healthy relationships.

Throughout your journey, look for meaning, purpose, and a sense of accomplishment.

Wherever you are, the single most important skill (for me, anyway) is intention.

An important piece of your spiritual journey is the opportunity to learn about yourself.  What fun!  This is where you get to make discoveries and seek laughter.

This is also where you get to like yourself!

As you discover yourself, you get to choose the type of person you’ll be.  This is where you drop things that are no longer important.  You can choose  what’s important, and what you stand for.

You can examine how far you’ve traveled.

And, discover the true meaning of gratitude.  This is where you see your achievements for what they are and how important your journey is to mankind.

As you clean your spiritual closet, your pilgrimage smoothes out the bumps and gets easier.

You’ll learn how unimportant comparison really is.

Find ways to be gentle with yourself.

See all these things you’re learning as if they are lovely flowers blooming along the path on your spiritual journey.

And, finally, go at YOUR pace and in the direction that’s right for YOU.


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