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Meditation is Self-Care: 3 Ways to Improve Your Meditation Practice

Meditation is one of the best ways I know to deepen your intuition, reduce medical and psychiatric symptoms, and quiet your anxieties,

Three props to improve your meditation practice:

Create a quiet, soothing meditation area.  This is, for me, basic.

A bell or chime to open your meditation session is important.

Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind.

Using a timer to let you know that your session is coming to an end is helpful.  This timer can a quiet tone or beads which you hold in your hands.

Through the years, I’ve posted meditation articles on this blog. (Find them in the search section).

I’ve also recommended several books:

My favorites are three meditation books written by Larry Moen.  They are:

Meditations for Awakening

Meditations for Transformation

Meditations for Healing

Today, in this article, I share a new meditation which I’m calling “A Perfect Place”.  In this meditation, you create your own perfect place.

Begin with a few deep breaths to clear your mind.

Wait a moment and then imagine yourself in a perfect place, designed just for you.  Look around and ask yourself:

What is around you?  Are you inside or outside?

Do you see buildings, mountains, roadways, lakes, streams?

Or, do you see a room with a chair waiting for you?  Do you see a meeting hall?

What is the weather like outside?  Is it snowing, raining,  Or is the sun shining?

Do you see people?  Are they beside you?  Are they smiling or looking away?

Who are these people?  How many are they?  What are they doing?  Is someone coming over to join you?

Are there any animals?  Are they pets?  Are they wild animals?  How are you connected to them?

What are you doing now?  Are you walking along a path?  Are you sitting on a bench?  Are you in a seat in a theater?  Are you alone or with others – humans or animals?

Is this place familiar to you?  Do you feel you have ever been here before?  Is this space somewhere you have visited in the past?  Have you dreamed about it?

How do you feel in this space?

What are you wearing?

Sit for a few moments and let yourself become adjusted to your surroundings.  Breathe in the perfect air.  Enjoy this perfect place.

You may want to make some notes – or draw a quick sketch even.

Now, check in with yourself – your thoughts, your feelings.  What is happening with your inner self?

Now, take one long, last look around.  This is your place.  It will always be yours.  You know that you may return here any time you want.

After a short time, you know it is time to return to your space before your meditation.

You can return to this meditation whenever you want.

Now, take another deep breath and return.  Open your eyes gently and slowly and gently move and stretch.

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3 Ways Self-Care Helps + 5 Things to Ease Your Toxic Overload


Self-care is part of my daily life.  Practicing self-care develops personal happiness.  It honors a balance between personal life and career.

Self-care offers things that are important in daily life.  But, that’s not all.  Self-care activities diminish burnout, stress, and fatigue.

Occasionally, I review my physical, mental, and spiritual toxicity to boost my self-care agenda.  Actually, a toxicity review is good for everyone, whether or not self-care is the issue.

To pamper myself, I’ll declare a detox week.

Your body continually self-cleans.  But, sometimes this process needs a focus and boost because of the hordes of chemicals confronting the liver, lungs, kidneys, fat cells, intestines, bloodstream, and skin.

Toxins come in many forms:  too much sugar, caffeine, and processed foods.

They also invade us through pesticides in the produce we eat, formaldehyde in carpets and cosmetics, plastics, and paper products.

I’ll start off a detox week with a water flush, drinking filtered water to cleanse my tissues. (I normally drink filtered water but, with  a detox week, I’ll add a variety of waters which I get at the health food store.  I also drink some of the Saratoga Springs Waters.)  And, I’ll alternate my water with herbal teas to support my liver, lymphatic system, bowels, urinary tract and skin.



For a fresh-air treat, I go to my local garden center and buy a new plant to help detox my home.  I love ferns. Truthfully, I love any plant that I can grow.  I started growing houseplants during the pandemic.  I definitely don’t have a green thumb but I’ve managed to collect plants which are surviving in my home.  The oxygen they produce is important.


My detox week includes a daily cleansing walk,  a short 20-30 minute walk I take in my neighborhood to breathe fresh air and enjoy my community.


Finally, I include breathing properly to dispel toxins and wastes.  When I celebrate a detox week, I set aside time each day to practice deep, slow, rhythmic breathing.  This clears my mind, lifts my energy, and boosts my mood.



