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The Second Chakra and Reflexology


The second Chakra reflex point is located on the lower half of the instep on both feet.  This is where the intestines are located.  It’s also where we find the kidneys and the sexual reproductive organs.

Second Chakra issues include

letting go










What issues are draining you?

Can you let go of negative feelings when it’s necessary?

What feelings are you holding on to?

Are your relationships supportive?

Do you feel financially supported?

Are you centered?

Are you open to positive change?

Are you addicted to pleasure?

How can you ground yourself?

Are your boundaries rigid?

Guilt is a second Chakra issue.  At one extreme, there is the danger of becoming overcome by fear.  At the other extreme, the person may become hedonistic.

If you and/or your client partners want to be healthy, it’s important to have a balanced second Chakra.  Centering is the operative word here. When a person centers the second Chakra, a sense of self is discovered.  When this center is found, it becomes a place where we can merge with the world as we express our emotional, creative, spiritual, and sexual selves.  For me, a centered second Chakra is sacred.

As with the first Chakra, Reflexology for the Spirit sessions offer homeostasis which is the balance of all body systems.

Reiki therapy sessions balance the Chakras.

Meditation can also be important here.  The goal is to meditate on a centered state. In the process, you’ll develop a positive energetic, emotional, and physical sense of self.  That is what the second Chakra is all about – living successfully with one’s self.  

It’s easy to tell how centered the second Chakra is by observing the lower back.  Lower back pain indicates a need to center the second Chakra.

Physically, the second Chakra governs:

the bladder


lower back

sex organs


When you work with your client partner’s second Chakra, you offer the opportunity to help him/her find the self. It’s in the second Chakra that we find a sense of emotional balance and self esteem.  A balanced second Chakra brings a person home – home to Creation itself.

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The First Chakra and Reflexology



DSCN0202 2

All 7 of the major Chakras are reflected in our feet.  They line up on the spine and they relate to energy centers found on the body.  The first Chakra is found at the base of the spine.

The reflex point for the first Chakra is located on the heel of both feet.  First Chakra issues are concerned with



connection to our earth – our environment

issues with grounding

one’s connection to the community



Have  you put down roots?  Or are unable to establish a home?

Do you find it hard to move ahead in life?  Or, are you unable to let go of your family?

Do you feel vulnerable?  Are you refusing to budge?

Do you eat properly?

Do you  hang onto unhealthy relationships?

Can you receive?

Can you give?

Are you in a rut?

Are you afraid of change, even if it is positive?

Are you in your body?

Are you controlling?

There are many first Chakra phrases using the word “heel”:

Cool your heels

Down at your heels

Well heeled

Take to your heels

Drag your heels

Achilles heel

I’m sure you can come up with even  more.

Fear is a first Chakra issue.  Fear is a culprit in almost every disease, health issue, and problem we encounter in life.  Fear keeps us all from being the totally healthy beings we were born to be.

We carry fear over from past lives.  And, if you don’t believe in past life issues, just skip them and think for a few minutes about the fear issues we carry from childhood.  We can be perfectly rational adults and still carry fear baggage around.  Sometimes I see clients whose fear issues weigh more than their physical bodies weigh.  Many obese people are holding fear in the form of extreme fat around their bodies.

If you and/or your client partners want to be healthy, it’s important to have a balanced first Chakra.  There are several ways to balance one’s first Chakra:

Reflexology for the Spirit sessions  offer homeostasis which is the balance of all body systems.

Reiki therapy sessions balance the Chakras.

Meditation.  Set aside a few minutes daily to meditate on a balanced Chakra system.  The first Chakra needs to be grounded.  Take time each day to listen to what your body tells you.  If you listen, it will never lie to you.  If you listen, you will know when you are not grounded and when your Chakras are not balanced.

It is also easy to tell how balanced your first Chakra is by observing your hips.  What is the range of movement for your hips, knees, and ankles?  How do they feel?  Your ankles, knees, and hips move you forward in this world.  They keep you balanced.  Stability is important for the first Chakra.  Pain, tightness, restricted movement, and inflexibility are strong indicators of a need to balance the first Chakra.

Physically,  the  first Chakra governs 3 systems:

Immune System

Skeletal System

Lower Digestive Tract.

When you work with your client partner’s first chakra, you offer an opportunity for increased self awareness.  What a gift you give!

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Photos provided by Renee Ruwee

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Chakras, Insight and Reflexology for the Spirit

heart with wings

heart with wings

We know from our basic reflexology classes that the organs of the body, the skeletal system, the endocrine system, etc., are mirrored on the feet.  The same is true of the chakras.  Each chakra has a specific place on the foot.

