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Arthritis and Reflexology for the Spirit

chest-pain-and-juvenile-arthritis-12027The next two posts will concentrate on the issues of Arthritis.

Arthritis is a word used to describe over 100 diseases causing joint pain.  It’s definitely a spiritual disease.  It’s important for a person who seems to be suffering from arthritis to get a diagnosis from a rheumatologist.  That’s the first step in going down the path to proper treatment.

An example of this would be that some arthritis sufferers (as with rheumatoid arthritis, for example) are dealing with an autoimmune condition and the Reflexology for the Spirit practitioner would reflex the feet a certain way based on the autoimmune disorder.

The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis.  It’s a leading cause of pain and disability in older adults.  This is caused by loss of articular cartilage in joints.  The joints most affected are hands, wrist, neck, lower back, hips, knees.  Risk factors include obesity, heredity, and improper diet.

The best way to combat arthritis, regardless of the kind, is to use a team approach.  The arthritis sufferer’s team should include a rheumatologist, Reflexology for the Spirit practitioner, physical therapist, nutritionist, acupuncturist, and a primary medicine practitioner.

The next post will continue with the emphasis on arthritis.

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Anxiety and Reflexology for the Spirit

modernAnxiety sufferers are often adults who feel they experienced emotional neglect and trauma as children.  Anxiety can also “run in families”.  Sometimes, people on certain long term prescriptive drugs exhibit anxiety symptoms.  Anxiety is present when a chemical imbalance exists in the brain.  It’s diagnosed by symptoms.  And, some experts feel that anxiety affects more women than men.

Offer your anxiety sufferers an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of essential oils and Reiki therapy in addition to Reflexology for the Spirit sessions.

AREAS  TO WORK:  solar plexus, nervous system, digestive system, urinary system, endocrine system, adrenals, liver and solar plexus.

Always offer a few moments with a solar plexus hold if you feel a person is suffering with anxiety.  Reflexing the solar plexus offers the body an opportunity to achieve deep relaxation and grounding.  If your client partner is taking prescriptive drugs,  herbs, or other medications for a medical condition, please work the body systems that apply.

ESSENTIAL OILS:  orange, Roman chamomile, ylang, ylang, lavender

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The next two or so posts will deal with arthritis.

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Ankle Break or Sprain and Reflexology for the Spirit

Sangi's feetOur feet move us forward in life.  And, of course, the part of the body which allows this to happen is the ankle.  An ankle break or sprain is a spiritual event as far as the  Reflexology for the Spirit practitioner is concerned.  When a person breaks or sprains an ankle, the spiritual self is calling for a “time out”.

The person is having difficulties moving forward in life with either a special event or with life in general.

When working the feet of a person with a sprained or broken ankle, always include Reiki therapy, essential oils and gently use Reflexology for the Spirit skills to work the part of the foot which is visible outside the cast.  The body part inside the cast is stressed because the muscles are not being allowed to move.  If the person is in a soft cast or boot, do not remove it without the physician’s permission.  This is a good time to offer Reiki therapy.

ESSENTIAL OILS FOR SPRAINS:  pine, basil, Idaho balsam fir, wintergreen, spruce, cypress, peppermint.

ESSENTIAL OILS FOR BROKEN BONES:  thyme, helichrysum, wintergreen, peppermint, spruce, Idaho balsam fir, pine.

In the next post, we’ll cover anxiety.

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More About Allergies and Reflexology for the Spirit

flowers (639x512)Be aware of the products used to clean the home, pets, car, and workplace.  Products should be used that come under the category of “hypoallergenic”.  It won’t do much good to wash sheets and blankets in hot water with a detergent containing scents and coloring that create allergic reactions.

Finally, your client partner needs to try to resolve issues with persons causing problems.  Your client partner will then have more energy to deal with the other allergens in life.

Often, it’s necessary to use the services of an otolaryngologist and an allergist as well.  Desensitizing treatments can be very effective for persons suffering with contact allergies.  One tried and true natural method is allergy shots.

This may seem like a lot to do.  But, over time, a better quality of life will emerge.  The purchase of over-the-counter preparations to deal with constant allergy symptoms will decrease.  Life will, hopefully, improve.

AREAS TO WORK:  respiratory system, immune system, sinuses, digestive system, endocrine system, liver and solar plexus.

