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Healing Begins with Balance


Sometimes I just get so busy.  I wonder how to keep up.  With everything happening in our world today, being busy, busier, busiest is a coping mechanism.

When I feel stressed or overinvolved, I come to a stop for a moment and remind myself that my balance begins with water.

Over half of our body weight is water.

Water is included in all the chemical activities that our body generates, whether we’re awake or asleep. Because water plays a vital role in everything we do, even minor dehydration affects our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.

Keeping hydrated is crucial to your balance and grounding.

We lose water when we breathe, sweat, urinate, eat and digest food, walk around the block, sleep.  This is a continual process.

The #1 energy drink on the planet:  water.  You can supplement your need for water with fruits, vegetables, and other beverages like coffee, tea, and juice.

Water flushes out waste and toxins.  It prevents constipation.  Water optimizes kidney function, preventing kidney stones.

Water holds the balance between air and fire. Its energy is conscious.

Do you want to keep your energy level up and prevent fatigue?

Double your water consumption for two weeks.   If you don’t experience a distinct improvement in your energy level and overall feeling of wellness, make an appointment with a well-trained healthcare professional.

The person who might help you the best at this time is someone who will see you as a whole person and an individual.  A person who can look at the big picture for you is a good choice.  You might have a functional medicine doctor in your area.

Are you thinking of going on a diet?  Try this:  When you feel hungry, drink a glass of water first.

Are you interested in maintaining your youth?  There are several things you can do today along with your exercise:  Drink water. Drink more water.

Water is a good health promotion tool.

When you get serious about your water and your health, you are probably going to think about where your water comes from.

It may be time for a good water filter.  I have an under-the sink water filter which I use to clean the water I drink, the water I use to wash fresh veggies and fruits, the water I give to my pets, and the water I use to nourish my houseplants.

Your skin is your largest organ eliminating toxins throughout the day.

Bathing and showering are balancing and relaxing activities which can be an essential part of your spiritual and physical grounding program.

Bathing will get rid of heavy metals while getting rid of heavy thoughts.

Use water to unwind when you soak away toxins in a salts bath.  Set aside at least 15 minutes to relax in warm water to which you’ve added salts, herbs,  essential oils.  There are many options here for your enjoyment.

At the end of your soak, shower off with fresh water and dry your body with a clean towel.

Follow this with a dry brushing exercise.  Use a natural-bristle brush to softly brush your body, beginning with your feet and working your way up your head.

As you add new balancing health habits, include regular reflexology and Reiki therapy sessions.  Homeostasis is easier with regular balancing habits.

Finally, balance is a physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual experience.

Sometimes, achieving balance for your health requires releasing habits which do not promote balanced healing.

Achieving balance also calls for us to rebuild parts of your lifestyle and your self.

Goal setting is a basic part of the process.

Finally, as you achieve balance, you may find that you are losing a few people in your life.  Some new ones may join you.

These things may happen as you achieve a balanced healing state.

It’s amazing what can happen when you begin to drink water!

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Move Into Your Future!

Are you ready to move into your future?

You’re at a good starting point now.  You’ve just lived through a couple of years where your life was different from anything you’ve experienced before.

Each of us has a different pandemic life experience.

For years, my job had a certain description, a certain pace.  Suddenly, the pandemic brought in new and different rules.  I remember that first Monday like a confusing dream.

One of my friends, on a road trip to California, got stuck somewhere in Nevada or Colorado for three weeks when everything shut down.

Another close friend went into her home and hasn’t come out yet.  When I visit with her over the phone, I wonder if I’ll ever see her again.  Social distancing is an art form for her.  Her life is a closet to hide in.

We cleaned our homes, and cleaned out our homes. We took up solitary hobbies.  We did things we never even imagined that we would do and then we talked about it on the phone and emailed about it.  Or didn’t.


People are moving, getting new jobs, getting trained, starting new businesses.  Whatever this shift brings, I see people going forward somehow.  .

Question marks punctuate everything. Question marks are the centerpiece of this new energy.  We’re riding into our futures on them.

What are some guidelines we can use in these new times?


Honor your losses.   Remember friends and relatives lost to this disease.  Did you struggle with children trying to learn school lessons at home? Is your job gone forever?  Did you work endless hours?  Is your housing situation changed?  How are you changed?

Honor these experiences and set them free.


Send whatever fears you have away.  Quit hiding from life, hiding from love.

You may be hiding old, worn-out fears and experiences in this closet.  If you look in the corners, you may find baggage stuffed with fears and events you experienced in past lives even.

Whatever you’re hiding, send it on its way.  You need space for the new you.  Spend some time meditating about the new you –   how you look and act and feel.


Right now the world needs you to just be you.  When you are yourself, you can soar like a  beautiful bird.  As you soar, you release your limitations.

With your limitations gone, you’ll shine in new ways you may not have thought possible before.  Let the world see the real you – the new you that was there all along,

Without limitations, how will your new life look?

For some of us, creating the new life is the most difficult part of moving into your new future.  These old limitations were comfortable. Make it easier to create your new life.  Creating your new identity can be a real challenge.

It can also be the best thing you can do.


Let go of living with what other people expect of you.  When you live your life according to what everybody else wants, you will find yourself following the crowd, and obeying the rules.

When you give up living your life for other people, you’ll find that you are discovering things you want to do to live your own life for yourself.


You may even see the big picture now.


You are good enough.  You are smart enough.  Know your worth.

Be kind.

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Embrace your future!