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The Spirituality of the Lymphatic System


The Lymphatic System is a fascinating series of nodes or masses of tissue found throughout the body:




The lymphatic system keeps our internal systems clean by collecting toxins and getting rid of them.  Lymph moves through the body when we move.  Unlike the circulatory system which has a pump (the heart), the lymphatic system depends on our physical movements to be able to do its job.

Our lymphatic system works best when we create a positive, loving environment for ourselves.   Ideally,  we need to lead lives where we can appreciate and support ourselves as well as have a healthy sense of self-esteem.

When we are in situations where we are frightened, rejected, unloved, we feel vulnerable.  This vulnerability makes it very hard for the lymphatic system to do its job.

The lymphatic system is proof positive that there is a relationship between what happens in your life,  (feelings and thoughts), and your body.

Over the next week pay close attention to how you physically respond to different situations:

What happens when you recall a past event?  Do you feel relaxed, stressed, frightened, sad?

What happens when you are irritated or frustrated?  What happens to your breathing, back, shoulders, stomach?

What happens when you become angry?  Where do you put these emotions in your body?   Do you clench your fists?  Do you get a headache?  Do you suffer with constipation?

The message here is not  what happens to us because we all have things happen to us.  What is important is how we respond to these things called life.  We are responsible for our attitudes and feelings.

After you have spent a few days becoming aware of your attitudes, feelings, and reactions, spend a few minutes in a quiet place.

Get comfortable.  Turn on some calming music, feel safe, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Continue to breathe deeply and calmly for a minute or 2.

Now, breathe deeply as you reflect on ways your body supports you and how you respond to this support.

Then, thank your body for the times when you are able to feel calm, positive, loving, comfortable, courageous, supportive, generous.

Thank your body for the times when you are able to experience a sense of positive self-esteem, offer leadership.

Continue to breathe deeply as you thank your body for the good health it offers  you.

Thank your spiritual body for all it does for you.

As you are able to be deeply appreciative, end this meditation by  moving slowly and gently.

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Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco

Artwork provided by Jennette Nearhood



The Spirituality of the Lungs

Fly High

Lungs are where we house grief, sadness.  These emotions are with us over time.

Our lungs constantly work throughout our lives…from the first breath to the last.  It’s interesting to me that they have no muscles.  Diaphragm  muscles keep pumping the lungs.

When anguish, dependence, stress, anger, sadness, and fatigue take over in our lives, it is difficult

to be independent,

to think clearly,

to say “no”,

to honor oneself,

to heal,

to become vital and flexible again,

to encourage creativity.

When you find yourself being overtaken by grief and sadness, it’s time to reduce your anxiety.

Begin by getting comfortable in a seated position.

Take a deep breath and hold it an extra moment…..

Breathe out and relax…..

Breathe in and out for a couple of minutes.  As you inhale, invite peace and calm to enter your life.  Relax on the exhale.

After breathing in and out with peace and relaxation, verbalize this feeling:  “I invite deep peace and relaxation to enter my life with each breath.”

Now, continue breathing in and out as you release the sadness, anger, grief in your life.

Continue to breathe in relaxation and breathe out negativity.  All you have to do for a couple of minutes is breathe in the positive and breathe out  negative thoughts.

As you release negativity and invite relaxation into your life, notice the different ways you begin to feel better.

Open your eyes now and move gently as you end the session.  Try  to repeat this exercise whenever  you feel overcome by sadness, grief, anxiety, negativity.

At the end of this exercise, embrace the positive parts of your life.

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Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco

Artwork donated by Michele Garner





The Spirituality of the Liver



The liver reflects how we feel about what is happening in our lives on both an . emotional and spiritual level.

The liver is the largest organ in the body and performs many functions.  Fats are converted into energy, nutrients become usable, bile is produced.  Stresses in the diet are felt in the liver first.

When our lives are out of balance, the liver reflects this condition with

Bad digestion,



Poor appetite.

Because the liver is a primary detoxing organ, it can suffer as it works to deal with what is ingested.  Anger, bitterness, depression, resentment are  major toxins for the liver.

Often, anger, bitterness, depression, resentment are the result of struggles experienced as we seek to connect with meaning and purpose in life.

If the anger is unacknowledged or unexpressed, the situation is only worse.

The goal is a life path encouraging a healthy liver which in turn encourages  creativity, enthusiasm, strength.

Place your hands on your liver as you visualize detoxing it.  As you hold your hands on your liver, think of ways to

destress your life,

release anger created by situations in your daily life,

remove anger causing situations from your life.

