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Your Crown Chakra Meditation

A crown chakra meditation is a good place for physical and spiritual healing.  This is where you encounter unconditional love.  You also channel wisdom and inspirational gifts of spirit guides and angelic beings.

Find a quiet, safe space for this meditation.

Begin by getting comfortable.  Sit, or lie down as you breathe slowly, evenly, and deeply to energize your crown chakra.

When you exhale, you release anger, fear, loss, negativity, and any other toxins.

Beginning with your first chakra, check in with each one as you greet it.

Now move up to your other chakras.  Touch or tap each chakra gently with your fingertips and note what sound or image you experience at each one.

You may or may not experience sounds, touch, smells.

You may want to record a word or two in a journal as you journey up your chakra path.

Arriving at your crown chakra, focus on where you are for a few minutes. Touch or tap your crown chakra as you focus on the center of your head.   What sensations do you feel?   Do you find a message here today?

You don’t have to feel, see, hear, or smell anything.  This is especially true if this is your first crown chakra meditation.  Whatever you experience, don’t worry.

Breathe into your crown chakra now.  Your mind is quiet.  Accept this moment as the blessing it is.   Take a few more crown chakra breaths to receive any feedback which may come to you as word, sound, song, image, color, feeling, intuitive message, awareness.

Your feedback may come to you at the moment, or later in the day or even a few days later.  Don’t try to rush things.

As your crown chakra meditation comes to an end, slowly move your body.  Bring yourself to your space gently and calmly.

Return to this meditation any time you want to communicate with your chakras.

Thank your chakras for this experience.


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