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Is your life overcrowded and cluttered? Add Self-Care!


Do you ever somehow find yourself in a place where you know you need to get back to your basic self.  Things remind you it’s time to return yourself to your heart.

These reminders may include fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, loneliness, burnout, or foggy thinking.

You wake up one day, or a moment in one day, realizing that you are spending 80% of your time scanning, scrolling, downloading, and editing.  And you’re spending only 20% of your time processing all those things you’ve been inputting.

Or maybe you are spending 80% of your time frantically chasing tasks which have no meaning for you but are on the “necessary list” anyway.

Alas, it’s the old 80-20 law at work again.  The essential  processing is getting 20% of your focus and the scanning and scrolling are getting 80%.

There ARE things you can do to help you find your heart.

Try self-care.  Self-care can be magical because it comes from inside yourself where you process important things better.

Suddenly, the 20% takes on renewed color and shape and form as it becomes the center-stage activity it should have been all along.

But, where do you begin?  Begin with intention.  Whatever you choose for your self-care therapy, if you begin with intention, inspiration will follow.

So, how do you start this new project?

Begin with trust.  Trust that your intuition will inspire you to know what is calling you. Your intuition will allow you to try different things and focus on what appeals to you.  Self-care can be many different things.  It can be one thing.

As you begin to explore self-care, allow yourself to respond to what appeals to you.  Let your heart guide you to what you need.

Let’s say that you are attracted to essential oils.  Or, maybe you always wanted to begin a meditation practice.  These two options can be followed one at a time or together.

The important thing is that you listen to what is calling to you.

Whatever self-care tools you explore and use, you  connect to your body to support your spiritual, mental, and emotional self.

One good beginning option is to create a daily movement ritual.  The options are many here:  dance, walking, massage, reflexology, Reiki, exercise, stretches.

When you choose a movement practice, you connect with your body and build a relationship with your power.

This daily movement ritual promotes gratitude.  It builds resilience and inspires your creativity.  You will set your endorphins free!  You will serve those around you better.

You will build a relationship with your power.  Joy and mood stability become part of the package.

But, whatever self-care journey you explore, there is no perfect way to explore the options.  Use what calls to you.  Maybe you seek something which feels comfortable to you.  Whatever calls to you, allow yourself to explore whatever feels natural to you.

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My Daughter Needed a Time-Out. Here’s what happened.

I teach in my reflexology class about our need for a time-out and how our feet and hands work with the universe to provide it:

“Mom is on her way to the Albany Medical Center Emergency Room!  Can you meet us there?”  My youngest granddaughter was talking about her mother.

Dropping everything, I drove to Albany to the E.R.

After what seemed like an endless wait, we were able to see Jennette  for a few

minutes.  If you could call it that.  What we saw was a mound of bandages on a gurney headed for the ICU.

Our first report revealed broken legs, feet, arms, hands, hips, ribs, and pelvis.

We learned about damaged organs:  liver – spleen.

And – this was just the first report!

In my heart of hearts, I knew this was a long time coming.  For several years, Jennette had been working too much – several times over.  She taught school. In  in the evenings, she created a dramatic show about breast cancer which was showcased in various galleries in the area.

On weekends, Jennette painted plein air landscapes.  She also had these creations in several galleries in the area.

Frankly, Jennette was working about 80 hours a week.  And, how could any of us criticize her?  Her work was moving.  Audiences loved her message.  She was a successful art teacher and her gallery pieces were dramatic.

In her spare time, Jennette looked for a house.

Well, her body knew better.  Reflexology teaches that if a person continues to push the body beyond its abilities, the result is an injury to a foot or hand which insists on rest.

So, one day, Jennette was in the drop-off area at the Albany Airport when a man in a huge pickup truck behind her shifted into drive instead of park and flattened her against the rear of the SUV in front of where she stood.

After three weeks in the ICU and another two weeks adjusting bandages and casts, Jennette is headed to the 8th floor Rehab unit.

My younger daughter, Michele, took some days off from her job as a hospice nurse in Arizona, to come offer support.

Jennette’s two grown children extended their stays to offer support.  Michele taught Zoe how to care for Jennette.

