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Good Health is Not That Hard to Achieve. Really.

You and I are constantly bombarded with conflicting information about our health.  What’s good.  What’s bad.  We’re complex beings.  Good health involves our bodies physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  You may not agree with all the information on these pages.  But, for me, these words resonate with the truth.

For me, good health comes down to 7daily habits:

Not Smoking is Essential.

I put this habit first because it has a tendency to make people angry when they hear about not smoking or read about not smoking.  So, I’m just getting it out there in front.  That way, you can get over your anger reaction when we move on to the other essential habits which are easier to deal with and much more positive.

But, before we move on I do have one suggestion:  Reduce your habit to five cigarettes a day.  When you get down to five a day, zero is an easy goal.

Have you tried the gum from the pharmacy?

Is there a smokers support group in your area?

Hypnotherapy?  Biofeedback?

Whatever?.  Do whatever you have to do to give up the smoking.

Maintain a Healthy Weight.

Losing or gaining weight to reach your ideal weight gets harder with every passing year, so the younger you are when you work on your weight, the easier it is.  Weight Watchers or Overeaters Anonymous may be a good option for you. Biofeedback can help.

An interested  nutritionist can guide you to your goal and include specific foods  contributing to your continued good health at the same time.  You’ll get twice the bang for your buck with nutritional guidance.  For example, if you  need to gain or lose weight, and you have heart health issues,  a nutritionist can work on the weight situation along with your heart disease.  I don’t know about you, but I love I love to accomplish two things at a time.

Eat Many Fruits and Vegetables.

Wellness gurus teach five servings of fruits and vegetables are a minimum number for a well-nourished person to eat daily.  This five-serving recommendation is easy for me to share.  It can be fun.  I like the idea of thinking about which five fruits and vegetables will be on my plate today.  Planning for each day’s selection gives them focus and importance.  Planning gives me a chance to experiment a bit.  You can do this, too.  It’s easier than you think.  Choose one new vegetable or fruit each week at your grocery.  Take it home and learn about it:

What is it called?

Where is home for this food?

What are some popular ways to cook it?

How should it be stored?

What is the best way to combine it with other foods?

How should it be eaten?

If you discover one new fruit or vegetable weekly, your dietary skills will be vastly different in a year.

Exercise Regularly

The field is open here.  Your exercise can be drudgery or fun.  Spend as little or as much money as you want.  Choose one or two activities to participate in regularly.  The point is to stay active throughout your life.  Combine exercise with other daily habits.  I wear a fitness watch which beeps when I don’t move enough.  It also rewards me with a beep when I’ve exceeded my daily goal.  I have a job requiring that I stay off my seat and on my feet.  I’m making money while exercising a fun bonus!

Avoid Stressors

Stress is a biggie.  It plays a part in many health problems.  Meditation walks, laughter, sharing, singing, nature bathing, journaling, drawing can help you reduce stress.  Make room in your schedule for stress reduction activities.

Note:  There are several articles on this subject in earlier posts in this blog.  I periodically discuss stress.   If you look around on the blog, you’ll find  much information.

Include Healing Bodywork in Your Life.

If you’ve never gotten a massage, received Reiki therapy, or other bodywork, schedule a session.  Just to learn about it.  As time passes, schedule another session with a different healer.  Schedule a reflexology session (or other bodywork) to celebrate an event:  birthday, anniversary, a good day at work, the Spring Equinox, etc.

.In short, schedule healing bodywork sessions whenever you want.  If you end up on a cruise, hang out in the spa instead of the bar.

Over time, you’ll get inspired and book regular sessions.  Your body will thank you for the attention!  Everything always seems to go better with reflexology!

Support Yourself.

Do something nice for yourself each day.  Spend time meditating.  Think positive thoughts about yourself.  These supportive thoughts are a treat you give yourself.  You deserve it!

