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A Throat Chakra Meditation – Know your Truth

Get comfortable and relax into peace and calm.

Take a few slow deep breaths.

Inhale slowly through your nose.

Exhale through your mouth.

As you breathe deeply, close your eyes.  Encourage your whole body to settle down into the calm.

As you let go, feel lighter with each breath.

As you continue your breathing, you see an iridescent, pale blue light surrounding you.  This light is encasing and protecting you.

You look around and see you are floating in the air while this light protects you.  You drift higher and higher.  You float  through  large puffy clouds.

You float even higher.

Soon you see the earth below as you float higher and higher in your own inner space.  You continue your journey surrounded by a cocoon of bluish white light.

You feel comfortable in this cocoon.

As you float higher, you feel this bluish white light filling you with love and light and harmony and peace.

As you look around you, you notice a group of shadowy faces which are familiar.  As you look  more closely at these faces, you see glimmers of a person you love who has passed over.  Then, you notice a face you know who is a guide for you.  Everyone is smiling to see you.

You know in your heart that these beings have a message for you.  You listen quietly and absorb healing wisdom and feelings.

You are blissful in a holy space of truth and wisdom.  You feel blessed.

You accept the gifts of love and light and truth which you receive in this iridescent light space surrounding you.

You pause for a moment to receive a message of truth and wisdom now.

You take a moment to thank these beings for the truth and wisdom they share with you.

You feel a sense of gratitude.  – You feel this gift so strongly that you send your gratitude forward as a healing to the earth.

You envision peace and calm and good health for all beings on earth.

The special blue light surrounding you begins its descent into your space now.  You are grateful for the wisdom you experienced on this journey.

You know it is time for you to return to your room now.  It is time for your special iridescent blue bubble to merge with the air of your place.

You know you can return to your special  light of wisdom and truth whenever you want.

You send feelings of gratitude for this experience.

heart with wings

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Your Throat Chakra – What is your deepest truth?

Back in December, I did some research and wrote a story about Archangel Gabriel and the birth of Jesus.

The first thing I learned was that Archangel Gabriel is a patron of communicators.  This includes radio, TV, computer communications, telephone, and even postal workers.

I learned from my research into the birth of Jesus that Archangel Gabriel actively participated in this event.  My research revealed clearly that Gabriel used varied communication techniques with each person he encountered as he managed the fulfillment of this prophecy.

When Gabriel visited Elizabeth and Mary, for example, he spoke to each of them in a way which they could understand.  Gabriel met each person where they were in life.

Gabriel then, in a few sentences, changed their lives.

Your throat chakra is where your truth manifests itself.

This is where you connect to wisdom.

Your ideas come from your first chakra.

When your ideas travel to your second chakra, you examine them from a practical standpoint – money for example.

At the third chakra, you examine your emotional attachment to your idea:  You consider whether or not this idea will win or lose.

At your fourth chakra, you ask yourself if your heart is involved.

At the fifth chakra, your idea is developed to the point where sentences, paragraphs, whole messages organize themselves to become your truth.

Your truth sits at the center of your throat.  It’s corresponding gland is the thyroid gland.  I think it’s significant that the thyroid glands are all about energy.  It takes a balanced throat chakra and a thyroid to deal with one’s truth.

Authenticity takes a lot of energy.  Your throat chakra works to deliver your message in truth and integrity.

Because your throat chakra deals in truth, corresponding health issues are bound to surface.  They include diseases of the throat, larynx, tonsils, and ears.

Your throat chakra’s effectiveness can be diminished by life events.

Injury, physical and emotional abuse, will harm your throat chakra.

Grief, anger, and fear will shut it down.

Dishonesty and gossip will compromise your throat chakra’s effectiveness.

When we don’t honor our truth, our integrity goes into default.

The throat chakra is focused on your message and its truth.

A life goal is to learn to mean what you say.

Your daily life can authenticate your communication.  This can become difficult if you are in a job or other life situation where your truth is not valued.  So much of our lives these days seems to challenge the facts.


To make things more complex, we all have childhood memories where we were not allowed to speak or we were not allowed to reveal things we knew.

