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Anchor Yourself in Reality

On December 25, 1968, with my two toddlers, I landed on a remote airfield in the interior of Venezuela, on the outskirts of El Tigre.

Gulf Oil had just hired my husband, Tony, to work in the Mene Grande Oil Camp. ,In the weeks before he started this job, we sold our cars, and home, located in a Dallas, Texas suburb.

Movers packed  our belongings and sent them down to the seaport in Maracaibo, Venezuela by boat.  We didn’t see our household goods for six months because of a shipping strike.

We lived with nothing and no way to get anything.  Think of the things you feel you might need:  coffee pot, dishes, sheets, towels, chairs, tables, beds, sofas.

We borrowed from the neighbors.

I found myself living in a country where we lived in a community ringed by a high chain link fence near a remote village where I didn’t know the language.  My spouse spoke Spanish but he was at work all day long.

After a short time, the reality of my situation sank in.  The oil camp where I lived was fifty miles from a grocery store in one direction and fifty miles from headhunters in the other.  Ciudad Bolivar sat eighty miles in the third direction on the south bank of the Orinoco River.

I lived a life where a uniformed guard aiming a machine gun at me was the rule of the day as I went about my “que haceres” to the bank, bakery, gas station.  Wherever I went throughout the day, I took Jennette and Michele with me.  The goal was to never get separated from them.

Lastly, there was no outside phone line.

What a place to be when so much was happening in the rest of the world.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.  Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated.  Arlo Guthrie sang “Alice’s Restaurant”.  The My Lai Massacre was the scandal of the Vietnam War.

By the end of the first month, I found my anchor, my information line to reality.  I read about current events and news every Tuesday evening when the previous Sunday’s New York Times was delivered to my door.  As soon as the DC-3 landed about 4:30, we were all ready at our house. We loved greeting the paper delivery man as he dropped it off at our front door.  Tony and I read the last Sunday’s paper from cover to cover.

I had never been to New York City and it didn’t even matter.   The New York Times brought the world to me.

And, I’ve been reading the New York Times regularly since then.  I read it in San Francisco, Mexico City, San Antonio, Dallas, Monterey, CA., and Washington, D.C.

Some places I got the paper daily.  Others, it was weekly.  Wherever I lived, I read every copy I got my hands on.

No matter how the current events of my life unfolded, after reading the New York Times, I had a calmer, more realistic perspective.  The New York Times brought news with the calming reality of facts most of my adult life.

Even with all the drama of Biden versus Trump, stories in the New York Times are balanced, informative, real, and important.

To The New York times, I send a thank you for doing what you do so well.

To my readers, I sincerely hope and pray that you have found  a way to stay anchored.  Life is much easier that way.  This anchor adds an extra layer of depth to my spiritual work.  For me, this is essential.

I am simply unable to live my life from day-to-day without including planetary events.  I have friends, close friends, who are able to shut everything around them out.  I cannot.  I live on the planet earth and cannot ignore the reality of current events.

Along with the Reiki and Reflexology, I’m a more balanced person.  Current events are part of this circle of spiritual growth.  Include the necessary elements for balance.


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One Thing About Reiki and Healing

Since the ’90s, I’ve taught Reiki and Reflexology to students of all ages, sizes, and shapes.  I made a conscious effort to let my students fly free, once he or she received the certificates earned.  .

Healing is a personal path for a student.  Eventually, the learned skills will surface in a way that is best for the universe.  Sometimes the surfacing happens quite soon.  Other times, it may take years as the student carries the energy around quietly, underground almost – waiting for just the right time.  Meanwhile, the healing Reiki energy percolates, hidden below the surface.

Soon after Donald Trump was inaugurated, I put out an extremely quiet call to some Reiki Master Practitioners.  “Come over and get your teacher wings.”

A few answered the call.  I attuned them all to the Reiki Master Teacher Level and, again, set them loose to do what they felt called to do.

Karen kept in touch.  She took her attunement seriously and, throughout the Pandemic, taught and practiced Reiki.  Karen worked outdoors throughout this time.  She practiced her profession in a park about 2 blocks from her home.

Some days were hot.  Others were cold.  Nobody seemed to mind.

Now, in these days and times, Karen is ill.  She is teaching us all how to prepare for the future when there isn’t much time left on this plane.

She is allowing her students and fellow practitioners the opportunity to offer  Reiki. This is a special time for all of us. Her students set up a time:  Tuesday afternoons at 3:00.

People drop by her home to see how she’s doing.  Some  prepare food.  Others run errands, etc. Everyone is finding things that need attention.  Hospice is in the mix.

