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Finding Time

My schedule is packed.  It’s jammed.

But, that’s okay. It’s an uptown problem.

Each day, I know I’m going to find some real jewels throughout my schedule.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is this:  When my schedule is totally out of control, the universe will deal with the situation.  Someone will cancel or something quirky will happen which will result in a beautiful hole.

Finding time is like finding a wonderful, shiny object.

It’s not so important to worry about what or when or how much time you’re going to find..

Those are details.

What’s important is to be prepared…

Know what you’re going to do when you find a few extra 5 or 6 minutes or maybe even a whole hour.  These are perfect moments in your day that can be used however you want.  Make your “found time” list.

Get lost in a book.

Go for a quick stroll.

Sip a tea.




Stare out the window – even if you’re not in front of a window.


Switch off.

Whatever you do with these “found” moments, the important thing is to carve out these pockets of time for yourself.

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But, whatever happens, get reflexology into your schedule.