Protecting your throat chakra boils down to living with your personal integrity.

The truth of our personal integrity is under assault in these times.

Your authenticity depends on you to express your true feelings, wants, and needs.

Your throat chakra also requires that you listen carefully to what is being communicated to you.  When you do this, you are participating in a sacred connection.

When this happens, you are able to stand in your truth.  This communication means that you listen to people when they respond.  You listen to other points of view.

You are able to solve problems, and support others.

This is a wonderful thing!

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A Healing Heart Chakra Meditation –

Your heart chakra is the center of your energy universe.

Your heart chakra is a holy place – holding your ability to love – in all the many ways it can be described.

Your heart chakra is a holy place – holding your ability to heal – in all the many ways – heal yourself, others, all the people in all the places in all the times.

Your heart chakra is a holy place – holding your ability to heal – situations, places, the planet, the universe.

If you are working on yourself, your health, your job, your family, your community,  begin with work on your heart chakra.

Align yourself with your heart chakra.

Noticeable changes will permeate your entire being.

Meditation opens and balances your energy fields.  The  heart meditation  written for you below intends to boost, and cleanse:

Begin by finding a comfortable position in a safe,quiet space.  Close your eyes.

Encourage each in-breath to slowly and completely to fill  your body with oxygen, light, and positive energy.

When you exhale, release toxins, frustration, anxiety, and anything else you don’t need.

As you breathe in and out, relax completely with slow, deep breaths..

When you feel relaxed and peaceful, take another deep breath and visualize a light traveling from your feet to the top of your head.  This light fills and surrounds your body with love.

Finally, this light settles at your heart.  It has a healing green tint in honor of your heart chakra.  See the green energy spiraling at your heart chakra.

Breathe into this energy now and experience its transformation.

Inhale and exhale now focusing on your heart chakra.   Take these breaths as you focus on healing yourself, your life, the planet, the universe.

See these breaths balancing, boosting, and cleansing all things need healing.

Take a few extra breaths now to release toxins, frustrations, anxiety,  and anything else that you don’t need.

It is time to return to your room now.  Gently open your eyes.

As you return to your day, take another moment to ground yourself.  Feel the floor under your feet.  What does the air in the room feel like at this moment?

Breathe deeply, tensing and then relaxing your entire body.

Softly tap your thymus in gratitude..

You can recall the relaxation and feelings of love at any time during the day.

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Your Heart Chakra – the Core of your Self

Your heart chakra is mystical and magical.

Your heart chakra is over your physical heart.  It regulates energy flow the same way your physical heart regulates blood flow.  Your heart chakra is all about love, healing, and connecting with others.

This is where you heal – yourself, your family and friends, those around you, the planet, the entire universe even.

When you heal from your heart, energy ripples out,  sending healing to everything in its path.

The center of your lymphatic system is also located here.  This allows you to use your heart chakra to clean your energetic body, environment,  earth,  solar system, universe.

Energetically, this is where your body regulates blood flow, lymph, and energy flow.

Think of your heart as an organ pumping blood throughout your body.  It is also an endocrine gland releasing hormones to regulate blood pressure and help keep your cardiovascular system healthy.

Another endocrine gland, the thymus, is located behind your sternum.  Your thymus is an immune gland that helps you connect with others and heal.

Wake up this connection gland and chakra by tapping your thymus gland daily.

You store affection, heartache, healing, compassion, self-love, and empathy in your heart chakra..

Do you want to get to know your heart chakra better?  Practice random acts of kindness.


I cannot write about the heart chakra without including goddesses of love.  There are many, as many as there are  ways to describe the many facets of love.

We don’t always refer to them as gods and goddesses.  Sometimes we think of them as saints, angels, or spiritual guides.  Whatever word you prefer, these  special beings help us all. Each one puts a unique face on this complex subject.

I’m focusing on two:  Quan Yin and Mother Mary.

The best way I know to describe these two spiritual beings is to use words that apply to each one, for they are different.

Quan Yin –  Quan Yin is a Buddhist Goddess of mercy.  She is a symbol of motherhood, virtue, and peace and focuses on universal compassion.

People the world over have been following Quan Yin for many, many years.