About 10 days into the healing, I gathered us all together with some supportive friends.  We met in the large 2nd floor lobby area of the Albany Medical Center and I offered a prayer:

“Guide us, Archangel Michael, through our days.  Protect us all through the trials and tribulations of healing that away Jennette, and us all, today and into the future.

Archangel Michael, we thank you for the blanket of protection that you use to shield us as we remain in your protection on this healing journey.  We thank you and your bank of protection and healing angels who keep us all safe.

Keep us on the healing path.  Protect us from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harm and negativity.

Please protect and assist Jennette, Michele, Zoey, Sangi, Barry, and all of those who are not here with us physically today: Sophia, Michelle Aqualino, Raymond, Julie, and others.

We are bound together by relationships, events, employment, healthcare activities, and spiritual paths.  Assist us each in our personal healing journey as we travel together.

Archangel Michael, we trust in your capabilities, and your angelic experience.  We thank you for all that You have done and made possible for Jennette’s healing path and success.

Further, we thank you for calling on your band of protection and making this all possible through your Divinity.

We thank you for all you have done for us.


She is now catching up on some much-needed rest and recuperation. and well throughout our days.

We are Ecstatic!

So what is the message here?  Listen to your body and your soul.  Rest when you are tired.

Follow your bliss!

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2023 – Appreciate the Good!


We’re entering another new year!  2023 is an opportunity to create a better world.  Let us all join together energetically as we focus in the coming weeks on ways we can expand and grow this opportunity.

Begin by sending Reiki into your future.

If you don’t know Reiki, send a meditation message to 2023.


Take this spot on the calendar to celebrate the new year by sending blessings to friends, family, and coworkers.  Send love and kindness to everyone.  Send blessings to the world!


Begin your transition into 2023 with a gratitude list.  This list offers endless benefits. When you work on a gratitude list, you’re not going to have room in your heart and mind for things like fear and worry.  Instead, you’ll find yourself surrounded with abundance, love, grace, awe, and appreciation.


Dwell for a few moments on things you are not happy about and then – release them to the universe.  Spiritual housecleaning is a good new year activity.  Let go of thoughts, dreams, beliefs, or habits which you know are not positive and do not fit in with your goals for success.

Make a list.  Write it out.  If you need help, ask the universe for guidance and support.

When you release negativity into the universe, you make space for goodness and love and all things positive.


With this question, you bring positivity into your life.  Write down:  What do you need?  What do you really want?  What does your soul need?  What positive situations and resources do you need to attract?  Why do you want these things?

Now, write out your answers.  Write out the things with the most meaning for you.  Use as much detail as you want.  There are no wrong answers when you write what feels good to you and is practical. You are attracting things in your life which will bring about the greatest good for the universe.


Using all of your senses, envision your dreams coming to life.  Spend a few (3-5) minutes meditating on them.  Begin your visualization with cleansing breaths.  You may even want to include some calming meditation music.

This step may not come easy to you at first.  Don’t worry.  You’ll get better at your visualizations as time passes.  Practice will improve your sessions.


Take an action each week that moves you toward your goal.  This can be something either big or small.  The important thing is that it is moving you on your path toward achievement.


Compose a power statement which is going to keep you focused on your goal.  You want an affirmation to keep you pointed in the right direction and moving along.

Examples include:

I trust my inner guidance.

I rely on my inner wisdom.

I have abundant health.

I speak my truth.

When you have chosen an appropriate affirmation, you can rely on it daily.  Reciting your affirmation regularly will keep you focused while it quiets negative thoughts.

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Getting to the Heart of the Matter.


Seriously, are you getting enough rest?  Sometimes, getting to the heart of the matter needs rest.

Frankly, I don’t know anybody who will admit to getting enough rest.  Actually, that’s okay.  At least, they aren’t lying.

The thing is…when we rest, we recuperate, recover, and heal.  Right now, we’re coming off of a three-year stress-a-thon.  For some of us, this was a nightmare that didn’t end.

A story in the local newspaper tells me that Biden is about to declare the end of the Pandemic.  HURRAH!  That’s wonderful.  But what about the fallout?

