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A Throat Chakra Meditation – Know your Truth

Get comfortable and relax into peace and calm.

Take a few slow deep breaths.

Inhale slowly through your nose.

Exhale through your mouth.

As you breathe deeply, close your eyes.  Encourage your whole body to settle down into the calm.

As you let go, feel lighter with each breath.

As you continue your breathing, you see an iridescent, pale blue light surrounding you.  This light is encasing and protecting you.

You look around and see you are floating in the air while this light protects you.  You drift higher and higher.  You float  through  large puffy clouds.

You float even higher.

Soon you see the earth below as you float higher and higher in your own inner space.  You continue your journey surrounded by a cocoon of bluish white light.

You feel comfortable in this cocoon.

As you float higher, you feel this bluish white light filling you with love and light and harmony and peace.

As you look around you, you notice a group of shadowy faces which are familiar.  As you look  more closely at these faces, you see glimmers of a person you love who has passed over.  Then, you notice a face you know who is a guide for you.  Everyone is smiling to see you.

You know in your heart that these beings have a message for you.  You listen quietly and absorb healing wisdom and feelings.

You are blissful in a holy space of truth and wisdom.  You feel blessed.

You accept the gifts of love and light and truth which you receive in this iridescent light space surrounding you.

You pause for a moment to receive a message of truth and wisdom now.

You take a moment to thank these beings for the truth and wisdom they share with you.

You feel a sense of gratitude.  – You feel this gift so strongly that you send your gratitude forward as a healing to the earth.

You envision peace and calm and good health for all beings on earth.

The special blue light surrounding you begins its descent into your space now.  You are grateful for the wisdom you experienced on this journey.

You know it is time for you to return to your room now.  It is time for your special iridescent blue bubble to merge with the air of your place.

You know you can return to your special  light of wisdom and truth whenever you want.

You send feelings of gratitude for this experience.

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