Reflexology For The Spirit

HOPE – a Guided Meditation

Hope focuses on renewal, rebirth, and healing.

Find a place to be comfortable where you can rest undisturbed during this time.

As we experience this meditation, feel the “old” drop away and “new” opportunities present themselves.

Leave everything around you behind and bring your attention to yourself.

Relax as you go on this journey.

Get comfortable.

Breathe in from your abdomen – slowly, slowly, to the count of three.

One – Two – Three

Now – hold your breath to the count of four

One – Two – Three – Four

Now – exhale to the count of five.

One – Two – Three – Four – Five

Repeat this breathing pattern three more times.

In – one, two, three

Hold – one, two, three, four

Out – one, two, three, four, five

In – one, two, three

Hold – one, two, three, four

Out – one, two, three, four, five

In – one, two, three

Hold – one, two, three, four

Out – one, two, three, four, five

Continue to breathe deeply as you go into this relaxation.

Your relaxation becomes a blanket of warmth.  Sink down into this  quiet place inside yourself.


You are calm and peaceful now.  It is time for your journey.


You are strolling along a path in a forest.  Notice this path.  How does it feel under your feet?  Is this path a smooth grassy path?  Are there pebbles?   What kind of shoes are you wearing?

As you walk down this path, take a moment to feel the air on your skin – the sunlight shining down – gentle breezes caressing your clothes.

As you travel, notice sights, sounds, and fragrances:  birds, butterflies, wind in the trees.

What is your reaction to this place?  How do you feel beyond your body?

Strolling for a short time, you come to a clearing in the forest with openings to different paths.

As you look at the different paths, one attracts you.

You look down this path and see something shining in the sun off in the distance.

You’re drawn to this shining spot in the sun.  What is it?

You walk along this path that you just selected.  How does it feel under your feet?  Is it smooth?  Are there pebbles?  Is it a smooth dirt path?  Are there stepping stones?

As you walk toward the shiny spot ahead,  you feel layers and layers of your past drop away.

The weight of the world evaporates from your shoulders.


You soon arrive at the end of the path where you see a bench waiting for you.

There, on this bench, you see new clothes, neatly folded.

When you look at them, you see they are more beautiful than any you’ve seen before.

You remove the clothes you are wearing and put on these new clothes.  They are a perfect fit.

You walk up a slight hill toward the shining object you saw at the beginning of your walk.

As you approach the shining object, you discover it is a mirror.

You look in this mirror and see your reflection.

You see:

The person you have always known you were.

The person  you have always wanted to be.

You see yourself as strong, and happy.

NOW – you can continue to explore your new “you” as you return to this room.

You know you can return to this place anytime you want.


This meditation is part of a new program I’m offering called “Hope on the Road”.  I am sharing this meditation along with a reiki session and hand blessing to anyone who requests it.

This program is adaptable to zoom and in- person groups large or small.  It will also be on my YouTube channel.

Thank you for  participating.

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