She is traditionally attracted to places where it is appropriate to cherish a situation.  Quan Yin activates healing power.

She is a symbol of sacred knowledge, wisdom, self-development, purity, enlightenment,  and empowerment.

Followers believe  Quan Yin bestows support, protection, and blessings when you ask.

MOTHER MARY – This mother of Jesus is relentless and constant as a healing force of love.  As modern as tomorrow,  she is a friend, companion, sister,  spiritual mother and teacher.

When appropriate, Mary liberates us and heals us.  She is a steady rock carrying the sorrow of every person on every part of the globe.

Mary is the ultimate New Age Woman, showing us how feminine principles work for all of us.  She carries her message of enlightenment to children and adults alike.

Mary’s way is attracted to subdued situations.  She lifts up and lets things be.  She is gentle or forceful – depending on the situation.  Mary is happy to rejoice and be loved as well as loving others.  She offers trust.  She is joyful.  Mary knows about patience.


There are different ways to heal your heart chakra.  Use visualizations,  meditations, and change some old habits.  Practice yoga, use crystals and essential oils.  Adjust your diet.  Embrace reflexology and Reiki therapy.

Use what resonates with you.

If you experience physical problems, consult with appropriate professionals.

You have many options.

Go for gods, goddesses,  angels, saints and guides.  There are many, available to you.  I chose Quan Yin and Mother Mary because I am comfortable with them.


If you seek a solution to a problem which seems too challenging, this information may help you.  I’ve used the following method many times and I’m always happy to share it with anyone seeking a good answer to a thorny problem.

Begin with 2 clean sheets of paper and a pen or pencil.  Write the word “yes” at the head of one paper.  On the head of the other paper, write “no”.

Now, carefully define your situation while you explore all the solutions “for” (Yes) and all the solutions “against” (No).

List all the “yeses” and all the “nos” on the appropriate papers as they make themselves available to you.

Take your time with this.  Think your options through.

When this exercise is over, which side of the argument has the most entries?

I feel confident that one side will have more items listed than the other.

Now is the time to connect with a higher power.

Sit down someplace where you feel safe and comfortable.  Breathe deeply and calmly.  Breathe in, allowing healing light to flow inward.  As you breathe out, allow tired and negative thoughts to leave your body.

This breathing is preparing you to get rid of old ideas and invite in fresh, new insights and solutions.

Allow this healing breath to touch every part of your body.  Feel your body embrace the newness of the healing breath and the coming solution.

Invite your goddess, guardian angel, or spiritual guide to join you in this  space. Sit calmly and expectantly.

Take a few moments to focus on your situation and how you want to find an appropriate answer.  Absorb this situation and the coming solution physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

After a few moments, take this time to share your inner thoughts about your situation with the wise being you may find sitting beside you.

Whether or not you see the spiritiual being beside you is a detail.  Your situation is an opportunity to grow.

Let your guest advise you about how to manage your situation.  Accept the advice you receive while you seek a solution.

Embrace the suggestions which can help your situation, your solution, and your self.

See yourself on a journey from a challenging situation to a good outcome and a positive path.  See yourself embracing the new solution and the changes which will bring it about.

You feel it is time to go.  Give thanks for the shared wisdom and generosity you just received. Offer gratitude for the journey you’ve been on.

Make plans for you two to meet again if you need more guidance.

Return to your present time now.  Give yourself time to absorb the wisdom you received.

Shift your awareness to your physical surroundings where you began this experience.  Be here now and in this environment.  You are wide awake and alert.  You feel wonderful and are at peace.

Are you closer to a solution?  Can you accept it?


Several years ago, I managed a food pantry that fed many people.  It seemed to me that I confronted problems without solutions.

One evening I read a story about Saint Therest, the Little Flower.  I read about people finding roses when they studied the works of St. Therese.

The following morning, when I unlocked the door to the pantry, I found a rose on the floor.

Seeing this rose opened my eyes.

I didn’t expect to see a rose or anything else on the floor.  For sure, I didn’t sleep walk over to the pantry in the night and put a rose on the floor.

I wasn’t asking for favors.  I merely read about her life.


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