Millions died of Covid-19.

School closings, masks, and vaccines upended and disturbed our children’s education, possibly permanently.

Careers and employment situations changed.  Work will never be the same again.  For some of us, employment was then, and is now, a horror and nightmare we may never recuperate from.

We watched a black man die as an officer kept a knee on his neck for nine minutes while he cried out he could not breathe.

Social isolation changed our culture, maybe long term or forever. Some of us are unable to leave their homes yet.  Others of us experienced loneliness, distance, and abandonment.

For many, this pandemic brought heartbreak, pain, sorrow, and loss.  Truths we held strong were changed or lost.  Our emotions are raw and we need healing.

The pandemic turned our emotional world upside down and inside out.

During this time, political division drove apart families, religious communities, and committees.

School shootings and mass shootings occurred seemingly every week.  They continue.

Finally, we watched tanks and planes attacking Ukraine.

Has the time come for you to rest up and recuperate after the past few years?

Are you ready?  Frankly, several people I know aren’t.  They are not yet prepared to leave the safe space they created during the ordeal.

Your soul will tell you whether you are ready, not ready, or whether you are somewhere else in between.

If you are not yet ready to move forward, you have received a sign that you still need to recuperate and contemplate.  A message for you may be to examine your options further.  Meditating on your situation a bit longer may be a good path for you right now.

Now is not a good time for you to rush to a decision.

Now is a good time to schedule some regular reflexology and Reiki sessions.  When you make your appointments for these sessions, think clearly about your intentions.

You may want to select a special intention for each session.  Or, you may want to set one intention for all the sessions.  Either way, use these sessions as a platform to quiet your mind and give yourself permission to explore your possibilities.

Ultimately, you will explore peace and healing.

You may also want to choose a day in which you do nothing at all.  Sit around.  Catch up on your sleep.  Drink some calming tea or water. This can be a day of spiritual convalescence.

.Do you feel that the storm is over and the air is clear for you?  Do you feel your wounds are beginning to heal?

This is a good time to assess the damage and move on.

Do you feel you are not ready to move on.  Was the experience too painful?  Are you afraid that moving on will hurt even more?

Take some deep, cleansing breaths and send yourself love – as much love as possible.

If if seems comfortable for you, visualize yourself back in action.  See your life getting busy again.  You’ll know you are ready to move forward when You’re ready to get back into the world.


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You can find more information in previous articles in this blog.

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What do You Want to Manifest? Five Tips for Success


Several days ago, I researched a special gift for a colleague.  What I was looking for was for the perfect gift.  I considered a Snowflake.  She would really enjoy a snowflake!  Where was I going to find a snowflake, of all things?

I put this thought aside.

Then, guess what.  Three days later, a snowflake catalogue landed in my mailbox!  The perfect gift appeared on page 3.  I had a choice of a charm, a pendant, an ornament, or a pin.  The prices were right.  Whichever one I chose, she was going to be delighted.

For me, this was not a coincidence.  Spiritually, I participated in this mailbox event.

We all have these experiences. The trick is to recognize them for what they are.  But, you can have these special coincidences and also have challenges with other manifestations.

There is a difference between manifesting a picture in a catalogue and manifesting a something else such as a new car, house, or a dream job.

MANIFESTING on all levels begins when you clarify what is important for you.  Once you define your values and what is precious to you, manifesting what you need is going to be easier.

The bottom line:  WHY DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO?

What do YOU think is important?  Clearly know what is important to you – not what your mother or your friends or your boss or your social media friends think is important.

What do I want…really?  What do I yearn for spiritually?  Emotionally, what do I want to experience?

Dream about the world you want to create and live in.  This world that you are dreaming of:

Is it responsive –

Do positive relationships matter –

How does cooperation fit into your life –

Does support reach out in vulnerable situations and places –

Is there a reverence for the sacred –

Now, envision what this world is to you.  What are you going to do to create this world?

What are you passionate about?


Define the person or persons you are concerned about.  How will they fit in your manifested scenario?  How do they define the situation you are focusing on?

Focus on the situation.  Are you passionate about a physical space (a building perhaps) or an energetic situation (leadership or healing)?


