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5 Ways to Be Connected

Love Birds

The human immune system is a fast responder.  It knows immediately when/if we are having emotional or spiritual problems.  And, of course, this response affects our health.

If wellness is important to you…and I think it is because you’re a reflexologist, then one of the best things you can do is pamper your immune system.  This works for your client partners also.  No one is exempt on this.

This we know:  there is a direct correlation between negative emotions, disease, and accelerated aging.  Appreciation, sympathy, understanding are important to all of us.

Inner peace is important to being well – being grounded.

One thing in life which promotes inner peace and groundedness is an appreciation for nature and seeing the connection that all living beings share.

There are several ways to promote this connectedness:

WALK IN THE PARK.   Actually, a “walk in the park” is the generic term for any activity which gets you positively involved with nature  That can include biking, hiking, museum going, or anything else which makes you aware of how connected we all are.

GET A PET.   This is a biggie if you can do it.  Not everyone lives where pets are allowed.  But, if you can…a dog or cat is awesome.  Pets offer something which humans seem to be unable to offer:  unconditional love.

A pet will:

improve your immune system function,

give you a more positive outlook on life,

lower your blood pressure

love you unconditionally.

What more can you ask for?

KEEP A JOURNAL.    For some this can be a challenge.  But, this journal is not for anyone but yourself.  So, don’t worry about the spelling, punctuation, paragraphs, etc.

The purpose of your  journal is to make a note of special moments which sustain you when you’re feeling low.  Such moments include:

a cat’s purr

a baby’s smile

a smell of a flower

a compliment

a smile from a stranger

When you record them, you may notice that these special moments occur more often than you thought.

BREATHE.  This is a biggie.  Breathe in while while mentally repeating a positive phrase such as “I bring positive energy into my life.”  Hold your breath for a moment and then exhale as you repeat “I radiate positive energy.”  Consciously breathing for a couple of minutes each day can have a profound impact on your life.

Many people go through their whole lives not even thinking about how they breathe or what their breath does for them.  Honor your breath.

INCORPORATE SURPRISE.  Try to do something unexpected every day.  Compliment a total stranger on a haircut or a jacket or something.  It doesn’t matter what, really.  Just say something complimentary to someone who is totally not expecting anything.

Leave a small token for someone who is not expecting anything…and keep it a secret if you can.

Offer to walk someone’s dog.

Say “Thank you.”

GET INVOLVED.  This can mean walking a dog at the local pound or hosting a food drive for your local food pantry.  There are many, many groups out there where people are working to make life better for us all.  Volunteering is an extremely positive way to go through life.

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Thurman Greco

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Sleep…Blessed Sleep


People seek out reflexologists when  they have sleep issues.    And, visiting  a reflexologist regularly  to encourage quality sleep is a good thing to do.  Very few people receiving regular Reflexology for the Spirit  sessions have problems sleeping.

Regular sessions encourage homeostasis.  It’s  impossible to achieve homeostasis and have sleep issues at the same time.

Your body systems know immediately if you are sleeping properly.    This is the rule:

The better you sleep, the better your immune system functions.

Your immune system needs to be calm and relaxed  to function  properly.  This won’t  happen if you’re not sleeping properly.  Your immune system needs your body to receive not only enough sleep but the quality must be good as well.

Your body repairs itself as you sleep.  Your immune system maintains itself.     In order for this to happen,  stress levels must be turned down.  This happens during sleep.

Except when it doesn’t.  There are sleep situations where the stress levels are not diminished.  Examples include insomnia and sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder.   One symptom of sleep apnea is snoring.  Snoring can, in some instances, be dangerous because if it is untreated, it can activate the immune system.

Insomnia is also a threat to a healthy immune system.  Insomnia has several different causes.  Insomnia is created when people burn the candle at both ends.  Anxiety and/or depression also cause mood disorders in addition to insomnia.

Good quality sleep:

promotes a healthy immune system.

encourages overall good health.

helps slow down aging.

People sleeping well also look better.  Several  things  can be done to promote healthy sleep habits:

Establish a bedtime and stick to it.  Go to bed at the same time every night.

Create a peaceful sleep environment without






Make sure your bed has a

restful mattress

soft sheets

cozy blankets

comfortable pillows.

Establish  a sleep ritual which prepares your body, your brain, and your immune system for a good night’s sleep.  Adopt  sleep-encouraging techniques such as meditation or self Reiki therapy.