ESSENTIAL OILS:  German or Roman chamomile, wintergreen, lavender.

That completes the section on allergies.  Our next section will be on ankle breaks and sprains – both very spiritual events.

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Your Allergies and Reflexology for the Spirit, Continued

flowers (639x512)If your client partner’s dog has a long coat, she/he can consider having it trimmed short.  This being said, some breeds should not be trimmed down:  shelties, collies, Labrador retrievers, etc.  Other breeds can be very easily kept trimmed short.  If she/he  take the   dog to a groomer, ask your client partner to make sure the groomer  knows about the  allergies.  a good groomer will have appropriate shampoos on hand and will know special brushing  and hair drying techniques to remove as much hair and dander as possible to keep shedding to a minimum at home.

Some breeds of dogs don’t cause allergic reactions:  poodles, shih tzus, etc.  These breeds have hair, not coats.

Your client partner should work to keep his/her sinus cavities clean.  Frequent washing of curtains, drapes, throw rugs, stuffed animals, human and pet bedding, etc. will help remove allergy triggers in the home.  Maybe some of these things can just be gotten rid of.  The question to be asked is:  “Do I really need these dusty curtains, stuffed animals, etc.?”

Periodically, dust should be removed on everything in the home with a damp cloth.  the idea is not to stir up the dust but get it in the damp cloth.  When everything has been thoroughly dusted, the used damp cloth should be put in a plastic bag, sealed, and discarded.

All carpets and upholstered furniture should be vacuumed frequently.  If central heat or an air purifier is used, the filter should be kept clean.

Eliminating roaches and/or mice is mandatory.  They create problems for allergy sufferers.  However, be careful of the products used to eliminate these pests.  They can offer problems as well.

The subject of Allergies will continue in the next post.

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Allergies and Reflexology for the Spirit

The next several posts will be devoted to the issues presented by allergies.

Allergies plague many people year round and present spiritual challenges.  Although people don’t realize it, very few people have food allergies.  Most allergy sufferers experience conditions like sinusitis, hay fever, and asthma.  In order to overcome allergies successfully, a real commitment is needed.  Clients suffering from allergies should visit a Reflexology for the Spirit practitioner weekly.  This is a long term commitment, not just a few visits.

They can lessen or prevent outbreaks of sinusitis, hay fever, etc., by avoiding allergy triggers.  This boils down to asking the question:  What is the source of the allergy?

On a spiritual level, allergy sufferers are dealing with a power struggle and how it affects them which translates into allergies.

People allergic to pollens should try to avoid them.  People with sensitivities to indoor allergens should use dust mite covers on their mattresses and pillows and eliminate house dust as much as possible.

Pets are often a source of allergic reactions.  People should not have to give up their pets because of allergies.  after all, pets offer so much.  A couple of things your client partners can do is brush the pets often and bathe them weekly in a shampoo that doesn’t cause an allergic reaction in the humans.

Cats are easy to bathe if you can avoid letting them hear the splashing water.  Gently lower your cat into a sink of warm water.  Soap the cat up, then gently rinse it in warm running water that doesn’t make splashing noises.  Towel your cat dry.   Fold up the used towel and then launder it.

In the next two posts, we’ll be discussing more things your client partners can do to make life with allergies easier.

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Acne and Reflexology for the Spirit

Both adolescents and adults under stress can be especially bothered with Acne.  regular Reflexology for the Spirit sessions scheduled about a week to 10 days apart will help, especially if used in conjunction with antibiotics, exercise, appropriate diet and a good skin cleansing program.  Encourage your client partners suffering with acne to see a dermatologist because this disease also requires a medical specialist.

People at risk for acne include teenagers and adults who are under stress and who are also taking certain types of medications.  Adolescent and adult women who experience hormonal surges monthly before menstruation also get acne.  Acne sufferers are dealing with two difficult problems.

Often there is a dissatisfaction of self.  They are under tremendous pressure from someone or some situation in their environment.  This pressure is the type that just never “gives an inch”.  Anger may also be an issue with acne sufferers.

People suffering from acne need to do everything the dermatologist tells them to do and, they need to schedule regular Reflexology for the Spirit sessions.  An occasional visit isn’t going to do a lot.

