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Leaving Baggage Behind – No Regrets

Have you ever thought about spiritually cleaning out your closet? cleaning your house?

I got up early this morning because I wanted a few minutes to clean out a closet.  Yesterday I promised a friend that I would share some gently used items for her fund raiser.

When I make a promise like that, it’s best that I set a few minutes aside and then work like crazy to get rid of things as quickly as possible.

Working in a fury, I stuffed items in a bag so quickly that I couldn’t overthink the situation.  I also knew that I didn’t have time to put things back.

I just grabbed:  a white blouse I hadn’t worn in years, a pair of slacks that were never comfortable, 3 T-shirts I was never going to wear again.  A new winter coat.

On and on it went.  I didn’t give myself time to think I just might, in a pinch, wear one of these items again.  I even threw in a pot plant that was still pretty but quickly growing beyond my skill level.

As I stuffed these things in the car, with the plant perched on top of the clothes, I thought about maybe I should have done something like this with some of my other spiritual baggage.

Specifically, I thought of off those regrets I’ve been reliving lately.

We all carry it.  Baggage.

Sometimes I feel like I would like to just leave it all behind me as I go through life:  Grudges, resentments, painful memories, regrets.

I’ve been carrying all this baggage around with me for decades and decades.  Then, a young woman reminded me that we all have baggage.

Sometimes, I just want to leave it all behind.

Other times, getting to a place where I can let go is difficult.

One thing she taught me:  forgiveness is a large part of the journey.  Leaving all these parcels and bags and boxes of regret is hard.

But, so was gathering all the experiences that became painful memories.

I’m hanging onto all this negativity.  It’s making extra weight which I carry around all day, every day,   I tried to think of what might be a good way to do this so I went to my roots.

What is going to work?

Eureka!  Forgiveness will be important here.

I went to my roots for success!  I got out my asphidity bag!

When I’m working on healing an issue, I write a description on a small paper and put it in my asphidity bag.  I wear it around my neck to remind me that I’m healing.

Freedom is a goal!

When I have my healing goals in my asphidity bag, I know it’s time to schedule extra weekly Reiki therapy and Reflexology sessions.

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