Reflexology For The Spirit

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In “A Healer’s Handbook”, Thurman shares experiences and observations based on years of practice.  She focuses on the spirituality of the different body systems, both physical and energetic.

This book offers extensive information on condition and illnesses encountered by healing practitioners.  The spiritual connection is explained in every health issue because they reveal a person’s deeper layers, essential for healing.

Healing protocols, helpful lifestyle changes, and affected chakras build on one another.

With information found in this book, you will offer healing to the whole person.

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I Don’t Hang Out In Churches Anymore

Thurman Greco’s “I Don’t Hang Out in Churches Anymore” will touch your heart as she  relates both the joys and hardships of contemporary American life as seen through the eyes of a small town food pantry.  This is the story of how one woman in America found God.

In  truthful, upbeat, intimate language, these prayers relate events and stories that may sound familiar to you.  They are the stories of your neighbors.  These experiences reveal joy, love, laughter, pain, surprise.

Do you believe in miracles?  There are stories in these prayers that can be interpreted no other way.

The prayers in this book will  empower you to pray for yourself as well as others.  When this happens, you will discover just how import prayer for others is, as did author Thurman Greco.  You will learn more about yourself and your connection to your community.  In this process, you will learn more about God.

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Miracles, like beauty, exist entirely in the eyes of beholders. Naturally occurring events, they happen all around us like the wind, rain, and sun outside the pantry room. We only need to see them for what they are. They happen when we open our eyes, ears, and hearts to the possibility that they exist at all.

Pantry miracles never change much. Except, they do. They change how we see the pantry and how we belong in it. These humble events change our inner lives. We become responsible for ways to overcome the hunger and homelessness we face.

Pantry miracles remind us it’s never too late to know ourselves and understand the talents we were born to use in our lives.

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“No Fixed Address” is dedicated to those in our country with no roof over their heads. See your neighbors, your friends, your relatives, in new ways as they describe their daily lives in their own words.

The people in this book reveal themselves to be brave and fearless as they go about their activities: work, laundry, children’s homework, appointments. Mostly they live like the rest of us. They just have no roof over their heads

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