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Get Ready for Spring with Self-Care

When you have a few moments to yourself, open your closet door and take a look inside. Examine each item.  As you touch each shirt, each pair of slacks, sweater, you connect with a memory – a moment in your past.

What comes to mind?  Do you see yourself at a moment in your past?  Were you younger, thinner, busier, more creative?

Look again.  Maybe these items are no longer as shiny.  Maybe they are not as breathable.  You don’t need those pieces of clothing to touch base with your self.  Nor do you need the contents of your closet to remind you of who you are.

Now is a good time to remove things you no longer need and use.  Take some of these tops and bottoms and put them in a pile on the floor.

Then, gather them up and take them to a local closet or free store.

You are not getting rid of your past.

You are embracing who you are right now.  Better yet!  You are greeting your future.

Now might be a good time to email your friends and ask them to join you in sharing their clothes by donating them to the free store or closet with you.

Embrace the spring!  Embrace the coming months.  Welcome the gifts this self-care ceremony in your closet has created.

Do not forget:  include a reflexology or reiki session with every self-care event!

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