Reiki and Reflexology work well with a detox week.  Include one session for the week or, if time permits, include a daily session.

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PS –  Because I live in the Hudson Valley of New York, I’m close enough to Saratoga Springs to benefit from the many mineral springs located throughout the Saratoga State Park.  If you ever get the chance to visit this area, just north of Albany, be sure to visit a few of the springs.  Maps are available as well as descriptions of the waters found at each one.

Tours of the springs are scheduled regularly.  Join in the fun if you are in the area!


Learning as Self-Care With 3 Stories Featuring Maria Talamantez and Sister Athenasius

As we grow up and experience adolescence, or adulthood, many of us leave our religious beliefs behind. Or maybe we never had a childhood religion to leave behind.  This can create the experience of having no beliefs at all.

Mother sent me as a young child to local Vacation Bible Schools every summer.  That meant I spent a week each with Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Baptists, and the Church of Christers when I was quite young.  The Catholics didn’t have Vacation Bible School and I never quite understood why.

I absorbed different things taught by different Christian Sunday School teachers in an unsophisticated format intended for preschool and elementary school children.

Elementary school influenced my religious beliefs, but not how you might think.  This was the American Bible Belt in the early 1950’s.  In the classroom each morning, right after reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, a student recited a prayer.

For some of my classmates, this experience may not have been so bad.  For others, it was excruciating.

Standing in front of the class is hard on a lot of little kids.  Standing in front of the class and reciting a prayer can be excruciating, especially if they don’t really know a prayer.  It was hardest on the Catholics because they began and ended each session with the sign of the cross.

My memory always brings up Maria Talamantez when I recall the morning prayer.  Standing at the head of the class, Maria appeared embarrassed, flustered, frightened.  And, while she struggled with the Sign of the Cross and the Our Father, I was over at my desk praying quietly and fervently to God and Jesus and anyone else I could think of just thanking them that my name hadn’t been called that morning.

Meanwhile, Maria prayed as fast as she could and so quietly that she couldn’t be heard by most of us in the room.  I don’t think the teacher cared, really.  She was simply filling a slot required every morning and looked forward to escaping into a math exercise or reading a story.

For me, this was a time of pure torture.  And I was so grateful that I was an Episcopalian because I didn’t use the Sign of the Cross.  And the Episcopalian Lord’s Prayer seemed shorter and faster than Maria’s Roman Catholic version.

This is part of my journey into adulthood.

Both adolescents and adults spend time thinking and rethinking things they read, heard, and believed as children.

To dismiss these experiences as part of the move into adulthood is a gross oversimplification.

Abandoning our childhood beliefs can be difficult.  It’s challenging to move beyond the childhood religious stories we either grew up with or didn’t experience at all.

As a pre-adolescent, I attended a Catholic School in my middle-school years.  (The Sisters didn’t call it middle school.)  Sister Athanasius had a whole list of books we weren’t supposed to read.  And, since I wasn’t from a Catholic family, Sister suspected every book she saw me carry.

Several years later, as a student at St. Mary’s University, I found all of those books she was looking for in my book bag.  They were in the university library, sitting on those shelves for the students.  Amazing!  Forbidden fruit in middle school became the main course in college.

Later in life, my best Reiki therapy and Reflexology students admitted to me that they were struggling with their meaning-of-life path.

Now, as an octogenarian, I find myself smitten with Mother Mary and the birth of Jesus Christ.

If you find yourself at a moment in time where you are taking a look at your life, now can be a good opportunity to explore your childhood teachings.  They may be holding you back from focusing on things you otherwise might be interested in.

This place in time opens an opportunity for self-care.

As an adult, you can slow down, seek the solitude, and listen to the silence.  Allow your intuition and life experiences to guide you along your path.

The answers you seek may not come immediately but they are there.  As you journey on your path, you may encounter changes to your lifestyle which help you connect with your own truth.

You can develop an understanding of your own experience.

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13 Things I Learned from Animals about Self-Care


For me, animals are all about self-care.

1.   Since learning animal communication in the 1990s, animals of all shapes and sizes, both as pets or as creatures living in the wild, have taught me they choose to be a part of our lives.

Whether a dog, cat, or squirrel in a tree, they present themselves to us in ways that attract our attention.

