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Do One Small Thing For Your Success.

Choose one small opportunity.

To get yourself out of your rut or away from whatever is holding you back – do one small thing which will give you a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of success.

Success, no matter how small, takes you the distance.

So, how does this work?  Choose one small opportunity.

Take your goals and break them down into tiny components which will not let you down.  Life can get frustrating when we work toward goals which aren’t going to happen anytime soon.

When you break things down to small tasks, you can achieve success much more easily.  And, all it takes to get you unstuck is to do one small thing.

Recently, I found myself in a real stuck mode.  I felt as if I were wading in thick mud and getting nowhere.

I thought about a small success:  I decided to finally write that letter I’d been putting off for weeks – months, really.

So, I sat down and wrote one sentence:  “Several days ago I read a post on the net somewhere by Trish Lease-Way.”

I set the letter aside and continued with my day.

Things went much better after that.  That one sentence of the letter shifted the energy.

And, guess what, the mud disappeared with the shift.

That sentence turned out to be a bonus!  I finished the letter in a few days and sent it off.  AND, i moved forward with my primary objective.

I don’t always get a bonus.  But, an energy shift works really well when I’m stuck in the mud!

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