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The Fourth Chakra and Reflexology


The fourth Chakra reflex point is found on the ball of the foot.  This is where we find the  heart, lungs, breasts, thymus gland, shoulders.  

Fourth Chakra issues include:

self esteem

personal power




Are you able to express your emotions?

Do you need to protect yourself?

Do you have problems giving and receiving love?

Are you living a divided life?

 Have you created a protective barrier around your heart?

Do you have trouble forgiving people?

Do you fear rejection?

Do you feel vulnerable?

Is it physically/emotionally painful to move forward in life?

Are you hiding your true self from others?

Grief is a fourth Chakra issue.  We know as Reflexology for the Spirit practitioners that grief is housed in the ball of the foot – the heart – the lungs.

The fourth Chakra builds on the lower three Chakras  as our thoughts and dreams take on language, expression.  The fourth Chakra is where the moment of inspiration which took place in the first Chakra, now becomes entire paragraphs, both spoken and written.

The fourth Chakra links the spiritual and physical bodies as well as their issues.  This is because the fourth Chakra is the our energetic center,  working to fuse the physical and spiritual bodies.

When this happens, we are able to touch others as well as allowing them  to touch our lives.  The goal is unconditional love.  A good way to get insight about unconditional love is to pay attention to cats and dogs, 2 creatures which practice unconditional love routinely.

Our heart Chakra  pulls us into relationships involving







Grief is an important fourth Chakra issue.  Grief blocks fourth Chakra energy.   Letting go of grief and wounding opens our hearts.

The state of the fourth Chakra is easily seen in one’s posture.  People suffering with heart Chakra issues may be





Unbalanced fourth Chakras can also been seen in people with heart and respiratory problems.  Heart surgery can have a direct impact on the heart Chakra.

Meditations can be important.  Meditations focusing on:


heart opening


can help balance the fourth Chakra.

When you work with your client partner’s fourth Chakra, you offer the opportunity to help him/her release grief.  It’s in the fourth Chakra that we find

an open heart,

the energy to give,

and a straighter body.

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The Fifth Chakra and Reflexology

full moon

The fifth Chakra reflex point is located on the necks of the toes on both feet.  This is where the throat, thyroid, neck, mouth, jaw, ears, teeth, and gums are located.

Fifth Chakra issues include:




self expression


Am I afraid to express my opinions?

Do I  ever lie about issues?

Am I  unable to express my creative potential?

Do I  never let others express themselves?

Do I  ever voice my opinions?

Do I hide my creative potential?

Am I afraid to step into my  power?

Do I  lack self confidence?

Am I  afraid to fail?

Do I  use my  voice to hurt others?

Do I use my  voice to help others?

Can I  keep a promise?

Do I express myself honestly?

Do I gossip?

Do I get a lot of sore throats?

Am I sometimes unable to speak?

Do I cough a lot?

Do I have gum and teeth problems?

Am I psychic?

Communication is the focus of the fifth Chakra.  Focusing on the fifth Chakra develops listening on different levels.

The fifth Chakra is located on the pathway between the heart (the fourth Chakra) and the mind (the seventh Chakra).  The throat Chakra develops issues when a person can accept a truth or concept in the fourth Chakra (heart) but not in the seventh Chakra (mind).

I saw a lot of this happening after the tragedy of 9-11.  Many of my client partners began to suffer with throat Chakra problems.

With a balanced fifth Chakra, we are able to listen in subtle ways that we were unaware of before.  We can then become more aware of energetic surroundings.  We are aware of the harmonic vibrations around us.

As with the other Chakras, Reflexology for the Spirit sessions offer homeostasis,, which is the balance of all body systems.

Reiki therapy sessions balance the Chakras  This is important when working the fifth Chakra.

Cleanses remove emotional,  mental, and physical toxins.  As  toxins leave the body, space is made for subtle communication to take place.  Intuitive communication becomes easier.

Meditation can facilitate a balanced throat Chakra – especially if you can meditate in silence.  So much of our lives are bombarded with sounds.  Give yourself a few moments when you focus inward.  Give yourself a few minutes without  bombarding   sound.  Try to set aside a few minutes when you do  not talk, listen to voices, or mix with people.

On another meditation, take yourself out to the edge of the edge of the heavens.

It’s easy to tell how centered the fifth Chakra is by observing a person’s neck.  Is the person in pain?

If your neck is uncomfortable, rotate your head slowly in different directions.

When you work with your client partner’s fifth Chakra, you offer him/her the opportunity to find inner peace through deep listening.  The fifth Chakra is based on vibrations.  Helping your client partner become aware of these sounds  can offer dramatic change to his/her life.  This is how the answer to the age old question is found:  “What is my truth?”

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The Third Chakra and Reflexology

Be Free Heart wings

The reflex point for the third Chakra is the upper half of the instep, below the ball of the foot.  This  reflex point is found on both feet.  Third Chakra issues include




self esteem


How important is doubt in your life?

Can you make decisions?

How important is fear in your life?

Are you able to carry through decisions and plans to fruition?

Do you have to be right in every decision?

Do you always have to be the center of attention?

Do you lack willpower?

Do other people control your life?

Do you think for yourself?

Do you act on your own?

Can you survive on your own initiative?

Anger is a third Chakra issue because that’s where much anger is stored.    Depending on how the Chakra is balanced,  anger can range from no energy to excessive energy.  Third Chakra anger focuses on self-esteem because the third Chakra governs our power.

We can feel this anger and need for power in our solar plexus, the home of the third Chakra in the body.  This Chakra is where we feel  “butterflies” when we are nervous as we develop our personal will.

The third Chakra is closely connected to Chakras one and two as energy moves up the spine from the base.  As the energy reaches the third Chakra, it begins to take on a shape and a vocabulary as it finds its voice.   The third Chakra is where we develop our own personal truth,  formulate our own personal authority, and integrate personal power into our lives.

The third Chakra is the result of the development of the first and second Chakras.  This is where we give voice to our truths.

Reflexology for the Spirit sessions offer homeostasis,  the balance of all body systems.

Reiki therapy sessions balance the Chakras.

Meditation is important to a balanced third Chakra.  An unbalanced third Chakra creates a person unable to manage power.

An unbalanced third Chakra affects one’s posture, body language, and spinal alignment.  It’s difficult to separate the physical, emotional, and spiritual difficulties in this area.  Yoga helps.

Physically, the third Chakra governs:





Gall Bladder

The third Chakra is a major power point.  When you work with your client partner’s third Chakra, you offer an opportunity for the person to develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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