Reiki is at the core of this transition.  We participate the best way we can.

One thing happening out loud is this:  When we learn Reiki or other healing modality, we’re not sure what we’re going to do with our new certificate and skill.

Whatever we do, Reiki meets us where we are.  However we use the things we’ve learned, it’s all for the good of the universe.

We are not here to change a story when offering therapy.  Instead, we are a conduit for healing.  Nothing more.

I am grateful to each and every student I’ve had over the past years.  Each of you is an educational experience for me.  You have, one and all, given me the highest honor a teacher can receive:  Your trust.

Thank you to everyone.  Thank you to Karen for allowing us to be with her at this special time.

My first book, “Healer’s Handbook” took 10 years to write.  It’s gone out to over 3 dozen countries.  I think it needs another edition to highlight End-of-Life Reiki.  What do you think?


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One Way to Explore and Expand Your Path

We are, each of us, on a unique path.

You may follow your path from childhood and continue throughout your life, honoring your traditions.

Or, you may create your own path, making meaning out of each new step.

Wherever you are on your journey, your path is yours alone.  Only you occupy your space.

One thing you can do to help yourself advance on your path is to journal.    Because your path is yours alone, your journal will help you reflect on life’s meanings and what they teach you.

You can create your journal from an old tablet you found lying around on a table.  Or, you can create your a journal as a work of art with drawings, photos, paintings, and a creative cover.  Or, your journal can be anywhere between these two styles.

However you decide to create your journal, it can help you explore your spirituality.

Whatever you do to create your journal, it can help you explore the wonders of your life.  The words of your journal will help you learn more about how you think and feel.  This will help you create a deeper connection with your self and your path.

Your journal entries will help you explore your beliefs and how you feel and think about them.

The spiritual exploration offered by your journal will enhance and strengthen  your path.

Thanks for reading this article.

It is not intended to change your story or offer therapy.  It is written to offer a conduit to your own healing journey’s path.

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If you are seeking specific information, check out older blog posts and also go to some of the YOUTUBE segments which cover wellness and healing.

A recent book features the major arcana of the Tarot.  These cards explore well-known symbols and archetypes which heal, shape, and reflect our lives.

Beyond the boundaries of this book, I will explore archetypes and how they affect our spiritual growth in future blog posts..

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Concerns, Challenges, and Stress? Change Them With One Challenge Management Technique

We can’t eliminate all of our daily challenges, concerns, and stress.  But, we can manage our reactions to them.

Challenge management will make your life easier.  You’ll change the way you feel, and the way you act, as you respond to your concerns and stress.

Worries distract and steal your energy.

Through the years, I’ve learned that challenge management can improve your daily life.  This encourages you to focus and move  toward your goals.

So – what you do is this:

Set aside and schedule time specifically for thinking about your challenges.  Name each challenge and examine your emotions surrounding it.  Examine how your life would be if things worked out for the best.

Then, get a piece of paper and quickly write about what’s on your mind.  Focus on the concerns, challenges, and stresses that are foremost on your mind this very minute.  What are your daily distractions?

Don’t worry about the grammar or spelling.  You aren’t writing this for someone else.  You’re not going to show these words to anyone.  Your private thoughts will help you identify and describe your situation.

What is going on in your mind?

Describe your concerns and worries.

To find a possible positive outcome, ask yourself “Where is the peace in all of this?”    Focus on an ideal situation.  Identify where and how things might improve for you.

Where is the hope?

When you schedule writing sessions where you focus on a positive outcome, you decide where to focus your time and energies.

As this writing exercise shifts your energy to a more positive outcome, you let go of the negativity.

Calm moves into the space that negativity just vacated.

Your mind becomes a powerful tool to create your own life, focusing on you.  You can now create your reality from peace and positivity as fears and worries disappear.

Making a habit of this exercise will bring hope and positivity and good change your way.

Making time to listen allows you to embrace your inner wisdom.

As you process your worries, you can support the good things you need.

You may decide what is the best thing you can do for yourself.  You may decide it is a good thing to stop hanging onto things that are of no help to you.

At some point, you may feel gratitude.

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One Thing that Works When You are in an Anxiety Bubble

It seems, these days, that everyone I encounter is in an anxiety bubble.

At the Mower’s Meadow Flea Market Saturday, people were slowly walking through the market not even seeming to notice the booths they were walking by.

They didn’t even seem to even know that Woodstock was in the midst of a gorgeous day.