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What to do When Your Life Begins to Unravel Around the Edges

What bodywork does for you when your life unravels around you:

Years ago, I took a reiki class in Reston, Virginia, in Reiki Jinkei Do, taught by Gilbert Gallego.  This was at a time when I was taking Reiki classes from anyone and everyone who taught one.  I learned something wonderful at each class.  I remember each and every class fondly.

Giving my memory one takeaway, it is this:  Bodywork in general works in our best interest, supporting health and healing on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.  Reiki and Reflexology are in this mix.

I write a lot about Reflexology and Reiki because I spent the most time studying those two modalities.  I teach both of them and I know the good they can do for a person.

Bodywork in general is cumulative, whatever the modality, which means that the more sessions someone has, the greater effect they will have on that body.

So far, the only modality I’ve found without contraindications is Reiki therapy.  This means you can use it on anyone, anytime, anyhow, anywhere.  Reiki is a soft touch on a clothed body so that it can be used in a private healing space,  a bus station, airport waiting area, ICU, or accident scene.

Bodywork of all kinds have reactions.  They depend on the modality, the client, the healer, and what is happening in the life of people on the day and time they receive help.

When clients receive Reflexology and/or Reiki, their reactions are different each time they receive a session.  One of the reasons we don’t think about is the fact that our bodies are different  each and every day.

I’m discussing this now because I’m seeing more and more people whose lives are unraveling.  Stress and uncertainty over a long period of time have a way of untethering a person from those things that ground us.

There are many things you can do.  The first of these is to recognize your situation for what it is.

The second is to list the things you can do.  You want to know what you can choose from.  The options are, possibly, many.  Which ones are more realistic and which ones are less realistic?

Make your  healing list.  .

Be prepared to change your list several times, at least.  Maybe you should be prepared to change your list more times.

What is practical?

What is affordable?

What is the option that you prefer?

Work this list through as you winnow it down to fewer and fewer options.  Finally, this list will be short – possibly only 1 or 2 items.

Until you get down to the final option, there is one thing you can do now.  There is one thing which will help you.  It probably won’t interfere with your life.

It can change your daily life for the better.

And, what is that?  BODYWORK!

There are many modalities that ground the person receiving the work.  A good thing to do when the “going gets tough” is to schedule and receive regular grounding bodywork.

Your body will be grateful for the attention.

One example of this is sleep.  Both Reflexology and Reiki sessions can help restore disturbed sleep patterns.

The effects of a bodywork session are often experienced immediately after a treatment.  For example, a client may notice that a headache has disappeared or a frozen shoulder may has become much more mobile.  Other symptoms may take three or more sessions to improve a condition or complaint.

Generally, a disorder that has been around for a long time may take a longer time to improve.

The problem with this is that we live in a society that wants instant results.

Schedule regular bodywork sessions as part of your life.  These regular sessions will stimulate your body’s own healing processes over time as you have regular visits.

If you find regular sessions to be challenging, take some classes and learn to give sessions.  That way, you can exchange sessions with others.

Ask a friend to join you in a learning adventure.  The two of you can learn together and exchange sessions.  This is self-care which is extremely important in these times.

With blogs, books, classes and sessions, I am not here to change your story.  Instead, I am here to be a conduit for your own healing.

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Happy 10th!

Way back 2014, I published the first post of “Reflexology for the Spirit”.

I dedicated this blog to Margaret D’Urso.  She was a wonderful person who gave of herself whenever she could.  She was brave in her attitudes toward healing people.  She was always willing to answer any questions asked of her to the best of her ability.  Without her, this blog and my companion wellness books would never have happened.

I also dedicated this blog to reflexology students everywhere.

You are wonderful people who are giving far more than you realize when you allow someone to be your teacher.  To venture down a totally unknown path is a brave undertaking.  Your willingness to ask questions stretches your teacher’s knowledge and results in better teachers and mentors.  Without you, this blog would never have made it to 10 years!