Once we factor in the chakras with reflexology, we come to the heart of the Reflexology for the Spirit concept.

This offers us  another layer/healing tool  important both to us and our client partners.  How does this work?

Let’s say  you’re working a person’s feet and you find a hollow.   It’s located on the bottom of the foot immediately below  the little toe.  This hollow is also red.  If we were to pinpoint this hollow on the reflexology map, it would be the shoulder.

Looking at the chakras on the reflexology map, we know this is the 4th chakra.  So, we know that we have a shoulder issue and a 4th chakra issue.

This is an  over simplification of what’s happening with the chakras and reflexology but it gives you an idea of how this is going to work.

The next few posts will focus on the chakras and how they impact our work as reflexologists.  Many of you will be well acquainted with how chakra work.  Others will be in new waters.

It doesn’t really matter what your experience level is here.  What matters is that we, as reflexologists realize that a hollow on the 4th chakra level will have an extra meaning for you and your client.  So will a corn on the 3rd toe.

We will not only see what:





athlete’s foot,


yellow skin

and anything else found on the foot reflects.  But, finally, we will gain specific insight into what areas of your client partner’s life the crystals, hollows, corns, warts, athlete’s foot, redness, yellow skin  actually affect.

A callus on the heel, for example, is a 1st chakra event.  This callus  will impact the core beliefs of your client partner.

You will know when you find hollows or crystals or mushiness (or anything else) in the kidney area of the food, that you also have a second chakra event.

Chakras  form the total energetic makeup of a person.  When working a person’s feet, it’s important to know what each chakra means, how it affects the person’s day-to-day life.  Insight into a person’s deeper layers helps them recognize things about themselves which they

may have forgotten,

didn’t feel were important,

or didn’t care about.


The chakras are all interconnected.  They build on one another.  What this means is that if one chakra is not balanced, all of them will be affected.  The entire body will be affected.    When you have a cut on the bottom of your foot, it may result in painful walking which will result in a spine thrown off balance which will affect the health of the entire body. There is a ripple effect.

This also works for the chakras.  When the first chakra is unbalanced a person may feel ungrounded which will affect how the  person deals with depression  (a second chakra issue), which will no doubt affect one’s digestion (a third chakra issue). and on and on.

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Artwork donated by Jennette Nearhood.

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Time-Out for Sharing then Moving on to the Chakras.

DSCN0202 2For the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing with you.  I’ve offered information in each post for you, in turn,  to share with your client partners.  I’m following  the advice of my teacher and mentor Marge D’Urso who emphasized the many things we can all do in conjunction with reflexology to encourage homeostasis.

Not all of this information applies to all of your client partners.

Some people come to our tables in order to feel better.  Others want us to help them take greater charge of their own health.   Yet  others  simply want to hop on the table, receive their reflexology session, and go away blissed out.  And, there’s nothing wrong with that.

One special group wants  to add other things to their lives which will help them

feel better

look better

avoid chronic disease

live longer

enjoy better health.

By sharing this information slowly, in small increments, you can, along with your reflexology sessions, give your  client partners an opportunity to completely change their lives for the better in a  non threatening way.

These gradual changes when mixed with reflexology  offer dramatic improvements over time.  The idea is to be sharing  opportunities for good health without complicating lifestyles any more than they already are.  You’ll be leading your client partners to a a more healthy lifestyle.  They can completely change their lives 1 step at a time.




Not all client partners will adopt every suggestion offered.  Some won’t choose any suggestions.  Some will try everything suggested for a time.  Then, they’ll drop the health step after a few weeks. There’s  something here for everyone.  We are all different.  Our attitudes, ages, and lifestyles are all different.

What’s important is that you are gently, without pushing, sharing  suggestions for a healthier lifestyle.

When your client partners are ready, they’ll have this knowledge to use in the way which works best for them.

I’m taking a break  with this series of posts to offer you, the reflexologist, some more hands-on posts.  Then, I’ll return to these wellness posts  for awhile longer…until I feel  you have something to offer most  client partners over a period of a year or more.  You want to be sharing  something which a person may accept and live with for awhile before taking on another health giving change.  It’s important to let an adopted change settle in so they become lifetime habits.

Beginning next week, I’ll offer posts about Chakras and the feet.  We have reflex points for Chakras in our feet.  I hope you find these  articles interesting.  I hope you can use this information in your work!

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