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What Needs to Go?

A woman called me yesterday. “My life is overtaking my life” she confided.  She spoke about things tying her down:  Her life is jumbled up. This includes her work schedule, her personal appointments, her home, her closets, her kitchen, her friends, her goals, her feelings, and her ambitions.  Her spiritual practice is caught up in the confusion.

Sometimes, in order to move forward, it’s important to offload excesses.  You know something significant is about happen, but it isn’t.  You’re doing everything you can think of, but things just aren’t going there.

A transformation will clear the way for the new beginning you’ve been working for.  Those things coming to an end can be reborn in the new beginning you need.

You know that it’s not good to just pile your future onto the detritus of the past.

When you walk away from your past and toward your future, leave your baggage behind.  This includes old thinking and old habits.

What should you do?

Set up an altar honoring your past.  Accept your past for what  it was and who it included.  Put some items from your past on the altar.  Include photos, or some flowers, for example, and some old thinking and old habits. Burn a candle.  Smudge the memories.  Release your past into the universe.

Be grateful for the past you had.  Honor it and put it to rest as you leave it behind.

Embrace the change.  Move on.  Words like old, outgrown, elimination, unknown, stale, conclusion, and simplify are important now.

Schedule some Reiki therapy or Reflexology sessions and embrace your new possibilities.

Make room for guided meditations.

And, finally, don’t look back!

Make a list of all the things you need to do to encourage your new life.  What’s on this list:

Make room for something new in your life

A new job

A new educational direction

A better diet

Getting more sleep

Spiritual growth and awakening

It’s time for you to do everything you can to open the door to your future.  When this happens, destiny has a chance to move in!

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