I hope you are enjoying this journey we are on together.  I know that this blog has travelled the world because the companion book, “Healer’s Handbook” has gone out to over 36 countries!

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Thank you!

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Let’s Get Back to Basics! Start with Foot Reflexology

Reduced to a basic practice, reflexology works with zone therapy.  So, this chart is the one I’m displaying first. If you feel that your life is too complicated for reflexology, try massaging your feet and observing where you feel soreness or sensitivity.  Rather than feeling you even need to know how you experience these points, just knowing where they are on your feet is enough.

Foot reflexology sessions relax, balance, detox, and heal your entire body.

Reflexology brings about homeostasis – a body balance that is important for your health.

Reflex areas in your feet correspond to the internal organs.

Note where these points are and then work them over the next few days.

Work your toes to help alleviate headaches,

The ball of your foot relieves tension in your neck and shoulders.

Your foot arch relates to your liver, bowel, and kidneys.  Manipulate this area gently, especially if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends.

Massaging the top of your foot induces psychological calm.

Modern reflexology is based on the centuries-old theory of Zone Therapy.  The principle is that the energy connection should be free-flowing.  An energy blockage will imbalance body parts within that particular zone.

Reflexology sessions work to restore free-flowing energy pathways throughout the body, creating homeostasis.  This energetic body balance is essential for your good health.

When our bodies are balanced, things work better:

stress is relieved

the immune system improves

there is relief from pain

circulation improves

bowel movements improve

toxins  clear

relaxation is better

In short, the body works better!

Most of us know these things but it’s nice to have a short review occasionally.  It’s easier to find time in the daily schedule for a reflexology session if we can remember what the session will actually do for us.

On behalf of healers everywhere, I honor you and thank you for seeking wellness throughout your life.

With blogs, books, classes and sessions, I am not here to change your story.  I am here as a conduit for your healing.

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How About a New Year Detox?

This year, my daughter and I gave my spouse an iPad for a holiday gift.  We were all excited.  Barry is now going to get to enjoy connecting with the world while sitting in his recliner with his feet up.

This piece of modern technology is a win for all of us.  He’s enjoying the world and I’m enjoying seeing his feet elevated!

Technology makes so much of his daily experience:  he is constantly on the phone, checking emails and social media pages, typing reports and filling out forms.

He is also continually absorbing electromagnetic waves from his electronic equipment.

Now, by the end of the day, he appears bleary-eyed.  His skin looks pale.  I’m willing to bet that his mind is on overload also.   From the looks of things, his new iPad has a down side as well as an upside.

We finally all agreed with him that things were not necessarily what we hoped for.  Having his feet elevated while entertaining himself was a goal but he was paying a price for all this fun.

He finally decided to schedule periodic brakes and time-outs.  He scheduled detox brakes.

So, now, at a certain point in the day, he turns off his phone, iPad, laptop and all other electronic equipment.  He removes his equipment from his area.

Now, instead, he takes time to visit with us, review his day, or reads a book or the New York Times.

This break refreshes him.  He feels that he’s grounded and he realizes that there is more to his life than the contents of a screen or speaker.

A periodic digital detox works for us all in different ways.  For example, if you’re working from home, it’s important to take detox breaks throughout the day to maintain your work production.

Actually, whatever project you may have going throughout the day will benefit from a digital detox break.  If nothing else, leave your project for a few minutes and have a glass of water.  Water has energizing effects which we all need throughout the day.

Beginning and ending your activities with a 10-minute Reiki or reflexology session will improve your project results.  Even a short break is good to promote homeostasis, something our bodies all need.

Reflexology sessions relax, balance, and heal the whole body.

Everything always goes better with reflexology!

If you want to learn more about reflexology, check out our downloadable video “Reflexology for the Spirit”.

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What’s Your Definition of Healthy?

When I first studied massage therapy at PMTI, I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of things that make up the healthy human body.  There are, for example, over 600 muscles.

