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Your Throat Chakra – What is your deepest truth?

Back in December, I did some research and wrote a story about Archangel Gabriel and the birth of Jesus.

The first thing I learned was that Archangel Gabriel is a patron of communicators.  This includes radio, TV, computer communications, telephone, and even postal workers.

I learned from my research into the birth of Jesus that Archangel Gabriel actively participated in this event.  My research revealed clearly that Gabriel used varied communication techniques with each person he encountered as he managed the fulfillment of this prophecy.

When Gabriel visited Elizabeth and Mary, for example, he spoke to each of them in a way which they could understand.  Gabriel met each person where they were in life.

Gabriel then, in a few sentences, changed their lives.

Your throat chakra is where your truth manifests itself.

This is where you connect to wisdom.

Your ideas come from your first chakra.

When your ideas travel to your second chakra, you examine them from a practical standpoint – money for example.

At the third chakra, you examine your emotional attachment to your idea:  You consider whether or not this idea will win or lose.

At your fourth chakra, you ask yourself if your heart is involved.

At the fifth chakra, your idea is developed to the point where sentences, paragraphs, whole messages organize themselves to become your truth.

Your truth sits at the center of your throat.  It’s corresponding gland is the thyroid gland.  I think it’s significant that the thyroid glands are all about energy.  It takes a balanced throat chakra and a thyroid to deal with one’s truth.

Authenticity takes a lot of energy.  Your throat chakra works to deliver your message in truth and integrity.

Because your throat chakra deals in truth, corresponding health issues are bound to surface.  They include diseases of the throat, larynx, tonsils, and ears.

Your throat chakra’s effectiveness can be diminished by life events.

Injury, physical and emotional abuse, will harm your throat chakra.

Grief, anger, and fear will shut it down.

Dishonesty and gossip will compromise your throat chakra’s effectiveness.

When we don’t honor our truth, our integrity goes into default.

The throat chakra is focused on your message and its truth.

A life goal is to learn to mean what you say.

Your daily life can authenticate your communication.  This can become difficult if you are in a job or other life situation where your truth is not valued.  So much of our lives these days seems to challenge the facts.


To make things more complex, we all have childhood memories where we were not allowed to speak or we were not allowed to reveal things we knew.

Protecting your throat chakra boils down to living with your personal integrity.

The truth of our personal integrity is under assault in these times.

Your authenticity depends on you to express your true feelings, wants, and needs.

Your throat chakra also requires that you listen carefully to what is being communicated to you.  When you do this, you are participating in a sacred connection.

When this happens, you are able to stand in your truth.  This communication means that you listen to people when they respond.  You listen to other points of view.

You are able to solve problems, and support others.

This is a wonderful thing!

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