As you hold your hands on your liver, think of ways to

encourage harmony

increase your levels of peace as you go about your daily activities

become aware of the perfection in your life.

End this session now as you breathe  deeply into your liver for a few minutes.  When you breathe into your liver,  honor the healing and regenerating that is occurring in your body at this moment.

When you breathe into your liver, appreciate that your liver can and will regenerate itself as you bring positive actions and thoughts into your life.

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Thurman Greco

Renee Ruwe donated the photograph for this post.








Spirituality of the Legs


Legs are very spiritual because they move us about in the world.  We use our legs to stand, walk, run, dance, and move in general.  As we move through life, our legs reflect our spiritual/emotional/physical state.

Sit in a public place for a while and watch people walk.  They all  have different gaits.  Do you observe someone walking confidently down a hall?  Is there someone taking uncertain steps?

When you observe the different gaits, ask yourself:

Is this person walking with an open or closed attitude?

Is a person moving in fear?

Is another person in pain?

Is there a purpose to a person’s stride?

Are the steps large or small?

Is someone stumbling?

As we move through life, our issues are reflected in our gait.

Relax comfortably for a few minutes.  Take time to appreciate your legs and all they do for your body and for your spiritual development.

In the quiet of the moment, massage your legs as you meditate on how much your legs actually do for you.

Now, take a few moments to evaluate how your legs feel to you.  Do they feel heavy, light, stuck, weak?  Or, do they feel free, confident, supportive?

Talk to your legs now as you release them from all their burdens.  Remove all negativity  from your legs:







As you massage your legs, focus on bringing warmth, positive feelings, and confidence to them.  Offer them recognition and gratitude for all they do for you daily.

Offer appreciation for your legs.

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Thurman Greco

Jennette Nearhood provided the artwork for today’s post.

The Spirituality of the Knees

Tapestry 2

It’s difficult to have issues in life that do not have  some connection to our knees.

Our knees facilitate many spiritual/emotional/physical activities.  They  enable us to dance, run, walk, kneel.  Our knees are shock absorbers and major weight supporters.  They are  important players in body language activities.

With our knees,

we kneel…an exercise in humility.

we bend…as we release our feelings.

we carry weight… both spiritual, emotional, and mental.

we move forward in life…as our knees bend.

Offering healing to our knees is an important part of healing in general.  As you  offer healing to your knees,  stand, sit, or lie face up…whatever position is most comfortable for you.

Place one hand on each knee.

Breathe into your issues.  As you inhale, throw  out  everything you are judgemental about.    Release it all to the universe:




controlling emotions,




As you exhale, visualize  these emotions as they leave you. See them  disintegrate as they move away.

Continue with these breaths until you feel you have discarded all you can at this time.

Now, take a few  grounding breaths.

When you feel grounded, spend a few minutes contemplating the opportunities  now awaiting you since you discarded  the negativity once housed in your knees.

Rub your knees encouragingly and positively for a few minutes as you experience the new way you feel.

Get up now, from whatever position you were in:  sitting, standing, lying flat.  Leave the safe space you were in and take a 5-minute walk to experience the future as it now presents itself.

Encourage yourself to breathe deeply as you move into the freedom of the future without the negativity you have been experiencing and housing in your knees.

Feel free to experience this exercise whenever you need.

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Thurman Greco

Michele Garner created the zentangle artwork in this blog post.

The Spirituality of the Kidneys


The kidneys are  emotional/spiritual body parts  working to remove impurities and negativity from the body. We have 2 kidneys, one on each side of the body.  This makes them important for balance.  When things are unbalanced, negativity  grows.  Until the balance returns, the tendency is to hold on to the negativity.  Think anger, bitterness, fear, resentment.

Kidneys support the adrenal glands which perch right on top of them.  This close connection to the adrenals emphasizes the spirituality and emotional aspects of the kidneys.  Because of the adrenal/kidney connection, fear plays a major part in imbalances.  Operative words here are anger, grief, loss, panic, stress.

Kidneys respond almost immediately to

difficulties or stress  in relationships.

an overabundance of negative energy which cannot be released

situations when the pressure to conform is overbearing.

When the kidneys are threatened, set aside a few minutes each day in which you speak to them.  (Please note, these exercises may take a few conversations or many conversations. Each situation is different.)

Offer your kidneys encouragement to release all negativity from the body.

Ask your kidneys to work with your adrenals to support your efforts to forgive yourself and those around you for any and all mistakes.  As you do this, you will be encouraging homeostasis, an important component in healthy kidneys.

