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5 Ways Make Your Life Better and Easier in 2024, Starting NOW


Take a time out to reflect on your journey in 2023.  I know.  I know.  The year isn’t even over yet and what surprises are waiting for us?

But, spend a few minutes reviewing the past year to prepare yourself for 2024.

Now, spend a few more minutes to celebrate the new year coming up.  Cook a yummy meal.  And, while you’re at it, turn on some good music and dance a bit in the kitchen.

Prepare for the new year with a fresh start and include, front and center, bold capitals, your GRATITUDE.  How far have you come this year?

When you are celebrate the coming of 2024, include  a new project.  Pick something to open your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual selves to new ideas.



Things you may do to get ready for 2024 can include –

smudge your space,

set up a gratitude altar,

Reiki everything.

Send a ‘thank you’ card or note to someone you haven’t checked in with in too long ago

Collect a box of items to give away or release to the universe.

While you’re focusing on these things (and others you’ve thought up on your own), honor your intuition.  After all, your intuition is the voice of your soul talking with you.



On another day, as you think of 2024 –

light a candle.

Pick up a project you worked on months or weeks ago and then set down.

Think kind thoughts for yourself by writing a list of your very best qualities.

Take a few moments to hear from your deepest wisdom.

Give or receive a reflexology or other healing session.



On yet another day or evening, as you welcome 2024 –

Connect yourself with your physical surroundings.

They, along with your physical self, will be supporting you in the coming year.

Open yourself to being and seeing your surroundings.  Gain inspiration from your

spiritual self to support your environment.

Do you have an occasional energy deficit?

Never forget that your energy is boundless.  All you need is within you.

You may not feel you have all the energy you want.  But, never forget,

everything that you need is right there, in front of you.

Take several deep breaths.  The air around you brings whispers as it nudges you along to the new year.  It brings truth, inspiration, and new ideas for 2024.

When the air brings its gifts, the element of fire comes along to help you.



Your free will always boosts your journey.  That is no exception as you enter 2024.

As the new year progresses, you may gain a deeper understanding of what is happening if you journal about events and people that make you the most uncomfortable.

Don’t forget to enhance your meditations and journaling with your favorite crystals.



In 2024, stay in touch with your intuition:

Go for a swim.

Take a bath or shower.

Meditate while sitting on the earth.

Go for a walk in nature.


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Self-Care is Kindness to Ourselves

Self-Care asks us to give the same kindness to ourselves that we give to others.

When you have negative or critical thoughts about yourself, stop for a moment and ask yourself this:  “Would I say these things about a good friend?”

The chances are that you would not.  You would not be unkind to someone else.

Now, try being as kind to yourself as you would to a loved one.

The next time things go wrong, accept the event for what it is.  Then, apologize for what happened if that’s appropriate.  Then, forgive yourself.

Learning from mistakes and moving on is a positive way to get through life.

Forgiving yourself is what allows you to get through life.  When you forgive yourself, you are being nice to yourself.  It’s easier to be happy that way.

When you forgive yourself, you are offering self-care.  This sends nourishing messages to the brain about your self-worth.

Try, every day, to care for yourself in every way possible.

When stress accumulates, this facial massage meditation will relieve muscles and leave you feeling better.

     Facial Massage Meditation

For many of us, the day’s stress accumulates in the muscles of the head, face, and jaw.  Massaging your face and head can smooth the tiny muscles and nerve endings.  Stress and fatigue will have a chance to disappear.

Begin this meditation by finding a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for a few minutes.

Lie flat on a chair, bed, or floor, with your face up.   If that is not comfortable, find a comfortable chair or recliner to sit comfortably.

Cover your body with a light blanket or sheet so you won’t get cold as your body relaxes and cools.

Take several deep breaths.  Begin these breaths in your abdominal area.  Breathe in deeply and hold the breath to the count of three:  1 – 2 – 3.

Now slowly release the breath.  When you exhale, you release toxins and stress.

Repeat these inhalations and exhalations 1-2 minutes.  As you inhale, you l breathe in healthy air.  With each exhalation, you release toxins and stress.

Become aware of your forehead.  Mentally relax your forehead to erase wrinkles of expression…the space between your eyebrows becomes bigger.  Your eyelids are heavy.

Move your fingers to your forehead and slowly massage it in small circles.

When you feel that your forehead is becoming relaxed, move your fingers to your temples and gently move them in clockwise and counterclockwise motions.  Feel this area relaxing.

Notice the tension behind your eyes, and around your eyes and release it.

Now, place your fingers on your temples and move your fingers in small, gentle dime-size circles for a few minutes.

Move your fingers down to your chin and gently, gently pinch your chin and along your jawline to your ears.

Now, move your hands to your cheeks.  Massage your soft cheek tissue in a circular motion.

Now, move your hands to your ears.  Gently massage along the edges of your ears for a couple of moments.   Now, give your ears some long, luscious pulls.

You are finishing your facial massage now.  Notice any thoughts, feelings, or sensations you experience now.

Stay quiet for 1-2 minutes while you enjoy and refresh from this experience.

It is time now to return to the present time.

It is okay to return to this place of calm whenever you need.

The goal of this meditation is to experience calm and relaxation using self-touch.


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