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Mental Fatigue – Do you need a fogbuster?


Mental Fatigue…ahhhhh.  All of us suffer with this occasionally.

Fatigue, whether it be mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual, can be a strong indication of illness.  So, if your brain is tired more often than you want, you won’t  be playing hypochondriac if you schedule an appointment with your professional healthcare provider.

Many diseases list fatigue as the first symptom.  Popular among those diseases is adrenal imbalance



poor thyroid function

It can also just mean that we’re a little overdrawn in the energy department.  I occasionally wake up feeling less mentally sharp than I want.  When that happens, I reach for an essential oil.  Popular essential oil fatigue busters include:


Black Pepper


Idaho Balsam Fir







Each of these oils will “do the trick”.  Place 4-6 drops  of whichever oil you have on hand  and/or prefer.  Rub the palms of your hands together.  Cup your nose and mouth with your oil-soaked hands and take several deep breaths.  You should notice a difference.

When an essential oil fragrance is inhaled,  the odor molecules travel up the nose and end up finally connecting to the brain.  The result is that the connection affects the

heart rate

blood pressure



stress levels

hormone balance.

The scent of the essential oil can bring up memories and emotions not only in this life but, I believe, in past lives as well.  This offers a powerful form of therapy which, when combined with reflexology, promotes homeostasis.

Combining reflexology and essential oils can be beneficial to your client partners.  If your client does not notice a fairly quick feeling of energy returning to the body, it’s time to refer him/her to a physician.

Photography by Renee Ruwe.

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Thurman Greco


“Should I Accept Clients Who Smoke?”

Be Free Heart wings

What a question!

“Of course.  Yes.”

“But, what if they smell of tobacco?  I find it very offensive.  And, besides, I don’t want my healing space reeking of smoke.”

Well, I stick to my guns here.  Cigarette smoking is an addiction.  It is a disease.  You accept the client and offer assistance, support, guidance as  s/he struggles to give up smoking.

Encourage the person to cut down on the number of cigarettes smoked in a day.  If you can get him/her to cut back to 5 or fewer cigarettes a day, the final push will be very easy.

When people think of diseases smokers contract,  they always come up with the same usual suspects:

lung cancer

throat cancer



In reality, the diseases caused are many more and the health damage done is much greater.

Smoking and exposure to second hand smoke is really hard on the immune system. Smoking ages the body faster.  This results in

wrinkled skin

clogged arteries




The most important reason for not smoking is what it does to the immune system.  Smoking wrecks the immune system causing it to become overactive.  And, the effects are often easily seen.

It’s not necessary to see a person smoking to know you’re looking at a smoker.  It’s also not necessary to smell a smoker either.

The effects of smoking can be seen in the skin, hair, nails, eyes, posture.

The effects of smoking can be heard in the classic smoker’s cough.

You cannot help your client partner stop smoking.  What you can do is help with the cravings and other discomfort while they go through the 5-6 week withdrawal process.  Reflexology for the Spirit, Reiki therapy, and encouragement can go a long way to support during this time.

Help your client partner become dramatically healthier.  Nicotine patches are available.  CVS sells a smoking cessation program which helps.

After the 6-week period, you can help your client partner do a cleanse and you can offer support choosing  a physical fitness program.


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Thurman Greco

Water, Water – What are we to do?


It’s really hard to find clean water.  Our water is so filled with toxins that our bodies have become toxic waste dumps.

So, what are we to do?  We need it to live.

There are 2 issues here, really.  The 1st issue is getting clean, pure water.   The 2nd issue is using it:



nourishing our planet.

So, what are we to do?  We need it to live.

Getting clean water can challenging.

For starters, filter it.  The filter you choose depends on your budget and your water issues.  Filters come in several different varieties:


faucet-mount systems

under-the-sink systems.

To learn about your water toxin issues,  use your local county water quality report and advice from local water quality experts.

In the past, I used an under-the-sink  system and was very pleased with it.

Now I buy my drinking water.  Water in the Hudson River Valley is so special.  The product I choose is New York Springs USA water, a natural spring water sourced in the Catskill Mountain area of New York State.

If New York Springs USA is not available, I reach for Mountain Valley Spring Water which comes from the Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas.

It just so happens that these 2 waters are spring fed.

If I’m working or traveling or shopping out of the area and need to drink a bottled water, I’ll go for  an ultra purified brand I know and recognize over a spring fed water which I am unfamiliar with.

When in New York City, I drink water offered to me at the restaurant table.  Make no mistake about it.  New York City water is the best available anywhere.  I know this.  I live and work in the area.  New York City water comes from the Ashokan Reservoir, an extremely well protected and guarded body of water.   Catskill Mountain residents love, honor, and are proud of their water.  Nothing but the best is good enough for us.

Although we can’t list things like the vitamins or calories found in water, it’s important for our overall health to keep  hydrated.

Water offers a natural detox as it cleans toxins out of the body which collect in the urinary tract.  Drink enough water often enough to urinate every 2 hours.

Hydration fights fatigue..something we all battle.  There are many tired people wandering around right this minute who are not really fatigued.  They are thirsty.  At the 1st sign of fatigue, drink water and then give yourself a few minutes for your body to react to the needed hydration.