If you have a partner, taking a few reflexology lessons can be a real boost to healthy sleep for you both.  You can then offer a reflexology exchange in the evenings before you sleep.

Self Reiki is a wonderful sleeping potion.  Easy to learn and use, it  encourages sleep.

Use essential oils to encourage sleep.  Put a few drops of a favorite oil on a tissue and place it inside your pillowcase or in a pocket.

And, finally, don’t become obsessive about sleep.  Sleep will come.  You can learn to sleep.

Lotus Heart Healing with Tom Rigler


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In a Perfect World…

desert clouds

We would all be disease free

Our brains would stay sharp

We would all experience  good energy levels

Physical fitness would be very common

Everyone would feel young.

But, we don’t live in a perfect world.   The question is this:  How can we be disease-free physically fit, have sharp brains, experience less stress, feel young?

One way  is to honor our immune system.  It is our immune system which keeps us healthy, disease free, physically fit, mentally sharp.

People visit reflexologists regularly as they strive to prevent as much disease as possible.  And, they are correct to do this.  As reflexologists, we work to facilitate homeostasis – bring balance.

Focusing on the immune system is important, not only for the diseases we think about:  colds, flu, etc., but for many other diseases we consider to be lifestyle or aging diseases:


thyroid disease


rheumatoid arthritis


When the immune system is out of balance, it can become overactive.  An overactive  immune system participates in the aging process  as it encourages autoimmune diseases.

As a Reflexology for the Spirit practitioner, you are important to the health maintenance of your client partners.  Your client partners will be healthier when their immune systems function at peak levels.  An immune system functions at its peak when it  successfully fights off viruses, bacteria, parasites.

Encourage your clients to  contribute to a healthy immune system.   As a reflexologist, you offer sessions and you also work to ground your client partners so they can do everything they need to do to keep themselves healthy:

breathe properly and therapeutically

eat a diet which is healthy for the individual

sleep sufficiently


smell the flowers

This is really what Marge d’Urso meant when she emphasized that reflexologists work with the whole client partner as we offer homeostasis.

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Thurman Greco

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The Fountain of Youth



On April 12, 1513, Ponce de Leon landed on what is now Florida.  He is believed by many nowadays to have been seeking the Fountain of Youth.

Whether he was  seeking a magic potion or not is irrelevant  because he never reported discovering such a Fountain of Youth.  And, today, it’s pretty well agreed by all leaders in the health field that a Fountain of Youth does indeed exist.  However, we don’t drink it.

The Fountain of Youth is called Exercise.

Are  you interested in being healthy?

Do you want your body to last a long time?

Do you want to have an active daily life?

Exercise daily!

Begin your journey to wellness and longevity and homeostasis by choosing an activity you’ll enjoy doing.

Walking is a good first choice.  It costs very little to walk.  Walk a few minutes each day.   Begin by walking about 10 minutes the first day and then increase both the speed and the length of each  walk  until you get to a brisk  30-minute session each day.

When you walk you experience a mild detox and you heal on some level.

Organizing a walking group is a good way for you as a Reflexology for the Spirit practitioner to motivate client partners, neighbors, friends, to become healthier.  Walking is a social event as you see the same people on your walk every day.  It’s fun to see how everyone’s doing on your walking route.

There are literally hundreds of exercising options:   gym, cycling, running, swimming.  It really doesn’t matter what you choose – the fountain of youth can be found in pretty much any activity that you’ll like well enough to do  at least 3 times every week.  What matters is that you move.  Whatever your age, the state of your health, moving helps.

It’ll be even better if you can do your favorite activity in short bursts throughout the day if you are sedentary.

Yoga is a good choice  because  you compete only against yourself.  It keeps you well stretched.  Many people “grow” an inch or 2 when they take up yoga.

Whatever activity you choose, when you move, you get the blood circulating.  The brain and nervous system become more active.  It’s harder for muscles to go into atrophy.  The immune system gets a boost.

Regular exercise helps you feel better about yourself, increases your energy level.

Some forms of exercise, if they are “right” for you, can be very grounding.  This is important for a Reflexology for the Spirit practitioner.  Encourage not only yourself, but your client partners to find that activity which is physically challenging as well as spiritually uplifting – this is the fountain of youth!

Guideline:  Move – partake of the fountain of youth!

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The Fountain of Youth

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