Frankly, I’m not surprised.  All we have to do is glance at the news on the phone – or on the computer – or on the TV.  None of us can escape current events.  Even my friend Annie, who knows how to block out all kinds of current events, can’t get away from this.

Now is a moment to schedule a Reiki or Reflexology appointment.  Scheduling several sessions over the next few weeks is ideal but reality permits us this healing based on what we can do.  One session is certainly better than nothing.

Now.  It’s time to rely on inner resources for peace.

It is time to be alone.

Just like that reflexology session you need, it may be you need to be alone and can’t get the time.  Truthfully, maybe you are terrified to be alone.

Whatever the situation, it’s time to feed your mind, your body, your soul.  You need to do this so your inner self can do its job properly.

Now is a good opportunity to follow in the footsteps of a Hermit as you take a short time off from the world so your inner and outer selves can meet, collaborate, and support you in the ways you need.

The Hermit is a card in the Tarot.  The Hermit is an archetype.  Well, you may not have the luxury of a neighborhood card reader.  Really, the Hermit can become a player in your story without a Tarot spread.

Were you ever in a situation where contemplation and soul-searching helped you come to an authentic decision?  Were you able to keep a mental/spiritual space to mull over your thoughts and situation without interference?

When you are in such a situation, you know this on some level: a truth is waiting for you.

Are you there now?  Is life calling for a time-out to reset things.  Use this time-out to think, rest, read, meditate, pray, focus on the important issues.

Sometimes you can get away.  Sometimes this getaway is a mental time out in your living room or a bench in a park or a walk through the flea market.

After all, your light is your light.  Your path is your path.  You need to work things out on your own.

You’ll feel better and calmer after its over.

Trusting in the change is basic.  All things change when the time is right.  With the Hermit, your inner voice will speak out to connect you to your wisdom.

Consider your long term aims and ambitions.

We all travel alone – each on our own vision quest.  This is how we find humility and peace.  Withdrawing from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world, we regain a perspective which includes the wisdom of silent introspection.

Enjoy this peace.

Solitude and soul-searching are the rules of the day.  When you are finally alone, you can be free of the external.  You have a chance to process what you’ve learned so far.

Enlightenment is on the way!

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That One Thing We All Share

When I do my weekly grocery shopping at my local Hannaford, I always get (or try to get) individual cups of plain yogurt.  I love the flavor and texture of the store brand.  The plain nonfat Greek variety is my favorite!  The texture, flavor and the ingredients are perfect.  This yogurt has no artificial ingredients.  There are no words in the ingredients list that I can’t pronounce or understand.

This product is healthy.  Yummy.  And, the price is right!

But, getting this yogurt is almost like going on a quest.  For starters, it’s on the very top shelf in the refrigerator section.  Often, I can’t even find it.  I know where it’s supposed to be but I’m not quite tall enough to see up there.

I begin by seeking out an employee who’s a few inches taller.  When I can’t find one, I look for a ladder or step stool.  Finally, my final option is to find something on a shelf, like a fly swatter, that I can use to push the yogurt I can’t see to the front of the shelf.

Then, finally, I push it out the front and grab the cups and put them in my grocery cart.

By this time, I’m so determined that I clean out the store.  I buy every cup of the plain Hannaford’s yogurt I can find.

For me, this situation is a challenge.  It’s not about my height.  But, it is about my height.

Life is all about limitations.  What I can and cannot do.  How much can I ignore?

Shopping at the Hannaford’s is especially all about limitations.

Getting to the heart of the matter, life is all about limitations.  This is one thing that is true for each and every one of us.

Shifted to the bottom line, limitations are all about acceptance.  This is not about being a victim.  It IS about doing whatever we need to do to get the job right.  Limitations are, literally, a means to an end.

It is also about acceptance.  I occupy a space on this planet in my body.  This space is mine and mine alone.

This limitation becomes, and is, a meditation.

This space and my body are mine.

Each day, I take a few moments to come back to this.

I pay attention to my breath.

I pay attention to my arms and my legs.

I pay attention to the temperature and smell and texture of the air around me.

I focus on this opportunity to realize that what I need is right in front of me if I’ll only recognize it and pay attention.

I am fully alive in this moment.

After this meditation, I return to the room around me, walk into the kitchen, and have a cup of my favorite Hannaford Yogurt.

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Do One Small Thing For Your Success.

Choose one small opportunity.

To get yourself out of your rut or away from whatever is holding you back – do one small thing which will give you a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of success.

Success, no matter how small, takes you the distance.

So, how does this work?  Choose one small opportunity.

Take your goals and break them down into tiny components which will not let you down.  Life can get frustrating when we work toward goals which aren’t going to happen anytime soon.

