Reflexology For The Spirit

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Many people wrote this blog. The real creators are the wonderful people who came to my table. These individuals offered me an opportunity to heal and grow. Without client partner trust, not one word of this blog would have ever or could ever happen.

Even more trust is needed for a person to allow another to become their “teacher”. I’ve taught many of you as I fielded your questions, supported you in your quest, encouraged your spirituality, realized when the day had come for you to move on. Each of you has been a gift of the universe placed at my door. For me, teaching has been a very humbling experience.

I extend my most heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has touched my life as a client partner, a student, a teacher.

I have said and written many times: Kerrith McKechnie, Marge D’Urso, Mary Ruth Van Landingham, Jonathan Rudinger, Penelope Smith, Dawn Hayman, and the Reverend Dan Chesbro made my career possible.

Three people stand out in the creation of this book: Lucy Swensen, Barbara Friesner, and Sangi Van Den Nouweland. Without you three ladies, Lucy, Barbara, and Sangi, nothing would ever have happened to my book. Thank you.
Personally, I hope the next one will be easier for you!