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Maintain Your Good Health: Some Guidelines

For me, much disease is preventable  when you maintain your good health.  Staying healthy doesn’t take a lot of time.  Small changes can make big differences.

Positive lifestyle habits contribute to a lifetime of good health.  This blog is filled with suggestions.  Throughout our lives we all make choices about how we are going to live our lives on a day to day basis.  These choices directly impact how and when our lives will end.

Developing a working relationship with your healthcare professional is essential.  Many people enjoy good health for years and feel they don’t need a doctor.  This can’t be further from the truth.  When an accident or illness strikes, you need to know a health care professional, his/her contact information, and you need to have had an appointment within the last year.

People who are never sick haven’t a clue about what to do when a bone is broken or a head is concussed.  They don’t speak hospital and they suddenly find themselves in a foreign land unable to read the directional signs.

Become aware of your body and how it works.  Know what to do when medical attention is needed.  Learn  first aid skills.

Learn to get a healthy night’s sleep.  Sleep is a core element of your good health.  It goes right along with knowing about your body and how it works.  Now, add healthy eating and good physical activity.  When you combine these stepping stones, you have a basic plan to maintain your wellness.

For me, there are several causes of disease.  Some are nutritional.  The first nutritional cause of disease is created by DEFICIENCIES in your diet.  Culprits here are sugar, white flour, processed foods, and added chemicals.

Half our population has DIGESTIVE ISSUES.  Many people have resigned themselves to living with them for the remainder of their lives.  Your body is made to heal your digestive issues because you have a built in abdominal brain which communicates with your cranial brain when there’s a problem.

This is where  prebiotics and probiotics  come in.  And where things like regular reflexology sessions  enter the picture.  And Reiki therapy.  And chakra healing.  Appropriate bodywork has a place in  maintaining your health and wellness life.

Our bodies can be toxic, all the way down to your CELLULAR  LEVEL.  Read the labels on the foods you buy.  If you can’t pronounce a word or words you read on the ingredients list, put the item back on the shelf.

CHRONIC INFLAMMATION is big on the list of cause of disease.  As you work to develop good health, you’ll get up close and personal with chronic inflammation if you go about this the right way.

When it comes to your good health, it all comes down to this:  Eat whole foods.  Eat nuts.  Use olive oils.  Eat grass fed meats.

A SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE will age you as fast as anything.  As I walk down a sidewalk, I see people who move and those who can’t.  Be the one who moves, not the one who doesn’t .  10,000 steps every day is a good start.

POOR SLEEP HABITS are huge on the list of habits which cause disease.  Sleep  regenerates.  Sleep organizes.  Sleep rehabilitates.  Sleep is therapy.

Get enough of it.

When it comes to PRESCRIPTIVE AND OVER THE COUNTER MEDICINES,  take only the minimum you need.  The same holds true for medicinal herbs.  The bottom line is that anything that can change your body for the better can also change it for the worse if it’s not appropriate for you, your health issues, your body, your age.

We all need a reason to get up in the morning – every morning.  SMILES are necessary to your good health.


Good quality, nourishing food is essential.  This statement does not promote one diet for all.  The diet nourishing you may not nourish me at all.

The part of the statement, good quality, is the one size for all part.  In order that what you eat does the best for your wellness, health, and physical fitness, it must be good quality.

Pure air and water are essential.

All of us need adequate warmth and shelter.

We each need a reason to get up every day.

Balancing work, play, and rest is important.

Everyone needs a positive sense of self worth.  We all need positive feelings about our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical selves.

Thank you for reading this post.  Please forward it to your favorite social media network.

Enjoy your continued good health!

Thurman Greco