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Dieting? Water Works to the Rescue! – 5 Tips and 2 Secrets .



So, what does that mean?

Finding the best beverages to  support your weight loss  is crucial.   Like everything else you eat or drink or do, there are a few pointers: Water works!

  1. Stop drinking anything with calories.

2. Get sodas and diet sodas out of your life today!

But, it’s one thing to read Do Not Drink Sodas or Diet Sodas.  It’s another thing altogether to replace this habit with something better.

3. Begin by drinking water, infused water, and/or strained, homemade broth.

The truth is that you have more options than you thought.  All those different brands of water on the shelf have different flavors.  Check them out.  Find the one you like best.

Beyond that, stevia drops can enhance your water choices.

Try out decaffeinated herbal tea and broths prepared without MSG.

When I lived in the Washington, D.C., metro area, several friends of mine were patients of a weight-loss physician.  He guided them through a successful diet program.

His secret?  Drink 50 glasses of water a day, every day.  Can’t go his guideline?

4. Drink at least 80 ounces of fluids daily.

So what does that mean?  Water works!

It means you carry a water bottle and drink from it all day.

5.  Skip beverages during meals  because liquids can move your food out of your stomach too fast.  When this happens, you have a smaller opportunity to feel full from your meal.

6.  Does food make you thirsty?  Wait 20-30 minutes  after your meal and then enjoy your water to your heart’s content.


Begin every meal well-hydrated.  You feel less hungry when you are thirsty.  Water Works!

Begin each meal with a reiki therapy or reflexology session.  It doesn’t have to be an hour long, or even a half hour long.  A 10-15 minute session,  or even a 5 minutes session can be enough to calm your mealtimeCalm meals encourage a more successful diet.

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On a Diet? – Reflexology Self-Care Takes You the Extra Mile to Success.

Are you on a diet?  Are you trying to “cut back” on foods?  Or, are you just thinking about thinking about it all.

Whatever your situation,  regular reflexology or Reiki sessions are important.  If a reflexology session does nothing else, it will calm and balance your body and your soul.  Homeostasis.  That’s not peanuts, guys.  It’s self-care!

Your first step to your ideal weight is calm.   Your first step to calm is a reflexology session .  Regular sessions bring calm, peace.  They bring homeostasis to your life and your body.

People who receive regular reflexology sessions sleep better, chew their nails less, have more regular bowel movements, experience less heartburn.

When you are calm, it is easier to congratulate yourself on your successes, no matter how small they seem.

There is one other thing reflexology sessions do:  Regular reflexology sessions invite mindful and enjoyable activities in your life.

Your diet will work better when you are able to make eating a mindful and enjoyable activity.

Eating becomes mindful at the start, when you set the table for your meal.  Use a placemat or table cloth when you set out your dishes.  Use nice dishes.  Set a calm scene for your meals – especially if you eat alone.

When eating alone, have a special plate and napkin that you use.

Whether you eat alone or with others, you want your experience to be enjoyable.

Do not eat food in your car – or on the bus – or train. (Your car is a good place to drink water.)

Don’t let yourself get distracted by your TV, computer, phone, or IPad.  You will do this by reserving your meal as a special time for calm.  You want to enjoy your meal.  Taste each bite.  What are you eating?  What color is each food?  How does it taste?

Notice your feelings.

Eat slowly.  Make each bite small – smaller than your thumbnail.  Chew each bite.

Notice your feelings.  Have you eaten enough?  You can check in with your hunger level.  When you are no longer hungry, stop eating.

Have you eaten everything on your plate?  No?

It’s okay.  The important thing is to enjoy your meal in calm  and mindfulness.

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8 Easy Tips for Losing Weight

When you were a child, did you ever hear “Eat everything on your plate.  Hungry children need this food.” ?

I certainly did.   It never occurred to me that I was never going to help a hungry child get enough food by eating everything on my plate.

As an adult,  I found a better way to help alleviate hunger.  I donated food to a food pantry or soup kitchen.  (And, that led to a whole new career path!)

Leaving food on my plate has no impact on whether another person a block away or around the world gets enough to eat.  Donating food to a food pantry or soup kitchen will help.

Do you see that extra serving of lasagna sitting on a shelf in your refrigerator as something you don’t need?  Toss it in the garbage instead of eating it.  Better yet, toss it before it even gets to the refrigerator.

It’s better to throw the food away before you feed yourself something you don’t need.  Eating too much food is bad for your health and well being.

Instead of eating that extra slice of apple pie,  get it out of your life.

There are things you can do to prevent overeating:

Tip 1

Schedule a weekly healing  reflexology or Reiki session.  You will be calmer.  Your life will be less stressful.   The homeostasis offered by regular reflexology sessions will help make your diet experience easier.

Tip 2

Learn a new hobby:  painting,  knitting, boxing, walking, singing.  Your choices are endless.

Tip 3

Join a gym.  When you work out at the gym, you’ll  feel better, meet new friends, and look better too.

Tip 4

Learn some healing skills to use on yourself,  friends and family.  Both Reiki and Reflexology are fun to learn and use.

Tip 5

Replace your hunger for food with water.  Your body may be telling you it’s thirsty – not hungry.  The moment you feel hungry or thirsty, drink something.

Water is the most important fuel you can give your body.  Drink water at the first sign of fatigue.  Why?  Your body is about 60% water.

Tip 6

Have a water bottle you like and carry it with you everywhere.

Tip 7

There are several hydration apps to remind you  to drink water throughout your day,  all day.  Add one to your smart phone.  One example:  Waterlogged.

Tip 8

Don’t like the taste of water?  Add lemon, lime, sliced cucumbers, frozen berries to your water.

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