From the beginning of this class in 1980, I have never stopped studying and learning about the human body, its wellbeing, and its health.  Not even for a moment.

The question looming over all the studies, classes, and courses is this:  What is the definition of healthy?

As a healer, my goal is to be a conduit for your healing.  I am not here to change your story.   And, I certainly cannot define “Healthy” for you.  Each person I meet in my daily travels has a truly unique and individual definition of “Healthy”.

An important word in my vocabulary as healer is “homeostasis”.  Through the years, I’ve worked to make that word and it’s definition a part of your life, too.

Homeostasis is the return to balance of your body.  As a Reflexologist, my goal was and is and will be to bring your body to homeostasis.

And, of course, Homeostasis is a big word because the body has so many thousands of working parts.

That being said – what is Healthy?  For me, as a healer, that word is loaded.

For many, healthy comes down to what you eat.  After all, we’ve all heard and read the saying:  “You are what you eat.”

And, I think we can agree that something that is perfect for one person is not good for another.  That’s why there are so many different diets for people these days.  Each of us has individual needs when it comes to what we need to be healthy.  So, it comes down to this:

One body needs different foods compared to another body.

Our dietary needs continually shift.

Whether we’re talking diet, exercise, sleep, or any other activity, our daily decisions are spiritual.

So, this all includes judgement and criticism.  This is an extremely eye-opening statement for some.  But, I know it to be true.  Many people feel judged for what they eat, where they get what they eat, and how they store, prepare, and serve  what they bring home.

People not only feel judged for what they eat, they feel judged for how they look, whether they are over or underweight, and their lifestyles.

When we eat to be healthy physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, we come up against a lot of opinions and questions.

Something I try to never do is criticize another person for what they eat or don’t eat.  However, that’s a tough thing to do.  But, really, we never literally know what another person needs to be healthy.

You can simplify your life a bit if you just believe that we don’t know what another person needs and we don’t need to know.  It’s just not anybody else’s business.

And, it’s easier to do this if we factor in the cost of food these days.  Nowadays   it’s getting to be more common to encounter people who simply don’t have the money to eat the way they might otherwise eat.

Instead of feeding their bodies and souls, they are” robbing Peter to pay Paul” (as my mother used to say) as they choose between rent and food.  We can’t blame our unhealthy activities and habits on the rising cost of food when our rents have risen from $800 per month to $2000 per month.

Meanwhile, the job is paying more but not THAT much more.

Guess what, this blog post has just degenerated from a spiritual discussion of the word “healthy” into an economic  politically spiritual one.  Our struggles all have a spiritual component.

And, when a person finally loses the roof and life’s struggle includes finding a warm, dry place to sleep for the night, I wonder how they fit healthy into the struggle to get to work, get the children to school, and find a meal.

At this point, “healthy” becomes a lot about how to breathe deeply for grounding.

And now, I’m reminded of Kerrith McKechnie, my massage teacher at PMTI.  She spoke a lot about breath, breathing, grounding and staying healthy.

I listened to her when she spoke about breathing and its importance to our health.  And, every time she lectured or instructed us about breathing, I  wondered how this was going to fit into the next exam.

Well, Kerrith McKechnie, I finally know the answer to my question.  When the rubber meets the road, proper breathing techniques are essential.

Proper grounding and healing breathing techniques fit smack dab into the middle of the situation.

When you can, please schedule a reflexology or reiki therapy session for yourself, your family members, and even your pets.

If this seems a bit expensive, maybe it’s time to learn to practice Reiki or reflexology.

Thank you for reading this blog post article about the spiritual journey we are all on.  My intention is that this article can be a conduit for your spiritual growth and healing.

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“Ketchup Sandwich Chronicles” is about the spiritual journey of hunger as illustrated by the shoppers in the food pantry line.




3 Healing Anchors & Spiritual Weight Loss Over the Holidays

Three  healing anchors and spiritual weight loss over the holidays really help the situation.  Really.