Know your goals.  Do you need to sell your home?  Do you need a better job in a new city?  Do you need to retrain yourself for the future?


What is your manifesting outcome?  (A suggestion here – write this down.)

A journal is the perfect tool to bring with you on your manifestation journey.   As you write in your journal daily, you have the opportunity to unlock information and secrets to help guide you to your goals.  Your entries can give you information about possible challenges.  You may discover concerns hiding just beneath the secret of your consciousness.

Reviewing your journal in later readings, you may find that your future is not predetermined.  Over the months, what you find in your journal reveals things that can change your attitudes, behaviors, and how you respond to events.

Your future can improve your insights and options in ways that work best for you.


What is your promise?  (What do you have invested in your goal? What are you prepared to do to make your promise a reality? How do you visualize achieving your goals?)


How is your gratitude circle developing? Gratitude is more powerful than fear, worry, anger and anxiety.  Gratitude is where you tap into your abundance.  Developing your gratitude circle taps you into your unlimited options.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – –

When you are in a manifesting mode, nurturing is helpful.  By that, I mean   nurture yourself, your goals, and your concerns.

Maybe things need a REBALANCE.  When it comes to money and finances, seek fair, sensible, and practical solutions focusing on comfort and confidence while caring for others and your surroundings. You want the money you distribute to produce tangible results.

SELF-CARE is a deeply personal process you use to regain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.  Self-care facilitates rebalance.

MEDITATIONS can help you reach your goals.  Try an 8-week series of daily meditations for 10-15 minutes each.  You may want to read a guided meditation daily.  For years, I’ve relied on a set of three meditation books by Larry Moen.  They are still available on Amazon:  “Meditations for Awakening, Meditations for Transformation, Meditations for Healing”

Or you may want to create your own guided meditation.

Finally, you may prefer to focus a few minutes daily on your breath and breathing as you reach calm.

Whatever path you choose for your meditations, daily focus helps you.  Don’t get bogged down with rules.  Just remember:  minds like to wander.  It’s okay.  Also, trust your inner wisdom to get you there.

Use your senses to see your dreams and goals coming to life.  You’ll play a mental movie where you are the director.  As you mentally enact your dreams, you will make them a reality.

Finally, TAKE ACTION.  This is a weekly event where you do something each week to help you progress toward your goal.

Whenever you can, include reflexology or Reiki therapy sessions in your weekly progress.  Every session helps!

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What Needs to Go?

A woman called me yesterday. “My life is overtaking my life” she confided.  She spoke about things tying her down:  Her life is jumbled up. This includes her work schedule, her personal appointments, her home, her closets, her kitchen, her friends, her goals, her feelings, and her ambitions.  Her spiritual practice is caught up in the confusion.

Sometimes, in order to move forward, it’s important to offload excesses.  You know something significant is about happen, but it isn’t.  You’re doing everything you can think of, but things just aren’t going there.

A transformation will clear the way for the new beginning you’ve been working for.  Those things coming to an end can be reborn in the new beginning you need.

You know that it’s not good to just pile your future onto the detritus of the past.

When you walk away from your past and toward your future, leave your baggage behind.  This includes old thinking and old habits.

What should you do?

Set up an altar honoring your past.  Accept your past for what  it was and who it included.  Put some items from your past on the altar.  Include photos, or some flowers, for example, and some old thinking and old habits. Burn a candle.  Smudge the memories.  Release your past into the universe.

Be grateful for the past you had.  Honor it and put it to rest as you leave it behind.

Embrace the change.  Move on.  Words like old, outgrown, elimination, unknown, stale, conclusion, and simplify are important now.

Schedule some Reiki therapy or Reflexology sessions and embrace your new possibilities.

Make room for guided meditations.

And, finally, don’t look back!

Make a list of all the things you need to do to encourage your new life.  What’s on this list:

Make room for something new in your life

A new job

A new educational direction

A better diet

Getting more sleep

Spiritual growth and awakening

It’s time for you to do everything you can to open the door to your future.  When this happens, destiny has a chance to move in!

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What is Your Superpower?