When you break things down to small tasks, you can achieve success much more easily.  And, all it takes to get you unstuck is to do one small thing.

Recently, I found myself in a real stuck mode.  I felt as if I were wading in thick mud and getting nowhere.

I thought about a small success:  I decided to finally write that letter I’d been putting off for weeks – months, really.

So, I sat down and wrote one sentence:  “Several days ago I read a post on the net somewhere by Trish Lease-Way.”

I set the letter aside and continued with my day.

Things went much better after that.  That one sentence of the letter shifted the energy.

And, guess what, the mud disappeared with the shift.

That sentence turned out to be a bonus!  I finished the letter in a few days and sent it off.  AND, i moved forward with my primary objective.

I don’t always get a bonus.  But, an energy shift works really well when I’m stuck in the mud!

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It’s Spring. Discover One Completely New Thing

Trying something new can be daunting.  I get out of my comfort zone every April.  I know when the Forsythia starts to bloom, it’s time to dust off my learning skills and experience something new.  It doesn’t matter what it really is.  The important thing is I’m enjoying discovery and adventure.

Living in upstate New York, I live the four seasons.  Coming from the south, I thought I lived the four seasons.  And, actually, I don’t think I really did.  Then, living in Venezuela, I learned about living with 2 seasons:  rainy and dry.

Because I chose to live where I live, I look forward to each season.  I see Spring as a new energy.  I experience Spring as an opportunity to try something completely new.  It doesn’t really matter what it is.  The important thing is I’m enjoying discovery and adventure

One thing I expect is this:  not getting it right.  I get to enjoy being a learner again.  I might not like what I learned but that’s okay.

My friend Karen is a professional learner – every time I visit her, she’s got something new in her life:  this spring she’s learning how to play a concertina!

Karen has learned to take the pressure off her days.  She’s leaving the stress at the door and she’s simply enjoying a new activity.

I never know how long she’ll stay with the concertina or whatever magical thing she is learning.  And, it doesn’t matter.  When she learns something new, she makes her world bigger and newer.

May we all be a little like Karen!


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I do have one new book coming out soon.  “A Healer’s Tarot Memoir” is going to be published soon.

The role of this book is to learn to use Major Arcana cards for greater insight into your life so you can discover more about your role in the world.  Representing important events in your life, these archetypes explain the wisdom in your soul while they do their work.

I’ve known about this book since 2015 when I sat down with a Tarot Reader in the Washington Square Park late one summer afternoon.  He was reading my cards and suddenly, we were the only two people in the park.  He read my cards and confirmed that one day I would write a book which would bring me joy.

His reading was spot on.  I did.  “”A Healer’s Tarot Memoir” is the book.

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Reiki and Reflexology are ALWAYS APPROPRIATE!

Physical Therapy – How to Get the Most from Your PT Session

We go to physical therapy because we want to get to the other side – of whatever the situation is.

Maybe you’ve been in an accident.

Maybe you just realized that your neck won’t move right.

Maybe you just finally looked in the mirror and your left shoulder and your right shoulder don’t match – at all.

Whatever the reason, physical therapy takes a commitment.  It means going to two appointments weekly with homework between the sessions.

Some people go to their physical therapy sessions and do their homework and things seem to just go right.

I’ve gone to physical therapy sessions several different times in my life.  Each experience impacted my life differently.

In my 40’s, I went to physical therapy, and followed the series of PT sessions up with a fitness club membership which helped me immensely.  The physical therapy sessions followed by the regular fitness sessions changed my life for the better.  The impact of these physical therapy sessions lasted the better part of a decade.

A couple of decades later, my physical therapy experience was just as positive but the therapy was completely different.  I spent a lot of time on the table receiving heat treatments.  My back and shoulders loved this attention and appreciated the healing applications I received twice weekly.

Now, with different needs, my current physical therapy experience is different yet again.  My  body  does not want to move so fast.  Healing is not so easy this time.  I leave each session feeling fatigue and pain.  My body needs to rest and restore.  It needs attention beyond what is happening at the physical therapist’s office.

It took two sessions for me to realize what was happening.  What did I do?  I ran for the Reiki therapy!

I’m sharing this with everyone because I’m seeing other people coming away from the physical therapy session who need restorative healing.  Some people get this information quickly.  Others need a little nudge.

What I’m finding is that the physical therapy session is not completed without a Reiki session to follow up.

Actually, other modalities work well also.  Reflexology certainly offers the deep calming needed to end a session totally.