Welcome to the holidays – December 2023 edition.  They come around every year.  Are you feeling “burned out” by all the activities, not only in your life, but in the lives of those around you?   

There are things you can do – things we can all do:

We know ahead that the holidays are coming – with all their frustrations, confusions, and time crunches.


Schedule some weekly healing sessions.  If budget is a factor, learn Reiki and exchange sessions with a fellow practitioner. 

I always recommend Reiki therapy and reflexology sessions but there are many different modalities to choose from.  Whatever you choose – go for it.  

You aren’t pampering yourself.  You’ll get through the holidays much better with some healing attention to your inner self.  


Whatever your wake-up activities, your attitude and outlook are the determining factors.  When you go to bed at night, spend a few moments reviewing things  you want to do tomorrow.  Plan at least one positive activity for each morning.

When you wake up the next morning, review all the positive things to do today – for yourself – for those around you.  Plan your successful day when you wake up.  


Take a deep breath.  This will energize and empower you.  Taking a deep breath is taking a short time out.  Deep breathing means you stop, and take a deep breath inhaling from your stomach.  Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.  

When you inhale from your stomach through your nose, your lungs will fill completely with air.  Hold this breath for 1 or 2 seconds and then exhale through your mouth.


If you are alone, go for 10 repetitions.  If you are in a crowd, 1 repetition can do a lot for you.


Spend a few moments each day just letting go of negativity.  What is holding you back?  Let it go.  

When you finally learn to release all these negative and less-than-useful events, thoughts, and habits weigh us down. 

One thing I love to do is “Cut the Cord”.  This is not a new thing and it was not new when I learned it from Helaya Priest. 

This is what Helaya Priest taught me to do:

Pay attention to the negative thoughts, events and habits and how they attach to ourselves.  They attach with energetic cords. Using your hand, slice the cords one-by-one. 

The cut cords can now leave you and your energetic space.   

Now, visualize all those thoughts, events, and habits floating away.

This is a good exercise for anything you are releasing.  You can also send blessings to go along with the things you are getting rid of. 

Now, and this important, take a moment to celebrate.  You are releasing much into the universe.  These things can no longer drag you down.  You are setting yourself free. 

Enjoy the sense of lightness you experience when you release anything that holds you back.

Now, see your way ahead through the holidays. 

Thank you for   taking time out of your day to read this article.   Please forward it to your favorite social media network and to your friends.

My intention is that each article you read can be a conduit for your spiritual growth and healing.

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   I discovered Archangel Gabriel just a few years ago, in December right before Christmas.   

.  My Friday show, “Let’s Live with Thurman Greco”, on Woodstock’s educational TV channel 23 needed a guest.

Nobody would come on my show that week.  What was I going to do?  In desperation, I decided to read the age-old story of the birth of the baby Jesus.

This need for a guest on my Christmas Week show changed my life.  How?

Well, for sure I had read and heard the story of the birth of the Baby Jesus throughout my life.  As a “cradle Episcopalian” .  It was impossible to avoid.

There’s a difference between hearing the story at a religious Christmas service and reading it for a live audience.

Many questions surfaced that evening.  And, as I sought answers, I found even more questions.

Then, of course, I actually read the story in a different way because I knew I would be reading it for a live TV audience.

The annunciation came alive for me.

Archangel Gabriel walked up to Mary and changed the world.  “Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God.  You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus.”  (Luke 1:30-31).

Then, having changed the future of the world, Archangel Gabriel left her.

Many questions and answers later, the story is now an ebook.  The paper version is on its way now.

This story has many characters beyond Archangel Gabriel, Mary, and Jesus.  The cast includes Joseph, John the Baptist, and others.

I hope you’ve had a chance to visit this YouTube channel.  “Let’s Live with Thurman Greco is a positive, entertaining series of interviews which I’ve conducted throughout the last 15 or so years.  There have been a few intermissions, but not many.

