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2023 – Appreciate the Good!


We’re entering another new year!  2023 is an opportunity to create a better world.  Let us all join together energetically as we focus in the coming weeks on ways we can expand and grow this opportunity.

Begin by sending Reiki into your future.

If you don’t know Reiki, send a meditation message to 2023.


Take this spot on the calendar to celebrate the new year by sending blessings to friends, family, and coworkers.  Send love and kindness to everyone.  Send blessings to the world!


Begin your transition into 2023 with a gratitude list.  This list offers endless benefits. When you work on a gratitude list, you’re not going to have room in your heart and mind for things like fear and worry.  Instead, you’ll find yourself surrounded with abundance, love, grace, awe, and appreciation.


Dwell for a few moments on things you are not happy about and then – release them to the universe.  Spiritual housecleaning is a good new year activity.  Let go of thoughts, dreams, beliefs, or habits which you know are not positive and do not fit in with your goals for success.

Make a list.  Write it out.  If you need help, ask the universe for guidance and support.

When you release negativity into the universe, you make space for goodness and love and all things positive.


With this question, you bring positivity into your life.  Write down:  What do you need?  What do you really want?  What does your soul need?  What positive situations and resources do you need to attract?  Why do you want these things?

Now, write out your answers.  Write out the things with the most meaning for you.  Use as much detail as you want.  There are no wrong answers when you write what feels good to you and is practical. You are attracting things in your life which will bring about the greatest good for the universe.


Using all of your senses, envision your dreams coming to life.  Spend a few (3-5) minutes meditating on them.  Begin your visualization with cleansing breaths.  You may even want to include some calming meditation music.

This step may not come easy to you at first.  Don’t worry.  You’ll get better at your visualizations as time passes.  Practice will improve your sessions.


Take an action each week that moves you toward your goal.  This can be something either big or small.  The important thing is that it is moving you on your path toward achievement.


Compose a power statement which is going to keep you focused on your goal.  You want an affirmation to keep you pointed in the right direction and moving along.

Examples include:

I trust my inner guidance.

I rely on my inner wisdom.

I have abundant health.

I speak my truth.

When you have chosen an appropriate affirmation, you can rely on it daily.  Reciting your affirmation regularly will keep you focused while it quiets negative thoughts.

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