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What do You Want to Manifest? Five Tips for Success


Several days ago, I researched a special gift for a colleague.  What I was looking for was for the perfect gift.  I considered a Snowflake.  She would really enjoy a snowflake!  Where was I going to find a snowflake, of all things?

I put this thought aside.

Then, guess what.  Three days later, a snowflake catalogue landed in my mailbox!  The perfect gift appeared on page 3.  I had a choice of a charm, a pendant, an ornament, or a pin.  The prices were right.  Whichever one I chose, she was going to be delighted.

For me, this was not a coincidence.  Spiritually, I participated in this mailbox event.

We all have these experiences. The trick is to recognize them for what they are.  But, you can have these special coincidences and also have challenges with other manifestations.

There is a difference between manifesting a picture in a catalogue and manifesting a something else such as a new car, house, or a dream job.

MANIFESTING on all levels begins when you clarify what is important for you.  Once you define your values and what is precious to you, manifesting what you need is going to be easier.

The bottom line:  WHY DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO?

What do YOU think is important?  Clearly know what is important to you – not what your mother or your friends or your boss or your social media friends think is important.

What do I want…really?  What do I yearn for spiritually?  Emotionally, what do I want to experience?

Dream about the world you want to create and live in.  This world that you are dreaming of:

Is it responsive –

Do positive relationships matter –

How does cooperation fit into your life –

Does support reach out in vulnerable situations and places –

Is there a reverence for the sacred –

Now, envision what this world is to you.  What are you going to do to create this world?

What are you passionate about?


Define the person or persons you are concerned about.  How will they fit in your manifested scenario?  How do they define the situation you are focusing on?

Focus on the situation.  Are you passionate about a physical space (a building perhaps) or an energetic situation (leadership or healing)?


Know your goals.  Do you need to sell your home?  Do you need a better job in a new city?  Do you need to retrain yourself for the future?


What is your manifesting outcome?  (A suggestion here – write this down.)

A journal is the perfect tool to bring with you on your manifestation journey.   As you write in your journal daily, you have the opportunity to unlock information and secrets to help guide you to your goals.  Your entries can give you information about possible challenges.  You may discover concerns hiding just beneath the secret of your consciousness.

Reviewing your journal in later readings, you may find that your future is not predetermined.  Over the months, what you find in your journal reveals things that can change your attitudes, behaviors, and how you respond to events.

Your future can improve your insights and options in ways that work best for you.


What is your promise?  (What do you have invested in your goal? What are you prepared to do to make your promise a reality? How do you visualize achieving your goals?)


How is your gratitude circle developing? Gratitude is more powerful than fear, worry, anger and anxiety.  Gratitude is where you tap into your abundance.  Developing your gratitude circle taps you into your unlimited options.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – –

When you are in a manifesting mode, nurturing is helpful.  By that, I mean   nurture yourself, your goals, and your concerns.

Maybe things need a REBALANCE.  When it comes to money and finances, seek fair, sensible, and practical solutions focusing on comfort and confidence while caring for others and your surroundings. You want the money you distribute to produce tangible results.

SELF-CARE is a deeply personal process you use to regain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.  Self-care facilitates rebalance.

MEDITATIONS can help you reach your goals.  Try an 8-week series of daily meditations for 10-15 minutes each.  You may want to read a guided meditation daily.  For years, I’ve relied on a set of three meditation books by Larry Moen.  They are still available on Amazon:  “Meditations for Awakening, Meditations for Transformation, Meditations for Healing”

Or you may want to create your own guided meditation.

Finally, you may prefer to focus a few minutes daily on your breath and breathing as you reach calm.

Whatever path you choose for your meditations, daily focus helps you.  Don’t get bogged down with rules.  Just remember:  minds like to wander.  It’s okay.  Also, trust your inner wisdom to get you there.

Use your senses to see your dreams and goals coming to life.  You’ll play a mental movie where you are the director.  As you mentally enact your dreams, you will make them a reality.

Finally, TAKE ACTION.  This is a weekly event where you do something each week to help you progress toward your goal.

Whenever you can, include reflexology or Reiki therapy sessions in your weekly progress.  Every session helps!

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