Your superpower is present, right now, in your life.  Sometimes you may not be aware of it.  At other times, you definitely know it.  Or…maybe you don’t.

Whether you recognize your superpower is irrelevant.

It’s there when you make the right decision and then follow through with action.

It’s there when you begin a new project.

It’s there when you align yourself with a higher purpose.

One thing to understand about your superpower:  You tap into your superpower when you are developing yourself.

When you engage your superpower, you communicate better.  You use your intuitive skills, receive flashes of insight and use your intellect and tap into your spiritual pool.

Ask yourself some questions:

What does my superpower mean to me?

How does it weave itself into my life?

Where do I look for my superpower?

How do I know when I have found it?

What are some ways I can use my superpower to the best of my abilities?

One way to incorporate your superpower into your daily life is to see your potential in a project or situation, and then take action.  This can be transformational.

You use your superpower when you see a present situation and are able to understand how it is likely to develop as it matures.

Your superpower works when it reinforces your creative energy and clear mind.

If you aren’t sure how to use your superpower, set a goal for yourself and then stay focused on it until the end.

Beginning with a small project is a good way to enjoy your superpower.  When you make it real, it will carry you through to the end.

Your superpower helps you discern the difference between illusion and reality in a situation.  When you do this, you are strengthening your intellect, your intuition, and your observation skills.

Finally, with your superpower, magic is present in a small way.

Learning to access your superpower regularly is a deeply personal process of regaining your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional balance.

Whenever you feel stressed, this is a good time to receive a Reflexology, Reiki therapy, or other bodywork session.

It’s time to ask yourself “Is there something I know I need to do?”

This channel is a good place to learn more about Reiki therapy and Reflexology.

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Take a Break From the World. Seriously.

Sometimes things happen at such a fast pace that life becomes confusing and overwhelming.  Being alone with yourself for a short time may be the only way to find answers.

Take a break to figure things out.  Step away so you can discover a better, clearer perspective.  When you step back, you have a chance to figure things out.  You may even get to know yourself better.

Instead of being part of everything, when you step away you can discover a better, clearer perspective.  How?  How can you do this when everything is moving at such a fast pace?

Go on a mini-sabbatical.  Take the day off from it all.

No internet, TV, phone, email, social media.

Spend your sabbatical silently as you go on a short internal journey resting, reading, and meditating.

A good question to ask yourself is:  What do I need in my life right now?

Being alone, you can look inward and discover truths about yourself.  When you unplug from everything, you may find a spiritual guide of some kind.

Going within uninterrupted, you may find a path to pursue your own way.  You may even light up your true self.

After your one-day sabbatical, notice how much calmer you are and how clear your thinking is.

Ask yourself this:  How can I fit stillness into my daily life?

Can you find a few minutes each day for silence to discover yourself?

Or, you may think of your sabbatical as therapy and set aside an hour or two a week to discover your true self.  Over time, these weekly sessions may reveal mysteries for you to experience.

But, whether you choose a one-day event or weekly therapy sabbaticals, enlightenment is possible.  These moments alone clear the path for a new you to emerge.

(This may be a good time for a self-Reiki session, if you’ve been trained.  Reiki sessions don’t all have to be an hour.  Ten or fifteen minutes can be strong healing moments.)

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What Needs to Go?


Now is a time of beginnings.  Things are changing.  Transformation is in the air.  What needs to go?

Change can be a scary time…and a scary word.

Sometimes change means to shuffle things around.  Other times change means to add another layer.  Yet again, it means to move emphasis from one point to another.

Sometimes, a transformation happens.  Something comes to an end to make way for something new.

Whether you find yourself angry, frightened, or excited, embrace the new beginning.

Ask yourself:  “What needs to go?”

Move on.

Put the past in your rearview mirror to make way for a new beginning.

Get rid of what no longer fits, is worn out, or is outdated.

This includes habits, worn-out schedules, patterns that are no longer effective,  cycles, clothes you no longer wear, books and other household objects that are no longer useful to you.

This can also include spiritual beliefs that you no longer identify with.

When these things move off, a new order and life can grow.

