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About Thurman

I’m a writer, Reflexology for the Spirit Teacher and Practitioner, canine massage therapy teacher, Reiki Master Teacher.  I began my career as a healer in 1982 when I graduated from the Potomac Massage Therapy Institute in Washington, D. C.  Because people in my field  never stop learning, I practice 9 different kinds of Reiki therapy:  Usui, Violet Flame, Lightarian, JinKeiDo, Mari-El, Gendai, Karuna…, Reiki for Animals, and End of Life Reiki.  Although I learned several kinds of massage, I knew before I even graduated from massage school that I was going to be a reflexologist.

I teach classes and practice in a positive, upbeat healing space beside a beautiful stream in downtown Woodstock.  I give talks about Reflexology for the Spirit to groups of interested people.

And, of course, my career path could never have been complete without the skills I learned as I studied  animal communication, Tarot card readings,  Akashic Records readings, and Angel readings.

Everyone’s feet have stories to tell.  Everyone can venture down the path to healing:  physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. Those who know me, work with me, and study under me, agree that I am passionate about healing work in general and Reflexology for the Spirit in particular.  With this blog, I’m inviting you to journey down this path with me.

I welcome your comments and questions.  Thank you for joining in the conversation.

Thurman Greco

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Donate to feed the hungry