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Losing Weight – a secret you need to know about weight loss

Losing weight can be stressful and challenging for even the best of us.  Whoever said that our spiritual journeys would all be a piece of cake?

But, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you thought it would be.

For many of us, the first few pounds are a lot like a miracle!  Where did they go?

They disappear  – just like the guy in the diet book said they would.

Then…the pounds stop disappearing even though there’s no cheating going on.  What happened?

You hit a weight-loss plateau, that’s what. It’s like your body hit the pause button.

Well, whatever it feels like, this weight loss slow-down isn’t  as bad as you think.

While your body doesn’t seem to be losing weight for the moment,  keep on dieting.


Things are happening!  Good things!

Your body is adjusting to its new journey.

Take your wins where you can!  Celebrate them.

You may experience symptoms of better health.   It doesn’t take all that many missing pounds to feel different.

You may have   less discomfort after a meal, for starters.

Are your knees working better?  Maybe  you don’t have much knee pain anymore.  This is good.  This is what happens when you lose a few pounds.

What about your blood pressure?  You may notice that you’ve lowered some numbers.  Your BP scores may be lower now.

Are you Prediabetic?  Diabetic?   Shedding a few pounds helps those scores, too.

Are you sleeping better?  When you lose a few pounds, your sleep generally becomes more restorative.

What about your energy?  You should have more energy for the things you like to do.  And, admit it, you’re feeling younger, too.

But, however you feel after losing a few pounds,  stay the course!  Everyone’s body is different.  Stick with your diet and don’t give up.

In time, your numbers will move again.  You’ll see, it will be worth the effort.

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Thurman Greco

Choose Water! – But Why?

When you think about dieting, you probably don’t even think about water.  Instead, you think about things you’re going to give up in order to release those unwanted pounds.

Before you even decide many details of your diet, explore what you’re going to drink…and why.  You may find that you’re thinking MORE and not Less.

For starters, drink more for a successful diet.   Think more ounces, and cups, in glasses, bottles, and cans.

But…more and not less of what?

For starters, drink less tea, carbonated drinks, alcohol, and 100% fruit juices.  Better yet, skip anything with a calorie.

Now is the best time to eliminate carbonation.  Break the diet soda pop drink habit today!

Choose water!

If you’re stuck on diet sodas, you may discover many options you never considered before.  It may take several days or weeks even to try out all the new found options just waiting for you to try on  grocery shelves.

As you sample  the many drinks out there, avoid artificial sweeteners if you can.  These artificial sweeteners haven’t been proven to support your weight loss.

As you test different products,  put them in categories because there are so many choices.

Water is Your First Choice.  Not all water tastes the same.  You’ll have fun choosing your favorite.

For starters, put waters in two basic categories:  natural spring water and purified water.  Personally, I went for the purified waters to begin with.   I found so  many delicious spring waters that now I keep several different waters on my pantry shelves.

There are many, many infused waters to choose from.

Also on this first list, include strained homemade broth.

Your Second Choice is Water with Stevia-Sweetened Flavor Drops.  These products are essentially products with liquid water enhancers added.

Decaffeinated herbal teas come in the water-with-enhancers category.

Flavored Drinks sweetened with Stevia are your third choice.

Artificially flavored sweetened beverages make up your fourth choice.   This choice includes sugar-free popsicles, sugar-free gelatin and any broths with MSG.

This last category is your jettison section. 

Don’t even consider diet soda pops, seltzer waters, sugar-sweetened beverages, fruit juice, milkshakes, and fancy coffee drinks.  Erase them from your consciousness.

Discovering your new favorite drink may take some persistence and a few trips to the super market.  Don’t rush this search.   This is an important discovery for you.  You’re searching for a beverage to live with.

Take all the time you want.

I shopped in my super market for years and never really paid a lot of attention to what waters were sitting on the shelves.

Recently, I went to my favorite super market and looked at all the different bottled/canned waters out there.  This time, I really looked at what was on the shelves.  What I saw amazed me!

It seemed my new diet was opening up a whole new world for me…a world of waters!

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Thurman Greco


But first, do the spiritual work.

You need spiritual work because  your weight loss diet brings change – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual change.

Success is easier when you speak to your inner self and ground your core in  the new goals you’ve set for your spiritual work.

Now is a good time to embark on this spiritual journey.  Choices, problems, challenges overwhelm us daily with information and current events.  Everywhere we turn, people,  animals, plants, air,  water, and the earth even,  cry out for help. We are drowning in all the needs for healing.

Spiritual work looms large.

To understand what is swirling around you, go to your spiritual center.  This is the source of your strength, grounding, and peace.  Here is where you’ll find your truth, your love and the core of your focus.   This is where you’ll find  weight loss success in your spiritual work.

This is where you’ll realize how much easier your life will be when your physical  body is no longer weighted down with extra pounds.  For some of us, there are pounds and pounds of protection to release.

Guided meditations can be a positive experience for you now.  I’ve relied on guided meditations for years.  My three favorite guided meditation books were edited several years ago by Larry Moen.  Entitled “Meditations for Awakening”,  “Meditations for Transformation”, and “Meditations for Healing”,  these books are  available on Amazon.

For me, these guided meditations offer a link between  feelings,  weight loss, and  wellbeing.

Forgiveness is helpful.   As forgiveness heals your soul, dieting will be easier  because  you won’t need to hoard  pounds.

When forgiveness happens, some of your protection pounds will evaporate into the ethers.

That doesn’t mean  you don’t need to change your eating habits and exercise  more.  But it does mean that  it’s easier  to accomplish a weight-loss  goal.

Forgiveness can be a path all its own.  Begin by forgiving  everything past, everything present, and everything future.

Forgive everything and everybody – including people and events you’ve forgotten.  Simply forgive everyone.  Forgive everyone who even possibly needs forgiveness.

The idea is to clear everything up between you and everyone, now and forever.

Release people to their own lives  – now and in peace.

And, last but not least, forgive yourself!

Write a daily forgiveness mantra.

You may find inspiration in some forgiveness prayers by Dr. Catherine Ponder.  I didn’t copy them here because I couldn’t find out for sure whether they are copyrighted.

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When you read them, some things  will resonate with you.  Others will not.  But, whether you  use some of the guidelines or none, one thing is for sure.  You will, day by day, leave the past behind.

Diets are not always easy.     But anything worthwhile can have its challenges.

Each of us, on  a diet or not, is on a spiritual journey.  Each of us is travelling separately.  But, we are all together.

It’s time to change old patterns,  seek  freedoms found in forgiveness, and  see beyond the past into an expanded  now.

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Thurman Greco