Ask the universe to support you in your coming activities.  Release what you need to let go in love and gratitude.

This is a good time to send blessings to others and to the world as you welcome what comes your way.  While releasing what no longer works for you, include  mental housecleaning.  Seek guidance to support you now and in your future.

A meditation can work to help you release portions of your life which may no longer be positive. This will help you attract the positive things and situations to  support you in your forward journey.

One of my favorite meditations involves clouds:

Find a quiet and safe place to get comfortable for a few minutes.  Loosen any constricting clothing.   Remove your shoes if possible. Relax your shoulders.  Close and soften your eyes.

Begin inhaling from your abdomen as you breathe in fresh air.  Notice how each  inhale sounds.  How does it feel?  Slow your inhales.  Embrace and enjoy each one.

After each inhale, exhale toxins, negativity, and any stress or other emotions you feel you don’t need anymore.

This is the time to use your breath to let go of those things which you no longer need or plan to use.

As you gently and slowly inhale and exhale, notice what you are letting go from your life.

See a sky with beautiful clouds passing overhead. Notice the things you are releasing as they leave your life, riding away on the beautiful clouds.

After a few minutes, it is time to return to this room. You can return to this meditation any time you want.  It is waiting for you to enjoy at your convenience.

Reflexology and Reiki sessions release stress and encourage homeostasis.  They are natural bodywork systems which support your releases, housecleaning, and spiritual renewal.

It’s okay to book extra sessions if you feel the need.  Reiki, especially, is a good modality for daily sessions.

Maybe this is a good time to learn Reiki so you can offer self-healing sessions whenever you feel the need.

heart with wings

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Letting Go

Recently I was standing in a grocery line, my cart piled high with much needed food.  After a couple of minutes, I realized that, not only was it not moving, the line was getting longer and longer – seemingly by the second.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a similar situation – I was stuck in traffic.  It seemed I was in this situation for the duration of the afternoon.

Both cases shot my schedule.  I wasn’t going to make it to my next appointment, or the one after that, on time.  The most could say about these situations was that they were a crashing bore.

In the grocery line, I shifted into neutral.  It was time to chill.  This was a situation where I felt everything was going to go the way it was going to go – I was stuck.

This created a perfect opportunity for two things:  First, it was time to ground myself and be peaceful.  Second, it was time for Reiki energy to join the crowd.

Sure enough – within a moment, I felt Reiki energy energize my hands while it moved through the crowd and grounded everyone. I felt the people in the line calm themselves and take on an entirely new perspective.

When I’m in a crowd and Reiki energy join the group, I’m always grateful that I learned Reiki in such a way that it goes to work as it is needed.

Even without Reiki energy, grounding was a wonderful thing to experience in this situation.

Whenever we’re in a stuck event, the first inclination is to push.  When that doesn’t work, the next step is to figure out a way to fight and struggle against the event.

A good option in this situation is to do your best to be calm.  This attitude may give you an entirely new perspective.

Is this an easy thing to do?  Probably not.  But, when you succeed, you may feel  you participated in a spiritually grounding event.


Truthfully, it’s hard to plan for these events.

When they happen, embrace the opportunity to practice Letting Go.  This short time in the grocery line or traffic jam is a good way to release and/or heal the various events and thoughts crowding your life with negativity.

See this situation as a moment for yourself.  Think about how you can benefit from it.

Work on releasing any thoughts, habits, or beliefs that clutter your life.  If you have doubts, think of the release is a way of loving yourself.

You may want to let go of a person or situation in your life which is uncomfortable or too negative for you.  Do this with love and compassion.  Ask the universe for guidance and assistance.

You may be able to move toward forgiving someone or some past event.

Because you are in a situation, you may be inspired by the spirituality and grounding of the moment to receive inspiration.

Sometimes the universe sees an opportunity which you didn’t know was there!

This may even be time for self-talk and self-acceptance.

This may even be time to commit to an action.

This may be time to participate in a Letting-Go moment where you release frustrations, mis-guided expectations, and other restrictions into the wind.

Take a moment to blow them away.  As you breathe out, send them to wherever they need to go to become positive expectations, thoughts, and goals for others.

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