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Taking Charge of Your Health to Make a New Life

Take charge of your health.

An important decision you make for yourself, it’s one I celebrate!  I want us all to become more conscious of ourselves and take charge of our own health.

Some of us reach this decision because of an event:  injuries resulting  from an accident or diseases experienced.

Some of us reach this decision because of experiences lived during the Pandemic.

And, some of us mature into this decision as an attitude toward our health.

Whatever the catalyst, deciding to be in charge of your health shifts your life’s path.  It’s a reason to rejoice.

But now, what are you going to do about it?

Sometimes people come to my table after deciding to be in charge of their health.  The idea is to give up the physician and replace her with a reflexologist.  Frankly, this is not always the best decision.

When this happens, you are simply trading one coat for another.  And, when this happens, you should be putting yourself in charge, not a reflexologist or acupuncturist or herbalist.

I have been in charge of my health care for years and rely on the training and wisdom of a nurse practitioner.  Not only do I seek information and advice from her regularly, I tap into her information bank with every visit.  She does blood tests.  She schedules MRIs or x-rays or other tests.

She offers information, advice, and wisdom at every office visit.

And, certainly, if you are putting yourself in charge, you may find yourself going to a physician or reflexologist or acupuncturist or herbalist as often (or even more often) than before.

So, then what do you do?


This is a group of professionals who support you in your search for lifelong good health.

My team includes, among other specialists, a Reiki practitioner, a reflexologist, a massage therapist, a physical therapist, a yoga teacher, a podiatrist, a dentist,  a periodontist, an allergist, a dermatologist, a sleep specialist, a  fitness expert.  a pharmacist.

I think you are getting the picture here.


Buy some anatomy and physiology books.  You are embarking on a new and wonderous journey!

Don’t be  overwhelmed.  Anatomy and physiology books come in all sizes and stripes.  They even come in coloring books.  Try them all.  Especially the coloring books.

You may even want to take a class or two.

You’ll learn much.

While you travel on this wonderful spiritual journey, you are now on a path to learn things about yourself that you never even knew you might need to know.

Definitely use the skills of a reflexologist or reiki practitioner regularly.  Weekly appointments are preferred.

Homeostasis opens many doors!


An important step to take when you manage your own health is to eat real food.  A cornerstone of good health is the proper diet.  There are many, many diets out there.  Until you feel certain that you are eating the correct diet for you,  rely on   foods which have no additives, preservatives, colors, etc.

I’m sure you understand what it means to  eat real food.

I’m certain that when you do finally feel you are eating the correct foods for your body, you will rely on real food.


Your body was made to move.  When you manage your own health, you know how important this is.


The bottom line is that, as you take charge of your health care, you will develop resources and you will probably never stop learning.


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