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Reflexology to Boost Your Client Partner’s Heart Health

Angel 1A staple Spa Treatment in your “tool kit” is the heart health  session because   both  life quality and quantity depend on a strong and healthy  heart for oxygen and nutrients.  

Heart disease looms large in health issues.  Heart disease is one of the five biggest killers in our nation.  And, it  doesn’t spring up overnight.  Instead, it lurks silently in the background for years, decades, before it strikes.

Your client partners will understand how important  a Reflexology Heart Health Spa Treatment is.  I recommend regularly scheduled Heart Health Spa Treatments in conjunction with exercise.  Think of this session as a monthly exercise booster.

This Spa Treatment is also good as a special throughout February.  It can also be used as part of the bride’s spa day activity on her wedding day.

As always, have the healing space specially prepared with this session.  Have an essential oil selected.  Recommended essential oils for a Heart Health Spa Treatment include:





ylang ylang

If your client partner is not happy with one of these oils, choose something compatible with his/her personality.  Whichever oil you choose will guide you to the music, the decor.

Have your music selection playing when s/he arrives for the appointment.

Begin this session with a soothing foot bath if you possibly can.  Soak your client partner’s feet in warm essential oil enhanced water for a few minutes before you begin to offer reflexology.

After your client partner spends a few minutes in a relaxing and soothing foot bath, have him/her move to your healing table or chair where you anoint him/her with your selected essential oil and wrap both feet in warmed towels.

Move to your client’s head and bring in Reiki therapy as you  offer three holds to the head.

Now move down to your client partner’s feet where you offer five minutes of warm ups on the first foot.  Using a good lotion which is scented with the chosen essential oil can be important here.

After offering the warm ups, offer five minutes of general reflexology.  Your client partner is now ready to receive the Heart Healthy Reflexology Spa Session.

Work the following reflexes on the first foot for twenty minutes in the following order.

1.  Work the Solar Plexus and the Liver

2.  Work the brain reflex.

3.   Work the lung reflexes.

4.  Work the heart reflex.

5.  Work the adrenal glands.

6.  Return to the solar plexus and liver again.

After working these reflex points for twenty  minutes on the first foot, offer five more minutes of general reflexology on this foot and finish up with five minutes of warm downs.

Now, move to the second food and repeat the process.  This means you’ll offer five minutes of warm ups, five minutes of general reflexology and twenty  minutes working the reflex points on the second foot.

You’ll be working the

solar plexus and liver

brain reflexes

lung reflexes

heart reflexes

adrenal glands

solar plexus and liver

Finally, offer five minutes of general reflexology and then five minutes of warm down.

When this is completed, offer your client partner ten minutes of Reiki therapy on the feet.  Now…seal the Reiki therapy part of the session.

Let your client rest for a moment while you get a bottle of water for him/her.

Spend a few minutes with your client partner while s/he drinks the water and returns to “now”.

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