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7 Self-Care Tips to Boost your Diet

This post gives you a week’s worth of life-changing tools to help you boost your diet.   Try them if they attract you in some way.   If something feels good to you, then it probably is good for you.

The timing has to be right.  Maybe you’ve tried one or two (or even all) of them in the past and they didn’t seem to work for you.  That was then and this is now.  Don’t go for them unless they attract you  for some reason.

These tools  will boost your energy, calm your mind,  and help prevent or minimize some health problems.


Go for homeostasis!  This means reiki or reflexology.

Include one or both of these modalities in your schedule this week…and every week.   I suggest distance reiki.  Self-reflexology is a good option.

Hand reflexology is easy to use.  Does the thought of hand reflexology seem challenging to you? Your library should have hand reflexology books on its shelves.

To simplify  your hand reflexology journey,  I’ll send you a hand chart and detailed instructions for reflexing your own hands.

Just send me  your mailing address to and I’ll return them to you.   There is no charge  or obligation  for this chart and instruction list.


Eat whole, fresh, locally-grown food.

Whatever diet plan you’ve  chosen, this is a good tip for you and your diet.  When you say “Yes!” to fresh foods,  you minimize  processed, packaged, shipped products.

When you eat fresh, your food will taste better.  Your calories will not be so empty.  Your food will be authentic.

You’ll find  authentic food on the outer perimeter of your local food store or at a nearby farmers market.


Don’t skip your breakfast.

This meal can be anything from a serving of yogurt to a platter of eggs,  bacon, and a hearty whole grain bagel.

Whatever you choose for your breakfast,  include powerful berries.  Their  antioxidents can’t be overemphasized.  Let a banana  give you the potassium you need.


Skip the sugar.  This doesn’t have to be a shock to your system.  Begin sugar avoidance by skipping it one day a week.  On this day, instead of sugar,  include a sugar substitute on any food or in any beverage you would ordinarily use sugar.

There are many brands available.  Try several until you find one you like.

If you feel weird without sugar, snack on some chocolate.


Water! Water! Water!

I know.  My message is stuck when it comes to water.  But, I mean it.  Water gives you energy, moves toxins out, and makes your skin look younger.  It also has 0 calories.

What more can we ask for?

If you’re not accustomed to water, I suggest this:

When you feel tired, drink a glass of water.  No, don’t drink a glass of water.  Instead, chug it right down.  Now, wait a few minutes to see if you feel better.

When your lips feel dry, drink a glass of water.

What about your urine?  What color is it?  Concentrated urine has a murky color you don’t need.  Drinking more water will get rid of the murky color.


Go Nuts

Daytime snacks are an essential taste treat between meals.  They boost your energy midmorning and midafternoon.  They are a welcome break from the day’s activities.

One snack which is good for your diet boost is nuts.

Walnuts, almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts  give you energy, satisfy your appetite,  and are high in anti-inflammatory fatty acids.

They do lots of other  things too.  Each nut is different and unique.  Take a moment to read about all the  wonderful things they do .

Instead of reaching for a sugary food, go for the nuts.


Thanks for reading this  article, the first of several to help you boost your diet.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

Thurman Greco

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