 My guests enjoy being on the show and many ask to return.  One thing they all have in common:  we’ve all met each other in Woodstock, NY.

Join us soon!

Let us know how you like the shows!

5 Ways Make Your Life Better and Easier in 2024, Starting NOW


Take a time out to reflect on your journey in 2023.  I know.  I know.  The year isn’t even over yet and what surprises are waiting for us?

But, spend a few minutes reviewing the past year to prepare yourself for 2024.

Now, spend a few more minutes to celebrate the new year coming up.  Cook a yummy meal.  And, while you’re at it, turn on some good music and dance a bit in the kitchen.

Prepare for the new year with a fresh start and include, front and center, bold capitals, your GRATITUDE.  How far have you come this year?

When you are celebrate the coming of 2024, include  a new project.  Pick something to open your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual selves to new ideas.



Things you may do to get ready for 2024 can include –

smudge your space,

set up a gratitude altar,

Reiki everything.

Send a ‘thank you’ card or note to someone you haven’t checked in with in too long ago

Collect a box of items to give away or release to the universe.

While you’re focusing on these things (and others you’ve thought up on your own), honor your intuition.  After all, your intuition is the voice of your soul talking with you.



On another day, as you think of 2024 –

light a candle.

Pick up a project you worked on months or weeks ago and then set down.

Think kind thoughts for yourself by writing a list of your very best qualities.

Take a few moments to hear from your deepest wisdom.

Give or receive a reflexology or other healing session.



On yet another day or evening, as you welcome 2024 –

Connect yourself with your physical surroundings.

They, along with your physical self, will be supporting you in the coming year.

Open yourself to being and seeing your surroundings.  Gain inspiration from your

spiritual self to support your environment.

Do you have an occasional energy deficit?

Never forget that your energy is boundless.  All you need is within you.

You may not feel you have all the energy you want.  But, never forget,

everything that you need is right there, in front of you.

Take several deep breaths.  The air around you brings whispers as it nudges you along to the new year.  It brings truth, inspiration, and new ideas for 2024.

When the air brings its gifts, the element of fire comes along to help you.



Your free will always boosts your journey.  That is no exception as you enter 2024.

As the new year progresses, you may gain a deeper understanding of what is happening if you journal about events and people that make you the most uncomfortable.

Don’t forget to enhance your meditations and journaling with your favorite crystals.



In 2024, stay in touch with your intuition:

Go for a swim.

Take a bath or shower.

Meditate while sitting on the earth.

Go for a walk in nature.


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Visit the YOUTUBE channel “Let’s Live with Thurman Greco”  This is a positive, entertaining series of interviews which I’ve conducted throughout the last 15 or so years.

There have been a few intermissions through the years, but not many.

My guests enjoy being on the show and many ask to return.  One thing they all have in common:  we’ve all met each other somehow in Woodstock, NY.

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Self-Care is Kindness to Ourselves

Self-Care asks us to give the same kindness to ourselves that we give to others.

When you have negative or critical thoughts about yourself, stop for a moment and ask yourself this:  “Would I say these things about a good friend?”

The chances are that you would not.  You would not be unkind to someone else.

Now, try being as kind to yourself as you would to a loved one.

The next time things go wrong, accept the event for what it is.  Then, apologize for what happened if that’s appropriate.  Then, forgive yourself.

Learning from mistakes and moving on is a positive way to get through life.

Forgiving yourself is what allows you to get through life.  When you forgive yourself, you are being nice to yourself.  It’s easier to be happy that way.

When you forgive yourself, you are offering self-care.  This sends nourishing messages to the brain about your self-worth.

Try, every day, to care for yourself in every way possible.

When stress accumulates, this facial massage meditation will relieve muscles and leave you feeling better.

     Facial Massage Meditation

For many of us, the day’s stress accumulates in the muscles of the head, face, and jaw.  Massaging your face and head can smooth the tiny muscles and nerve endings.  Stress and fatigue will have a chance to disappear.

