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A Reflexology Spa Treatment to Boost Spiritual Health

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Occasionally your client partners need a bit of special attention.  Life events create a need for a spiritual affirmation.  A Reflexology Spa Treatment for the Spirit can be just what is needed.   This session honors the part of the body  beyond the bones and muscles.

Begin this session plan by selecting the essential oil you’ll use.  My preferred essential oils for a Spiritual Spa Session include:


clary sage





Roman chamomile

Once the oil has been selected, you’ll be guided to choose the music.  the decor.  When you book this Spiritual appointment, discuss and choose the oil.

Whatever oil and music you choose, make your selections  both  powerful and healing.  Have the music  playing when your client partner enters your healing space.

For this spiritual session make your client partner comfortable on your healing table and then wash his/her  feet using warm, wet towels.  Once your client partner’s feet are washed, wrap them in warm dry towels.

Anoint your client partner with the selected essential oil.  Apply several drops of the chosen oil to both your client partner’s hands.  Encourage your client partner to rub his/her  palms together and then wipe them over the face, head, halo, aura.

Move to your client partner’s head and bring in Reiki.  Offer three Reiki holds to the head.

Now, move to your client partner’s feet.  Anoint your client partner’s feet with a lotion to which you’ve added a small amount of the selected essential oil.

Now, offer five minutes of delicious warm ups to your client partner’s first foot.  While you do this, leave the other foot wrapped in the warm towel.

Follow this with twenty  minutes of specific reflexology offered to reflex points chosen to encourage spiritual therapy.  Work the reflex points in the following order:

1.   solar plexus

2.   pituitary gland

3.  pineal gland

4. thymus

5.  adrenal glands

6. ovary/ testicle

7.  heart

8.  spine

9.   intestines

10.  Chakras

11.  Now, finish this part of the session by returning to the solar plexus and liver.

Offer five minutes of warm downs as you complete the work on the first foot.

Now, cover the first foot with the warm towel and move to the other foot where you will offer five minutes of warm ups,  and twenty minutes of spiritual focus on the second food.

Now, offer five minutes of gentle warm downs on the second  foot as you complete the reflexology part of this session.

It is now time to offer three Reiki therapy holds to both feet and then close the Reiki part of the session.

This has been a deep session.  Your client partner needs a few moments to return to “now”.  Gently cover both feet with warm towels, leave him/her alone for a moment as you prepare a glass of water and offer it to your client partner.

Quietly visit with your client partner as you end the session.  This  may take a few extra moments for your client partner prepares  to return to “now”.

Thank you for practicing reflexology and thank you for offering this spa session to your client partners.

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