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Principle 1
Commit to making your health a priority. This means believing you are a valuable being who deserves brilliant health and well-being.” – Inna Segal
When your health is a priority, it becomes a part of your everyday life. You become conscious of how healthy your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are on a daily basis. When you realize that something is not right, you work to bring about homeostasis…not just ignore the condition.
When good health is a priority, you listen to the messages your body sends.
And, of course, to do this, you need a “plan, Stan.” The reason for this is simple: with a plan, a goal for your overall health improvement, your chances for success are better than they are without a plan.
When you focus on your overall health, the different pieces begin to fit together. They make more sense. The food you eat goes with the exercise you get goes with the information your body gives to you daily goes with the supplements you take goes with the importance of homeostasis.
Principle 2
“It wasn’t about getting a certain body size. It was about my health.” – Judy Molnar
Healing, a healthier lifestyle, is not about the perfect body. Seeking perfection is a setup for failure. The goal here is a healthy body, mind, emotion, spirit, that works.
If that gorgeous body appears and you end up with your photo on a magazine cover,

so much the better. But that’s not the goal.
Begin moving your body. Movement counteracts feelings of stagnation, depression, overweight.
There are many ways to move: walking, yoga, swimming, dancing, tai chi. Begin with something you are comfortable with. Walking is cheap, easy, and requires only shoes. Yoga is a good choice also. In yoga, you are working with yourself as you develop skills. There is no failure factor in either walking or yoga. Whatever you do, try to practice it regularly.

The Fountain of Youth does exist.  A branch of it is probably in your neighbor at a nearby fitness center.  Join.  Visit it three times a week.  Get to know the other people there.  Enjoy yourself.  This is the playground you fondly remember from elementary school.
Regular movement increases your energy, detoxes your body, sharpens your thinking, and helps you feel better about yourself.

Reflexologists, you will do much good for your self and your client partners if you will share these two principles with them.

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Thurman Greco

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Juice Cleanse Tips

  1.  Begin your cleanse by spending a few days eating fresh fruit, salads, sprouts, nuts, and seeds and avoid all processed foods.  Maintain a raw food diet for about three days before you  actually focus on the juice part of the cleanse.
  2. Make sure the water you drink is the cleanest  you can find.  A big decision here is whether you prefer ultrapurified water or spring water.   This choice is a personal one.  I’m happy with either one.  When I’m doing a cleanse, I prefer ultrapurified water.    When I am at home and just drinking water on a daily basis, I prefer spring water.  I like spring water because I live in the Hudson Valley of New York State  where I have access to superior water.  I know what spring the  water comes from, even.  In some cases I’ve actually visited a spring and personally seen it.  I never drink water shipped in from another continent, country, state, or even another part of New York State.  That being said, I would probably make different decisions about the water I drink if I lived in another part of the country.  Certainly, if I lived in a foreign country, I would do different things.
  3. When having a cleanse, be sure to rest several times during the day.    Include some guided meditations that you’ve chosen especially for this cleanse occasion.
  4. Set aside time for reflexology sessions and chakra healing sessions.  Begin each day with a Reiki therapy session if you can.
  5. End your cleanse by eating easy-to-digest water, plump fruits and leafy green salads.  Avoid processed foods for as long as you possibly can.  This is crucial to the success of a cleanse.

Reflexologists, now is a good time of the year to conduct a cleanse as a group with several of your fellow practitioners and client partners.  Include a nutritionist in the group to help supervise the cleanse.


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