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Reiki: When Your Diet Changes Your Destiny – a Reader Request Article

A Reiki  moment surfaced several years ago when a co-worker embarked on a diet.  100+ pounds overweight,  when she told her husband her plans, he didn’t hesitate :


My co-worker was rewriting her destiny and he simply didn’t  want to share her experience.

It was time for Reiki.

Diets are all about  weight loss and spiritual offloading.

As your diet progresses,  you first become more conscious of yourself and others.

Second, you become responsible for your own healing.

Third,  you make changes to support  your wellbeing.

Many times, when you release your past, you understand how it connects with   your present  situation.

Do you want to make necessary changes in your life?  This moment offers three paths.

First, this  moment sometimes stops the diet completely.  Second, your weight loss may pause for several days.  Or, third, the weight loss continues on.

Whatever happens, this is a good time to add regular Reiki sessions to your schedule.

When it comes to Reiki therapy, most of us never give it a second thought  – until we need it.

Why do you need Reiki?  What can it do for you?  Again, the situation offers three options:

Do you know  about Reiki?  Have you received Reiki in the past?  Do you receive sessions now?

Jump right in!  Take a Reiki 1 class.  Then a Reiki 2 class.

That’s how I learned Reiki.  I knew I needed it but didn’t even really know what it was.  I looked around for a teacher and scheduled an introductory (Reiki 1) class from Mary Ruth Van Landingham at Terra Christa in Vienna, Virginia.

For starters,  Reiki offered me a spiritual support system when I needed it.  Neither religion nor cult, Reiki is a destiny tool  giving  me much when I was open to its light touch.

Second, I found Reiki when it was time to change my old patterns and declare freedom from some baggage I’d been dragging around for years.  I wanted to  see beyond a limited reality.

It worked.  I saw  an expanded one, filled with light.

When I became a  Reiki practitioner, I sent the light.

Third, you won’t read much about Reiki in diet books, but it’s there for you.  It works well and smooths the transition to your new life when you rewrite your destiny.

What more can you ask for?

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Thurman Greco

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