AREAS TO WORK:  immune system, nervous system, solar plexus, endocrine system, digestive system, urinary system, liver, face, solar plexus

ESSENTIAL OILS:  tea tree, geranium, vetiver, lavender, patchouli, German or Roman chamomile, rosewood, cedarwood, orange, clove

The next posts will cover issues presented with Allergies.

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More About What is Reflexology for the Spirit

Page0001What is Reflexology for the Spirit?  In this post, we will offer more information about Reflexology for the Spirit,  This  should give you an in depth understanding of what  Reflexology for the Spirit is all about.

Reflexology for the Spirit practitioners include  spiritual observations as they manifest in the feet.  They’re found:

in the different colors seen on the feet,

the locations of corns,



broken bones, etc.

What is Reflexology for the Spirit?    Although the results of a reflexology session can be felt throughout the body, it’s not massage.  Instead, practitioners manipulate the tissues of the hands, feet, and/or ears only.

An important goal of Reflexology for the spirit is Homeostasis.

Homeostasis is the return to balance of the entire body.

Encourage your client partners to schedule appointments within 1-2 days of other treatments they are receiving.

For example:   if your client partner has a visit to the chiropractor,

physical therapist,


massage therapist,

or a yoga class,

please try to have him/her schedule an appointment with you within 24-48 hours before or after.    This is the way to get the most value for your health care dollars.  With Reflexology for the Spirit, 1 + 1 = 3.

Beginning with the next posts, we will highlight some:

specific conditions,


 and treatments.

We will explain how Reflexology for the Spirit practitioners address the whole person.  The next posts will be your tool box,  Refer to them often.

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Artwork provided by Sanghi

What is Reflexology for the Spirit?

Page0004 (1)Reflexology for the Spirit works with reflex points (nerve endings) in the hands, feet, and ears corresponding to specific areas throughout the body.  This book deals with the feet only, but the reflex points are also in the hands and ears (we leave these for the subject of another book).  It’s a system which, when applied, may help many existing health conditions.

These reflex points offer a map which is both easy to read and use.  The left side of the body is reflected in the left foot and the right side of the body is reflected in the right foot.

Reflexology for the Spirit is a natural whole body modality, so many people find they have an aptitude for this hands-on work.

We’re dealing with the energy links and systems of which our bodies are made.  Students are often surprised at how logical the reflexology system is:  the brain is read as a reflection in the toes, the lower spine is in the heel.  The internal organs are in the spaces in between.  This is exciting stuff.

The first place a disease or imbalance can be detected and subsequently treated is in the feet.  Reflexology for the Spirit practitioners  often detect ailments, problems, and diseases before they manifest symptoms anywhere else in the body.  These are described as crystals, resistance, mushiness, emptiness, hollows, etc.  They also can be felt through the sensations the client partner experiences.

The next post will complete the opening portion of this chapter.  After that, we’ll be discussing specific health issues:  allergies, anxieties, MS, stress, to name only a few.

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Moving Forward to the 1500’s and then to Present Day Reflexology

Page0009Moving to the 1500’s and to Europe, Zone Therapy was introduced.  Zone Therapy is a simple way of mapping the foot.  The body is divided into ten vertical zones, five on each size of the spinal column as the median line.  Reflexologists the world over still use Zone Therapy today.

Reflexology changed quite a bit in the 20th century.  In the United States, a physician, Dr. William Fitzgerald, successfully practiced zone Therapy.  He applied his techniques to both hands and feet (preferring the hands) to lessen pain for his patients.  In 1917, Dr. Fitzgerald and Dr. Edwin Bowers co-authored a book about this work.

Dr. Joseph Riley and his wife studied under Dr. Fitzgerald.  They’re important in this story because of Eunice Ingham who worked with them.  They are the link to Eunice Ingham.

She became a famous reflexologist in Pennsylvania who worked before, during, and after World War II.  She limited her practice to foot reflexology because she felt that sensitivity in the feet increased positive treatment results.

From this glorious history, and recent 20th century trail blazers, we now have thousands of people practicing various kinds of reflexology throughout the world.  Needless to say, a trip to a library, book store, or an internet search offers the reflexologist a variety of recent materials that will teach and inspire.

Beginning with the next post, we’ll learn about Reflexology for the Spirit:  what it is, how it works, how you can use it,

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