Water helps the body break food into nutrients as it travels through the digestive system.

Sufficient hydration prevents kidney stones.

Water helps strengthen the adrenal glands.

I offer a glass of New York Springs USA to each of my client partners at the end of the reflexology or Reiki therapy session.

As a reflexologist, please encourage your client partners to keep hydrated.  Help them choose the best water for their health and lifestyle needs.  They will feel better.

Mountain Valley Spring Water

Hot Springs National Park

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Thurman Greco




Calm…and Nurtured

treeTo be as healthy as possible, your immune system must be calm and nurtured.

Your immune system is a warrior – fighting off dangerous and threatening diseases.  Help your immune system protect you by making your life, the environment you live in feel safe.

Begin with the space you spend the most time in…your home.

Make sure your home/apartment/wherever you live is allergen free.  That means the air you breathe is clean, the water you drink and bathe with is clean, and you have as little mold, mildew, and insect presence  as possible.

Environmental pollutants and toxins  irritate your immune system which means they are bad for  your health.  Exposure to unknown chemicals can  negatively affect your entire life.  The 3 most threatening toxins:


insects such as cockroaches,

dust mites.

Begin to calm and soothe your immune system by doing a walk-through of your home.  Make a list of any and all things needing attention:

water stains,

trapped moisture

evidence of pesticides and rodents


Clean all carpets, rugs, upholstery, curtains, bedding to include blankets, throws, bedspreads.

Have your water tested.

Mask unwanted noise if you live on a noisy street.

After you have gotten rid of the toxins and pollutants, it’s time to make your home environment a peaceful oasis.  This won’t take a lot of $$$.  It will take attention instead.

Create places where sunlight can stream in during the day and where the area is dark at night.  Fill your place with smells and aromas which will feed your soul:

fresh flowers,

home-baked bread

scented candles

a favorite essential oil

wind chimes

music you love..

Use colors in your surroundings which offer peace, calm, soothing feelings.  The idea is to create a space which makes you feel happy the moment you enter it.

Create a meditation corner.  It doesn’t have to be large – You only need enough room to sit or recline comfortably without being bothered.  If you can have a space where you can put up your legs for a few minutes each day, you will be refreshed and nourished – something we all need.

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Jennette Nearhood provided the photograph for this post.



Tara Sanders: Healing, Yoga, and Reflexology

heart with wings

healing, yoga, and reflexology

As reflexologists, we add new clients to our practice often. Healing, yoga, and reflexology are important here.   Depending on your personality, or  your practice, you may ask a few or many questions from them on the intake forms and in the initial interviews.

Trauma is one area of a person’s life which we rarely approach.  It is just too hidden, too destructive.

This is wise.  Trauma is a subject which our client partners need to bring up when the time is right for them to share.  Because nothing is said doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.  It just means  that the person isn’t comfortable discussing it.

Because, in reality, 1 woman in 4 has experienced domestic violence and/or sexual assault.  Personally, I question the 1-in-4 statistic.  No woman reports domestic violence or sexual assault if she can possibly avoid it.  Reporting is simply too painful.

When I first spoke with Tara Sanders,  a Woodstock based yoga instructor and   program director in the nonprofit Exhale to Inhale I was suddenly very alert.   I realized that we, as reflexologists, need to be more sensitive to the secrets and hidden traumas of our client partners.

Exhale to Inhale yoga works to empower survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to heal through yoga.  Exhale to Inhale yoga guides women through postures, breathing,  meditation.  Taught in trauma sensitive style, practitioners are enabled to ground themselves in

their bodies

their strength

their stillness.

As this happens, the women connect to themselves.  They work toward  empowerment and worthiness.  This practice can be transformative for survivors  of sexual abuse and domestic violence when they shed the cloak of victimhood.

Healers, reflexologists,  and body workers have long known that when a person is traumatized, the event is stored in the muscles.

We also know that reflexology sessions are given a boost when combined with other modalities such as yoga, meditation, breathing, Reiki therapy, and massage.

Tara teaches the classes without music.  She does not touch the students to correct a posture.  Lights remain on throughout the class.  These sessions offer survivors an opportunity to reclaim their lives through the healing and grounding of yoga.

Tara uses the yoga classes to help her students feel safe, strong,  in the present moment.  As she teaches, she is a conduit for healing and healthful programs in our community.  Reflexology for the Spirit practitioners are also conduits for healing as we work the reflex points to encourage homeostasis.

Exhale to Inhale is a New York-based nonprofit offering free weekly yoga  classes to survivors of domestic and sexual assault.  After June 20, Exhale to Inhale yoga classes will be taught free of charge to women in area shelters  in Upstate New York.

Not everyone has a Tara Sanders available in the community.  However, it’s possible to suggest reflexology sessions offered in tandem with yoga, meditation, breathing classes.  Whether or not you are aware of your client partner’s experience with trauma or domestic violence is not important.   What is important is that you invite your client partner to experience this boost  to your modality.  Think of healing, yoga, and reflexology as a package.

Hopefully one day soon, there will be more Tara Sanders yoga teachers in communities everywhere.

Exhale to Inhale

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

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