2.  They are here to care for us.  When I experience periods of difficulty and challenge, they see themselves as a caregiver during that time.

3.  Pets in your life hear, see, and understand everything that happens.  Cats, in particular, are tuned into conversations and daily activities.

4.   Animals are not colorblind.  They see things in color.  They do see things in a different way from how we as humans see them.  That’s to be expected.  After all, their eyes are located in different parts of their faces.  Their eyes are different sizes depending on the animal.

That means they see more things in more ways than humans.  Several animals have discussed auras with me.  One, a llama, used aura recognition daily.  If he didn’t like a person’s aura, he didn’t like the person.  End of subject.

For some, the colors have meanings.  It all depends on the animal.  These colors  may have spiritual value.  Or, they may be perceived as protection.

5.   Your pets also see orbs and other things invisible to our human eyes.  They see spirits in and around the house.  Some dogs bark at them.  Others do not.

6.  When you bring home a new puppy, he quickly decides what he needs to do to be a successful member of the household.  One breed, a bichon, seems to do this a little better than other breeds.

7.  Horses are very wise and beautiful creatures.  Our communication experiences  revealed intelligent, spiritual, creative beings who are conscious of the current conditions of the health of our planet.

8.  Dogs can be very aware of the human’s situation.  I’ve met several poodles who were in a traumatic household situation.  As the human became more stressed, the dog became more grounded.  This grounding was important to the successful outcome of a situation.

9.  I like to attune the animals when I am attuning a person at a Reiki class.  This is especially helpful if there is an ill person in the household.

When I do an attunement, I give an attunement to each pet in the household.  I do not charge extra for this.  I simply offer the attunement to encourage the healing process.

10.  Animals are not afraid of death.  When I discuss death with animals, I learn that they remember past lives.  They remember why they are in embodiment at this time.            

11.   Animals, for whatever reason, prefer truth.  They believe it.  They share it.

12.  Animals know about forgiveness.  They practice forgiveness.  They live forgiveness.  This knowledge and practice of forgiveness allows them to love their humans unconditionally.

13.  Goats are good communicators.  My experience with them has been they like to tell the truth – no matter what that is.

A goat named Tyler Too taught me to communicate.  After a few conversations, he communicated with me honestly that animal communication would not be my primary career path.  He told me that I was a healer.

And, of course, Tyler turned out to be correct.



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Self-care can be healing.  We are all healers.  I am here to be a conduit for your own healing.                 

Regular, or even occasional reflexology sessions help.




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Interested in Self-Care? Try Self-Forgiveness

Let me start this article this way:  Self-forgiveness is never easy.

I’ve written about self-forgiveness before.  It’s a theme for me – even though I didn’t realize it when I began writing.  It’s definitely a part of my books and essays on wellness and hunger.

I have forgiveness chapters in all of my books.  My two favorite chapters are in “The Ketchup Sandwiches Chronicles” beginning on page 103 and 145.

These two chapters focus on two real people and the voyages they traveled while  seeking self-forgiveness.

Begin self-care with a few questions:

Who am I in this community?  In this country?  On this planet?

Remember:  My community, my country, and my planet have value.  I believe the value is greater than the sum of all of us combined.

Self-care means joining the community of the planet.  Everyone, without exception, has value and a role to play.

No one, not even the least of us, is irrelevant.  No one, not even the greatest of us, is above it all.  Being rich or poor simply isn’t part of the equation.

Self-forgiveness in the context of self-care is a journey where we become a part of something greater.  We don’t write off people and situations.  We challenge, encourage, love.

Self-forgiveness allows us to not always be at our best.

Self-forgiveness includes renewal and support.

Self-forgiveness can be a calling.

When you sign onto the journey of self-forgiveness, you’ll travel to places you’ve never been before.  You may find yourself involved in activities and events for which you may not be quite prepared.

You can’t complete a self-forgiveness journey with an isolated incident like you would complete a puzzle or word game.  It is a part of a process.

Forgiveness is always a challenge.  Everyone seeks forgiveness and self-forgiveness is the hardest part.

How does it work?  Well, do what you can with what you have.  Work where you are.  A good starting point is to sketch your community.

Really, what you’re doing is muddling through.  Frankly, I think that’s how self-forgiveness works.  This journey is not going to be perfect.  At times, it may seem overwhelming.  Other times, it may seem simply like a blank page.  Self-forgiveness comes with very few maps.  Certainly, there is no GPS.

Forgiveness is a journey with its own timetable.  There may be surprise stops along the way.  That’s because forgiveness has its own messages and meaning.

A bottom line is this:  Forgiveness is for you and you alone.  When you forgive someone, you are not forgiving them for them.  You are forgiving them for you.

And, that’s what self-care is all about:  YOU.

Self-forgiveness happens when you move beyond your  thoughts and memories  to a new place.  At that moment, you see things differently.  Sometimes this new place can be a sort of miracle.

This happens when you see your open heart and embrace new hopes and blessings.  After a few moments, you may also hear things in a new way.

This is true change.  True change, and self-forgiveness, happens when you face the same condition that caused you to behave in a way unacceptable to yourself and now you see things differently.

You break out of your past.

You’ve changed.  You are a different person.

You wake up and claim your self-forgiven reality.


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When traveling on your self-forgiveness journey, I recommend you include regular reflexology and Reiki sessions.  Spiritual journeys include physical, mental, and emotional changes as well.  Your feet are a command center of your body.  They need consideration and attention during this time.

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Get Ready for Spring with Self-Care

When you have a few moments to yourself, open your closet door and take a look inside. Examine each item.  As you touch each shirt, each pair of slacks, sweater, you connect with a memory – a moment in your past.

What comes to mind?  Do you see yourself at a moment in your past?  Were you younger, thinner, busier, more creative?

Look again.  Maybe these items are no longer as shiny.  Maybe they are not as breathable.  You don’t need those pieces of clothing to touch base with your self.  Nor do you need the contents of your closet to remind you of who you are.

Now is a good time to remove things you no longer need and use.  Take some of these tops and bottoms and put them in a pile on the floor.

Then, gather them up and take them to a local closet or free store.

You are not getting rid of your past.

You are embracing who you are right now.  Better yet!  You are greeting your future.

Now might be a good time to email your friends and ask them to join you in sharing their clothes by donating them to the free store or closet with you.

Embrace the spring!  Embrace the coming months.  Welcome the gifts this self-care ceremony in your closet has created.

Do not forget:  include a reflexology or reiki session with every self-care event!

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Is your life overcrowded and cluttered? Add Self-Care!


Do you ever somehow find yourself in a place where you know you need to get back to your basic self.  Things remind you it’s time to return yourself to your heart.

These reminders may include fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, loneliness, burnout, or foggy thinking.

You wake up one day, or a moment in one day, realizing that you are spending 80% of your time scanning, scrolling, downloading, and editing.  And you’re spending only 20% of your time processing all those things you’ve been inputting.

Or maybe you are spending 80% of your time frantically chasing tasks which have no meaning for you but are on the “necessary list” anyway.

Alas, it’s the old 80-20 law at work again.  The essential  processing is getting 20% of your focus and the scanning and scrolling are getting 80%.

There ARE things you can do to help you find your heart.

Try self-care.  Self-care can be magical because it comes from inside yourself where you process important things better.

Suddenly, the 20% takes on renewed color and shape and form as it becomes the center-stage activity it should have been all along.

But, where do you begin?  Begin with intention.  Whatever you choose for your self-care therapy, if you begin with intention, inspiration will follow.

So, how do you start this new project?

Begin with trust.  Trust that your intuition will inspire you to know what is calling you. Your intuition will allow you to try different things and focus on what appeals to you.  Self-care can be many different things.  It can be one thing.

As you begin to explore self-care, allow yourself to respond to what appeals to you.  Let your heart guide you to what you need.

Let’s say that you are attracted to essential oils.  Or, maybe you always wanted to begin a meditation practice.  These two options can be followed one at a time or together.

The important thing is that you listen to what is calling to you.

Whatever self-care tools you explore and use, you  connect to your body to support your spiritual, mental, and emotional self.

One good beginning option is to create a daily movement ritual.  The options are many here:  dance, walking, massage, reflexology, Reiki, exercise, stretches.

When you choose a movement practice, you connect with your body and build a relationship with your power.

This daily movement ritual promotes gratitude.  It builds resilience and inspires your creativity.  You will set your endorphins free!  You will serve those around you better.

You will build a relationship with your power.  Joy and mood stability become part of the package.