Begin this meditation by finding a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for a few minutes.

Lie flat on a chair, bed, or floor, with your face up.   If that is not comfortable, find a comfortable chair or recliner to sit comfortably.

Cover your body with a light blanket or sheet so you won’t get cold as your body relaxes and cools.

Take several deep breaths.  Begin these breaths in your abdominal area.  Breathe in deeply and hold the breath to the count of three:  1 – 2 – 3.

Now slowly release the breath.  When you exhale, you release toxins and stress.

Repeat these inhalations and exhalations 1-2 minutes.  As you inhale, you l breathe in healthy air.  With each exhalation, you release toxins and stress.

Become aware of your forehead.  Mentally relax your forehead to erase wrinkles of expression…the space between your eyebrows becomes bigger.  Your eyelids are heavy.

Move your fingers to your forehead and slowly massage it in small circles.

When you feel that your forehead is becoming relaxed, move your fingers to your temples and gently move them in clockwise and counterclockwise motions.  Feel this area relaxing.

Notice the tension behind your eyes, and around your eyes and release it.

Now, place your fingers on your temples and move your fingers in small, gentle dime-size circles for a few minutes.

Move your fingers down to your chin and gently, gently pinch your chin and along your jawline to your ears.

Now, move your hands to your cheeks.  Massage your soft cheek tissue in a circular motion.

Now, move your hands to your ears.  Gently massage along the edges of your ears for a couple of moments.   Now, give your ears some long, luscious pulls.

You are finishing your facial massage now.  Notice any thoughts, feelings, or sensations you experience now.

Stay quiet for 1-2 minutes while you enjoy and refresh from this experience.

It is time now to return to the present time.

It is okay to return to this place of calm whenever you need.

The goal of this meditation is to experience calm and relaxation using self-touch.


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Leaving Baggage Behind – No Regrets

Have you ever thought about spiritually cleaning out your closet? cleaning your house?

I got up early this morning because I wanted a few minutes to clean out a closet.  Yesterday I promised a friend that I would share some gently used items for her fund raiser.

When I make a promise like that, it’s best that I set a few minutes aside and then work like crazy to get rid of things as quickly as possible.

Working in a fury, I stuffed items in a bag so quickly that I couldn’t overthink the situation.  I also knew that I didn’t have time to put things back.

I just grabbed:  a white blouse I hadn’t worn in years, a pair of slacks that were never comfortable, 3 T-shirts I was never going to wear again.  A new winter coat.

On and on it went.  I didn’t give myself time to think I just might, in a pinch, wear one of these items again.  I even threw in a pot plant that was still pretty but quickly growing beyond my skill level.

As I stuffed these things in the car, with the plant perched on top of the clothes, I thought about maybe I should have done something like this with some of my other spiritual baggage.

Specifically, I thought of off those regrets I’ve been reliving lately.

We all carry it.  Baggage.

Sometimes I feel like I would like to just leave it all behind me as I go through life:  Grudges, resentments, painful memories, regrets.

I’ve been carrying all this baggage around with me for decades and decades.  Then, a young woman reminded me that we all have baggage.

Sometimes, I just want to leave it all behind.

Other times, getting to a place where I can let go is difficult.

One thing she taught me:  forgiveness is a large part of the journey.  Leaving all these parcels and bags and boxes of regret is hard.

But, so was gathering all the experiences that became painful memories.

I’m hanging onto all this negativity.  It’s making extra weight which I carry around all day, every day,   I tried to think of what might be a good way to do this so I went to my roots.

What is going to work?

Eureka!  Forgiveness will be important here.

I went to my roots for success!  I got out my asphidity bag!

When I’m working on healing an issue, I write a description on a small paper and put it in my asphidity bag.  I wear it around my neck to remind me that I’m healing.

Freedom is a goal!

When I have my healing goals in my asphidity bag, I know it’s time to schedule extra weekly Reiki therapy and Reflexology sessions.

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