But, really, it doesn’t matter whether you schedule Reiki or Reflexology or massage or …………  Many modalities available will work.

The important thing to know is  that when we get physical therapy, the work takes your body “so far”.  To get your money’s worth in healing, schedule the Reiki session on the same day if you possibly can – certainly within 36 hours.

Schedule these bodywork sessions think of them as part of your life.  They  stimulate your body’s own healing processes.

When you combine Reiki or Reflexology or whatever modality works best for you, you will receive more healing for your health care dollars.

If regular Reiki sessions turn out to be a challenge, take some classes and learn to give sessions.  That way you can exchange sessions with others.

Ask a friend to join you in a learning adventure.  The two of you can learn together and exchange sessions.  This is self-care, an important activity which we all need to include in our daily lives.

Thanks for reading this blog post!  New articles have been posted for 10 years.  This blog was created to be a conduit for your own healing.

With blogs, books, classes, and sessions, I am not here to change your story.  Instead, I am here to be a conduit for your own healing.

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My Latest Information! – “A Healer’s Tarot Memoir” has just gone to the publisher!

Eight Ways to Fight the Fear

To be honest, things are becoming more and more confusing as the days go along.  Every time I greet a friend or neighbor or anyone, for that matter, she talks to me as if we are all lost.

And, maybe we are.

It’s hard-to-impossible to figure out sometimes where this year is headed.  Some of my friends and acquaintances are solving their dilemma by simply not reading papers or watching TV.

Others choose their channels with care, blocking out everything that seems to be problematic.

Still others are becoming information junkies, focusing their lives on a particular channel offering information they can understand and accept.

On the home front, our Woodstock community is undergoing gentrification.  We’re all facing the fact that we’re living in a place far removed from the community we chose to live in when we moved here.

And, this situation comes on the heels of the stresses of Covid and everything that went with that.

Our home is hardly recognizable.

And, I haven’t even brought other news:  economic, climate change, the election, our local schools – and any other thing you can imagine.

Then, there are all the economic and social changes in our country.

Sometimes, I think that each of us is on our own, private, Yellow Brick Road.

And, that leads me to the whole reason for this blog post:  Fear

The Fear is palpable.

It has an odor.

I see it on the street in the way people walk and the way they talk and the way they dress.

There are some things we can do as we make our way forward into a future many of us are having trouble even imagining.

ONE.  Speak Your Fear.  As soon as you begin to share your fear, it begins to lose its power over you.

TWO.  When fear covers you with an invisible tent, practice breathing exercises.  Include meditation sessions.  Find what works for you and practice it regularly.  When this breathing exercise becomes a part of your life, you should be able to find calm which will send the panic running.

THREE.  Exercise regularly.  Regular exercise slows down the fight-or-flight reflex.  The options are open here.  Do what you enjoy.

FOUR.  Seek out friends you can chat with who will have a calming effect on you.  This step has been helpful for me.  When I’m upset, I call Carey and we chat.  Sometimes she calls me.  Over the last few months, I’ve gathered a few friends who call me.  We’re an informal support group.

angel with flowers

FIVE. Enjoy Reiki, or other bodywork modality, regularly  I’m watching healing groups form in the area.  People gather regularly to share and exchange their sessions.  I cannot tell you how important these groups are.  Peace.  Calm.  Lower Blood Pressure, Sleep………….

SIX.  Get the what-ifs out of your life and your mind.  These lists of fears can wreak havoc on your day.  And, they will not save your situation.  They are a waste of time which will get you nowhere.  Instead, focus your energy on things you can manage.

SEVEN.  Write something.  This can be a memoir, a journal, a diary, a letter to the editor, a note to a friend you haven’t seen in awhile – whatever works for you.  If you’ve never written anything before, now is a good time to begin.  Don’t worry.  Everybody has a first sentence or chapter or essay.  I had one.  I never wrote anything but my name before 2013.  And, now I have 2 blogs and several books – one of which has been purchased by people in over three dozen countries!

When you begin to write, don’t be afraid of a blog.  My first 2 blogs certainly kickstarted my career.  I bought a book by Nina Amir:  “How to Blog a Book”.  I read this book and followed Nina Amir’s instructions.

EIGHT Stress and what-ifs are good invitations to develop our spiritual and religious lives.  This is a good time to meet fear with a renewed trust in your spiritual and religious beliefs.

Sometimes reality can be downright scary.  This week, meet the uncertainty and fear in your life with a renewed calm.  Work your way down the list and see what item helps you the most.

And, finally, thank you for reading this blog post!

Thurman Greco.

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