But, whatever self-care journey you explore, there is no perfect way to explore the options.  Use what calls to you.  Maybe you seek something which feels comfortable to you.  Whatever calls to you, allow yourself to explore whatever feels natural to you.

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My Daughter Needed a Time-Out. Here’s what happened.

I teach in my reflexology class about our need for a time-out and how our feet and hands work with the universe to provide it:

“Mom is on her way to the Albany Medical Center Emergency Room!  Can you meet us there?”  My youngest granddaughter was talking about her mother.

Dropping everything, I drove to Albany to the E.R.

After what seemed like an endless wait, we were able to see Jennette  for a few

minutes.  If you could call it that.  What we saw was a mound of bandages on a gurney headed for the ICU.

Our first report revealed broken legs, feet, arms, hands, hips, ribs, and pelvis.

We learned about damaged organs:  liver – spleen.

And – this was just the first report!

In my heart of hearts, I knew this was a long time coming.  For several years, Jennette had been working too much – several times over.  She taught school. In  in the evenings, she created a dramatic show about breast cancer which was showcased in various galleries in the area.

On weekends, Jennette painted plein air landscapes.  She also had these creations in several galleries in the area.

Frankly, Jennette was working about 80 hours a week.  And, how could any of us criticize her?  Her work was moving.  Audiences loved her message.  She was a successful art teacher and her gallery pieces were dramatic.

In her spare time, Jennette looked for a house.

Well, her body knew better.  Reflexology teaches that if a person continues to push the body beyond its abilities, the result is an injury to a foot or hand which insists on rest.

So, one day, Jennette was in the drop-off area at the Albany Airport when a man in a huge pickup truck behind her shifted into drive instead of park and flattened her against the rear of the SUV in front of where she stood.

After three weeks in the ICU and another two weeks adjusting bandages and casts, Jennette is headed to the 8th floor Rehab unit.

My younger daughter, Michele, took some days off from her job as a hospice nurse in Arizona, to come offer support.

Jennette’s two grown children extended their stays to offer support.  Michele taught Zoe how to care for Jennette.

About 10 days into the healing, I gathered us all together with some supportive friends.  We met in the large 2nd floor lobby area of the Albany Medical Center and I offered a prayer:

“Guide us, Archangel Michael, through our days.  Protect us all through the trials and tribulations of healing that away Jennette, and us all, today and into the future.

Archangel Michael, we thank you for the blanket of protection that you use to shield us as we remain in your protection on this healing journey.  We thank you and your bank of protection and healing angels who keep us all safe.

Keep us on the healing path.  Protect us from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harm and negativity.

Please protect and assist Jennette, Michele, Zoey, Sangi, Barry, and all of those who are not here with us physically today: Sophia, Michelle Aqualino, Raymond, Julie, and others.

We are bound together by relationships, events, employment, healthcare activities, and spiritual paths.  Assist us each in our personal healing journey as we travel together.

Archangel Michael, we trust in your capabilities, and your angelic experience.  We thank you for all that You have done and made possible for Jennette’s healing path and success.

Further, we thank you for calling on your band of protection and making this all possible through your Divinity.

We thank you for all you have done for us.


She is now catching up on some much-needed rest and recuperation. and well throughout our days.

We are Ecstatic!

So what is the message here?  Listen to your body and your soul.  Rest when you are tired.

Follow your bliss!

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2023 – Appreciate the Good!


We’re entering another new year!  2023 is an opportunity to create a better world.  Let us all join together energetically as we focus in the coming weeks on ways we can expand and grow this opportunity.

Begin by sending Reiki into your future.

If you don’t know Reiki, send a meditation message to 2023.


Take this spot on the calendar to celebrate the new year by sending blessings to friends, family, and coworkers.  Send love and kindness to everyone.  Send blessings to the world!


Begin your transition into 2023 with a gratitude list.  This list offers endless benefits. When you work on a gratitude list, you’re not going to have room in your heart and mind for things like fear and worry.  Instead, you’ll find yourself surrounded with abundance, love, grace, awe, and appreciation.


Dwell for a few moments on things you are not happy about and then – release them to the universe.  Spiritual housecleaning is a good new year activity.  Let go of thoughts, dreams, beliefs, or habits which you know are not positive and do not fit in with your goals for success.

