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4 Times to Rely on Your Abdominal Brain: Know When to Go With Your Gut


Hello there, cerebral brain!  It’s me, your abdominal brain.  There are some important situations in life when we can work together.   Actually, we work together daily.

I send you information all the time.  I want you to know what happens in the abdomen where I live and work.

When I send red flags bubbling up, I hope you listen.

Example 1:

You are looking for a new job and may have an offer.

In this process, you sometimes when you need need more information.

You don’t have a job offer until you know the day you are expected to report to work, where you are expected to be on the start of your first work day, the name of the person you are to report to, and the amount of money you will be paid.

Can’t decide whether the job offer is for you?  List all the positives about the job.  Next, follow that list with a list of all the negatives.  If the positives outweigh the negatives, you can begin to feel good about your offer.

If you don’t…think about what your abdominal brain is trying to tell you.  Maybe, for the moment, you need to override your abdominal brain and use your head for a while.  Or, maybe you need to listen to your abdominal brain and learn from its wisdom.

Example 2:

When you can’t eat or sleep, your abdominal brain is talking to you.   Something isn’t sitting right for you.

You may have a stomach bug.

Or, you may also be hearing from your  abdominal brain.  What situation is causing physical stress?  Is your abdominal brain working with your intuition to tell you  it’s time to   deal with it.

What decision-making skills do you need to reduce this stress and  live a more comfortable life?  Your pros-and-cons list can help here.  You can also listen to your inner self which tells you what you need to know.

While you decide what to do, spend some time reducing your stress.  As you  lower your stress level, you may find yourself in a place where it’s easier to  listen to your inner voice and your abdominal brain wisdom.

When this happens, you make way for a path to appear for you.

Example 3:

You encounter a situation or someone who is suffering.

Your abdominal brain appeals to you to help others.  But, then, your cerebral brain or your friends and coworkers try to talk you out of it.

You experience objections:  “I’m in a rush.” “This may be a scam.” “If I give this person money for food, she may just buy drugs with it.”

Think, for a moment, about a time when you were in need.  How lonely was your situation?  If someone stepped in to help, did your view of the world change?

This might be a time to pay your gratitude forward.

Example 4:

You are in a situation where a person is talking to you and suddenly your gut does flip flops or you get negative chills or you feel trapped.

This is not a time to dismiss your abdominal brain message.  You are in a situation which is not good for you and your body knows it.   This is a time to follow your gut.

Physically, remove yourself from the premises.

At a party or other group gathering?   Leave.  Now.

Getting ready to get on an elevator?  Back off.  Don’t get on the elevator.  Go somewhere else instead.

Walking down a hallway and suddenly realize you are alone in a dark, public place?  Get out of there immediately.  Find people.  Find lights.

In all of the above situations, you must make a stand for what your gut  knows.  It’s okay.  This is one of the things your body is built to do.

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Thurman Greco

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It’s time!


What began as reflexology class notes years ago has now become an informative and entertaining video  just waiting for you!

One evening several months ago Karen White, Arlene Ferrieri and I drove out to Palenville to my publisher’s studio and very casually produced this video.  Our intention is to offer a dialogue about reflexology which is easy to follow and use.

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Thurman Greco