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September Solstice – a Time to Focus on Wellness and Healing for Ourselves and Our Planet

The September Solstice is a time to promote wellness and healing throughout the planet.  Please take a moment to dwell on a planet where all beings experience wellness and coexist in honor and support.

Visualize a world where all beings experience positive renewal and growth as wellness and healing become real.  Get to know all the wonderful opportunities in your world for growth and hope throughout our planet.

As the planet goes into its next phase, support your spirit and encourage healing and wellness to all plants and animals on earth.  Make a place for yourself during this time to encourage spiritual growth.

Think of ways you can invite universal balance in your life.  Think of how you fit into your day, into your world, into your goals.

Check in with yourself to give support to your spirit.  Focus on a world where everyone  works together  with respect and harmony in support of all needs.

Create  a vision of peace and wellness for yourself.  Attract spiritual calm.

Expand your peace and wellness and spiritual calm to include every living thing in the world.

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