Make a list.  Write it out.  If you need help, ask the universe for guidance and support.

When you release negativity into the universe, you make space for goodness and love and all things positive.


With this question, you bring positivity into your life.  Write down:  What do you need?  What do you really want?  What does your soul need?  What positive situations and resources do you need to attract?  Why do you want these things?

Now, write out your answers.  Write out the things with the most meaning for you.  Use as much detail as you want.  There are no wrong answers when you write what feels good to you and is practical. You are attracting things in your life which will bring about the greatest good for the universe.


Using all of your senses, envision your dreams coming to life.  Spend a few (3-5) minutes meditating on them.  Begin your visualization with cleansing breaths.  You may even want to include some calming meditation music.

This step may not come easy to you at first.  Don’t worry.  You’ll get better at your visualizations as time passes.  Practice will improve your sessions.


Take an action each week that moves you toward your goal.  This can be something either big or small.  The important thing is that it is moving you on your path toward achievement.


Compose a power statement which is going to keep you focused on your goal.  You want an affirmation to keep you pointed in the right direction and moving along.

Examples include:

I trust my inner guidance.

I rely on my inner wisdom.

I have abundant health.

I speak my truth.

When you have chosen an appropriate affirmation, you can rely on it daily.  Reciting your affirmation regularly will keep you focused while it quiets negative thoughts.

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Getting to the Heart of the Matter.


Seriously, are you getting enough rest?  Sometimes, getting to the heart of the matter needs rest.

Frankly, I don’t know anybody who will admit to getting enough rest.  Actually, that’s okay.  At least, they aren’t lying.

The thing is…when we rest, we recuperate, recover, and heal.  Right now, we’re coming off of a three-year stress-a-thon.  For some of us, this was a nightmare that didn’t end.

A story in the local newspaper tells me that Biden is about to declare the end of the Pandemic.  HURRAH!  That’s wonderful.  But what about the fallout?

Millions died of Covid-19.

School closings, masks, and vaccines upended and disturbed our children’s education, possibly permanently.

Careers and employment situations changed.  Work will never be the same again.  For some of us, employment was then, and is now, a horror and nightmare we may never recuperate from.

We watched a black man die as an officer kept a knee on his neck for nine minutes while he cried out he could not breathe.

Social isolation changed our culture, maybe long term or forever. Some of us are unable to leave their homes yet.  Others of us experienced loneliness, distance, and abandonment.

For many, this pandemic brought heartbreak, pain, sorrow, and loss.  Truths we held strong were changed or lost.  Our emotions are raw and we need healing.

The pandemic turned our emotional world upside down and inside out.

During this time, political division drove apart families, religious communities, and committees.

School shootings and mass shootings occurred seemingly every week.  They continue.

Finally, we watched tanks and planes attacking Ukraine.

Has the time come for you to rest up and recuperate after the past few years?

Are you ready?  Frankly, several people I know aren’t.  They are not yet prepared to leave the safe space they created during the ordeal.

Your soul will tell you whether you are ready, not ready, or whether you are somewhere else in between.

If you are not yet ready to move forward, you have received a sign that you still need to recuperate and contemplate.  A message for you may be to examine your options further.  Meditating on your situation a bit longer may be a good path for you right now.

Now is not a good time for you to rush to a decision.

Now is a good time to schedule some regular reflexology and Reiki sessions.  When you make your appointments for these sessions, think clearly about your intentions.

You may want to select a special intention for each session.  Or, you may want to set one intention for all the sessions.  Either way, use these sessions as a platform to quiet your mind and give yourself permission to explore your possibilities.

Ultimately, you will explore peace and healing.

You may also want to choose a day in which you do nothing at all.  Sit around.  Catch up on your sleep.  Drink some calming tea or water. This can be a day of spiritual convalescence.

.Do you feel that the storm is over and the air is clear for you?  Do you feel your wounds are beginning to heal?

This is a good time to assess the damage and move on.

Do you feel you are not ready to move on.  Was the experience too painful?  Are you afraid that moving on will hurt even more?

Take some deep, cleansing breaths and send yourself love – as much love as possible.

If if seems comfortable for you, visualize yourself back in action.  See your life getting busy again.  You’ll know you are ready to move forward when You’re ready to get back into the world.


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