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Arthritis in the Feet


Page0001THE ISSUE – Arthritis in the feet definitely addresses  problems we experience as we move forward in life.  Arthritis also focuses on a personality living with judgmental attitudes.  Control is  an issue.

PHYSICAL CAUSES – There are many, many different types of arthritis.  Common risk factors include:

old age


ill-fitting shoes

traumatic injury

If your client partner wants to deal with this affliction  and to know his/her specific causes, s/he needs to see a rheumatologist for a diagnosis.  This is important.  A diagnosis always gives the client partner more power over the health issue.  Until a person has a name for the disease, it is more difficult to overcome the problems.

You also need a diagnosis because there are many different kinds of arthritis and you will treat the issue differently based on which type  your client partner suffers with.

SPIRITUAL ASPECTS – Where the arthritis attacks the foot reveals much about the involved Chakras.  For example, the first chakra would be affected with arthritis in the heel.

If it is in the right foot – your client partner is dealing with past issues.  The left foot focuses on the present.

HEALING – The reflexology your regular sessions offer cannot be overestimated.  Combine them with Reiki therapy and encourage your client partner to add a few extra reflexology  spa sessions.

A person suffering with arthritis needs nurturing so that releasing  the past becomes easier.  Forgiving is essential with arthritis, especially arthritis in the feet.

Nurturing offered by your reflexology sessions allows your client partner to appreciate the positive things which life offers.   Nurturing reflexology sessions will also help your client partner worry less about perceived limitations.  This will definitely lighten the load.

In addition to your reflexology and Reiki sessions, you may want to include an occasional guided meditation  focusing on changing direction in life with ease.

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