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Your Third Eye Chakra

Your third eye chakra has a lot to do with trust.  The first thing you do with your third eye chakra is trust what you see.  This means you develop trust in what is going on around you and what you focus on.

I don’t think what I just wrote is that clear to everyone but,   a developed third eye chakra uses your grounded, logical thinking along with your intuitive experience.

This combination is necessary because if you rely exclusively on your logical thinking and reject your intuition, you won’t get the full picture.

A lot of your successful decision-making in life depends on knowing and understanding a wholistic set of facts and events leading up to the decisions you make.

This wholistic approach develops your mental clarity.

Wholistic decision-making works with your third eye chakra because your pituitary gland is located between your eyebrows in your sphenoid bone.

Much of your successful third eye functioning depends on practice – practice and trust.

I did two things to develop and trust my third eye chakra when I learned Reiki therapy from Mary Ruth Van Landingham in Vienna, Virginia.

Second, I developed and trusted my third eye chakra when I studied tarot card reading with a professional tarot card reader while I lived in Virginia.

I didn’t realize what was happening at the time but after several years, I couldn’t deny reality any longer.

All those mornings studying with Shoshana and all those Reiki classes with Mary Ruth Van Landingham changed my life.

Reiki therapy was instrumental in developing my trust and decision-making in life.  Reiki taught me what I know about  healing and the healing process.

Reiki taught me to see the world in a full spectrum way which included absorbing wisdom and information around me. I learned to connect to my inner energy to see things from different perspectives.

Tarot taught me about the importance of questions and the importance of the process.

Developing your third eye chakra can facilitate your inner knowing and your higher self.

When you work on your third eye chakra, meditation, and yoga can help.

And, finally, don’t overlook your need for clean, pure water.

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I recommend two Tarot Card writers:  Rachel Pollack and Avigayil Landsman.

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