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A Third Chakra Meditation – Strength, Warmth, Energy


I open this meditation with three different photos of a sunlit space.

My message is this:

Go with whichever one works best for you.  Go with all of them if you like.

The sun gives strength, warmth, and energy so you can access the power of your solar plexus chakra.

Relax yourself as you breathe slowly,  deeply.  Breathe in clean oxygen, air, energy, light.  Inhale slowly, and deeply to fill your body with  cleansing fresh air.

When you exhale, let go of everything negative:  toxins, anger, anxiety, pain, fear – anything you don’t need anymore.


As you continue to slowly inhale and exhale deeply, feel your body relaxing.  Continue to inhale and exhale until your body is as relaxed as possible.

Experience this feeling as it moves throughout your muscles, bones, your chakras.

As you exhale, release toxins through your feet.  Feel the toxins leaving through your toes.

Inhaling, feel your body filled with light.  – Feel the sun’s rays beaming down on you.  Feel the sun’s warmth and power as it blankets your body.  This warmth and power nourishes both your body and soul.

Feel this power give you strength and wisdom so you can move forward in whatever endeavor you choose.

Feel this power focus on your solar plexus.  Feel light and peace and  positive energy.  Experience the strength and wisdom in your solar plexus.

Now, breathe deeply and see  you are surrounded with a beautiful, loving and peaceful golden-orange light.  This light sends you inspiration.

Inhale deeply.

You may notice a spirit being joining you now.  Notice how this being appears to you.

How is this being dressed?

What color clothes does this being appear to be wearing?

What kind of shoes does this being wear?

If you want to ask this being a question, ask it now.


You may not receive an answer in the moment.  But, you will receive an answer when the time is right –

Feel the presence of this wisdom.  Trust that the answer you receive will be the information you need to empower yourself and your  development.

Now, stay relaxed in your golden-orange light as long as you want.  Bathe in the  light.  Absorb this powerful, healing energy.

When you are ready to leave this space, offer a blessing:


You can return to this meditation, this spirit guide, and this powerful, positive energy whenever you need, by remembering this experience in the light.

Your golden-orange light is waiting to surround you whenever you want.

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You can find other guided meditations in earlier blog posts.

Much of the info in this blog post was shared from “Healer’s Handbook.”


Your Third Chakra – Inner Strength and Wisdom

The solar plexus chakra gets its power from its location.  It is the third chakra in a  line  just above the first and second chakras and is located about 2 inches above your navel.

The location of this chakra is important because this is where the abdominal brain is located.  Your abdominal brain is a communication hub.

If you are dealing with fear, anxiety, or other negativity, take comfort in the knowledge that your solar plexus chakra releases a yellow-gold light.  This power comes to your aid when you feel insulted, cheated, or criticized.

Speak to your solar plexus chakra when you are threaghtened and give it support as it does its work filling you with confidence and respect.

For me, the solar plexus chakra is not quite as heavy as the first chakra but certainly heavier than the heart or throat chakra.

Its distinctive yellow-orange color gives it strength and power.  To become closer to your solar plexus chakra, select a stone and carry it with you for several days.

The choices are many but yellow citrine, yellow amber, yellow jade will get you started.  There are many stones to choose from – just stick with the yellows.  One that attracts me (which is not yellow) is orange tourmaline.

When I was a young woman, I was attracted to a golden topaz.  I know now that it offered me strength which I needed.

Your solar plexus chakra will help you achieve your goals when it aligns with your other chakras.  An aligned solar plexus chakra radiates empowerment, confidence, and ability.

For many people, the solar plexus chakra is the easiest one to connect  because it reveals itself to you more easily than the others.  We can all feel the “butterflies” in our solar plexus chakra.

If you are working on your solar plexus chakra, good times for meditation or essential oil blending include the full moon and the summer solstice.  You can also work with your solar plexus on any sunny day between 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm.

To empower your soul, spend a 10-15 minutes  soaking up the rays of the sun.

A fun exercise is to make an asfidity bag focusing on your solar plexus chakra.


The first step to make your bag is to select items to include in it:  a favorite cloth which is about 4″ square, and a couple of stones which have meaning to you.  You’ll need some thread to close the bag up.

Include some favorite herbs.  Good choices for your solar plexus chakra include lemon, mint, turmeric, or any plant which has a special meaning for you.

You may want to include bits of sand, a seashell,  a small photo or other drawing which has meaning for you.  Add anything which you feel is appropriate.  Include things which feel warm, comforting, beautiful.  You may be seeking inspiration and the manifestation of strength and power.

After you make your asfidity bag, wear it around your neck or keep it close to your body for strength and intuition.

You can also keep it on your personal altar.

Moderation in all things is important for a healthy solar plexus chakra.

Are you interested in fitness?  Two things that may appeal to you as you align your solar plexus chakra are yoga and a martial arts practice.

Diseases and health issues involving your solar plexus include diabetes, pancreatitis, ulcers, food disorders, reflux, hypoglycemia, hepatitus, chronic fatigue.

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Thanks for reading this article.  You can find more information in prior blog posts and in “Healer’s Handbook” – in all three editions.

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