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The Seventh Chakra and Reflexology


The seventh Chakra reflex point is on the tips of the toes.  This is where we find the hair, the brain, and the central nervous system.

Seventh Chakra issues include:

living in the present




How can I release cravings?

How can I open myself up to more intuitive thoughts?

How can I see the world as manifestation of the divine?

How can I manifest the divine?

What is my world like without the limitations of the body?

How can I become more aware of multi-dimensional reality?

What direction do I want my future to take?

How can I awaken my spiritual potential?

How  can I achieve success in all parts of my life?

As a person seeks wholeness and enlightenment, the Chakras build on one another to allow the flow of universal energy.  Blockages in 1 or more of the Chakras make this flow difficult to impossible.  A seventh Chakra issue is the (in)ability to be non-attached.

When non-attachment cannot happen, the person gets stuck in a belief system which may not work.  Then, that person finds him/herself putting a lot of energy into justifying the dysfunctional system.  The lesson is to learn to move on to thoughts and beliefs which work.  This allows universal consciousness to grow and mature.

Symptoms of an unbalanced seventh Chakra include

chronic migraine headaches

drug abuse

spiritual extremism

denying the body some of its basic needs

compulsive behavior

rigid beliefs.

A balanced seventh Chakra combines  all the senses as they work to create a connection to the infinite.

Reflexology for the Spirit sessions offer homeostasis which is the balance of all body systems.  This is extremely important for the spiritual growth experienced in the seventh Chakra.

Reiki therapy sessions balance the Chakras.

Meditation helps keep the seventh Chakra balanced.  Regular meditation on the senses is important.  It is also helpful to meditate on the different colors of the Chakras.

When you work with your client partner’s seventh Chakra, you help him/her find enlightenment.  A balanced seventh Chakra becomes a ladder to awareness of divine consciousness.

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The Sixth Chakra and Reflexology


The sixth Chakra reflex point is located on the lower parts of the toe pads.  This is where the pituitary gland, eyes, and ears are located.

Sixth Chakra issues include






psychic abilities


Am I able to see the bigger picture?

Can I see when my ego is in charge?

How can my life be better?

Can I make this happen?

Can I set aside time for self-reflection?

Do I know myself?

Am I blocking my creative ideas?

Are those around me blocking my creative thoughts?

Am I holding onto emotions which I should be releasing?

Am I gaining insight into myself?

Am I working to increase intuition?

Does my heart agree  with my mind?

Am I working to make life better?

Can I see the “bigger picture”?

Am I able to encourage intuitive dreams?

Am I able to encourage and manifest realities from visions?

Tuning into the conscious and subconscious mind is a sixth  Chakra issue.  There is a balance which needs to be achieved.    At one end of the line, we have a person whose mind functions on the rational level only.  When this happens, the person has difficulty visualizing things mentally and subtle communication is difficult to   understand.   This person also has trouble seeing opportunities offered by dreams or intuitive thoughts. The other end of the line is a person who lives in a fantasy and may be delusional.  When the sixth Chakra is is healthy, the person is able to balance the rational and the intuitive.

A balanced sixth Chakra is in tune with our senses as well as both the conscious and subconscious mind.  The sixth Chakra is then able to regulate the energy channels of the other Chakras.

As with the other Chakras, Reflexology for the Spirit Sessions offer homeostasis which balance all of the body systems.

Reiki therapy sessions balance the Chakras.  People with 6th Chakra issues respond positively to distant healing Reiki therapy sessions.

To help balance your sixth Chakra, take time to meditate on the ocean.  As you do this, you will be able to calm an overactive mind.  This encourages





It will also encourage insight.  As people gain insight into themselves, they invite spiritual growth and development.

It’s easy to tell how centered the 6th Chakra is by observing a person’s eyes and ears.  Sight and hearing issues are related to 6th Chakra imbalances.  Other issues related to 6th Chakra imbalances include

insomnia and other sleep problems

frequent nightmares

feelings of despair


When you work with your client partner’s 6th Chakra, you offer the opporunity to help him/her clear out past issues and problems to make way for the new life which is waiting.

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