When you feel you have meditated on these issues enough to be moving in the right emotional/spiritual direction, speak to your inner self about taking responsibility for your life so you can move forward with positive action.

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Thurman Greco.

Renee Ruwe donated the photograph for today’s post.


The Spirituality of the Intestines


scan 22 001We are only  beginning to explore the true influence the Intestine has on our  physical, spiritual, mental, emotional well being.  Not only is the intestine the place where food and nutrients are absorbed, but this is also the place where we assimilate, absorb, and process our reality.

The intestine is the body’s largest sensory organ with a  strong connection to the brain.  The intestine sends more messages to the brain than it receives from the brain.  With all this communication between the brain and the intestine, the intestine works to keep informed of what’s happening in the body.  The intestine influences,  keeps the brain aware of pain, fatigue, nausea.

What this means is that your intestine tells you how to think, how you  experience pain, what kind of energy you have, and how much sleep you  get.    This impact on the entire body means that the intestine is very important to our overall perception of how you feel.

In order to be in the best physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health possible, it’s important to honor the brain-intestine relationship.  Eating the best possible diet will promote the balance your  body needs in order to achieve the best health possible.

Not everyone needs the same diet.  Different bodies have different needs.  However, there are some guidelines.  A healthy diet is low in fat, sugar, calories and high in fiber,  fresh fruits, vegetables.  Eat real, whole food which is as close to natural as possible.

Find out which probiotics are best for you and take them.  Our understanding of the function of gut bacteria is not  advanced.  Frankly,  we are  in the  learning stages of how the bacteria in our gut affect our overall health.   In a few years we’ll all know a lot more and we’ll all be healthier for the knowledge.

Our  intestine has a language.  This language includes:

the emotions we feel.

our search for homeostasis.

our immune system.

our conscious desires for food and/or drugs.

how we react to stress.


Find a quiet, safe place where you can talk to your intestine.  Sit quietly as you get comfortable.  Turn on some music you are comfortable with.

Breathe into your intestine as you take deep breaths.

As you breathe into your intestine, talk to your body to encourage homeostasis.

As you exhale,  ask  your intestine to release  issues which prevent ultimate good health for you and your body.

As you breathe in and breathe out, examine your relationship to food.  Talk to your intestine to allow less controversy and emotion to enter into the act of eating.

As you breathe in and breathe out, explore your connection between love and food.  How does this affect your intestine and its communication with your brain?

As you breathe in and breathe out,  listen to your intestine to learn what it needs to help your body, mind, and soul be healthier.

After a few minutes, thank your intestine for any and all information you received.  If you have not received any information which you understand, know that you will receive knowledge which you can use in the coming hours and days.

You can return to this dialogue with your intestine whenever and however you need.  Your intestine offers insight and wisdom about your health.  It is ready to share this information when you can receive it.

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Thurman Greco



Spirituality of the Hips

DSCN0189 2

The hips offer balance and grounding as they connect the upper and lower parts of the body.

The bones of the hips are heavier and stronger than other bones because of all the activities performed in this part of the body:

give birth,

make love,



eliminate no longer needed food.

All of these actions revolve around security, survival, relationships.   Very often, with issues around the hips, the person is wrestling with core beliefs.

When focusing on issues with the hips, we realize  we are holding onto negativity  from the past.  Sometimes, we feel  unable to stand on our own and unable to release problems of the past.  The thing to do is let go of these issues.

So, get comfortable in a quiet place.  Choose a place where you can feel safe, quiet, to be undisturbed for a short time.

Breathe into your hip area for a few minutes to ground yourself.

Hold your hands about 2-3 inches above your body as you slowly move your hands over your hip area .  When you feel stuck energy or negativity,  move your fingers in a counter clockwise direction over the stagnant energy.

The movement you want  is that of opening a jar.  When you move your hands in this direction you will release this energy from your body.

Encourage this negative energy to leave your hips so you can have a lighter, more positive environment for your spirituality to develop.

Repeat this exercise several times and then move on to another part of your hip area where the energy is stuck or stagnant.

When you feel as if you have discovered enough stagnant or stuck places on your hip area, begin to breathe in and breathe out into the now cleansed area.

Continue to breathe in and breathe out into your hip area for a couple of minutes more.

Now, rest quietly for a few moments until  you are ready to continue with your day or take a nap.

It may be necessary to repeat this exercise several times before you feel you have cleansed all the stuck, stagnant energy from your hips.

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Photograph donated by Renee Ruwe

Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco