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One Way to Explore and Expand Your Path

We are, each of us, on a unique path.

You may follow your path from childhood and continue throughout your life, honoring your traditions.

Or, you may create your own path, making meaning out of each new step.

Wherever you are on your journey, your path is yours alone.  Only you occupy your space.

One thing you can do to help yourself advance on your path is to journal.    Because your path is yours alone, your journal will help you reflect on life’s meanings and what they teach you.

You can create your journal from an old tablet you found lying around on a table.  Or, you can create your a journal as a work of art with drawings, photos, paintings, and a creative cover.  Or, your journal can be anywhere between these two styles.

However you decide to create your journal, it can help you explore your spirituality.

Whatever you do to create your journal, it can help you explore the wonders of your life.  The words of your journal will help you learn more about how you think and feel.  This will help you create a deeper connection with your self and your path.

Your journal entries will help you explore your beliefs and how you feel and think about them.

The spiritual exploration offered by your journal will enhance and strengthen  your path.

Thanks for reading this article.

It is not intended to change your story or offer therapy.  It is written to offer a conduit to your own healing journey’s path.

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A recent book features the major arcana of the Tarot.  These cards explore well-known symbols and archetypes which heal, shape, and reflect our lives.

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What Your Feet Reveal!


Your feet reveal the state of your health.  They reveal physical problems in other parts of your body.

Often, the problems we experience with our feet relate to problems in other parts of the body.

Our feet reflect our lives:  what we eat, what we drink,   how we exercise, how well we sleep.

Tense feet may reflect tension in other parts of your body.

Limp feet indicate poor muscle tone.

Cold, blue, or red feet indicate poor circulation.

Sweaty feet suggest hormonal problems.

Swollen feet suggest a trip to a physician is in order.

Corns, blisters, and ingrown toenails will affect posture.

Bunions should be looked at by a podiatrist.

Hammertoes can benefit from reflexology sessions.

Toenails are a reflection of the diet.

When you don’t have time to look after your feet, you may experience corns, blisters, ingrown toenails, and bunions.  These problems affect your posture and metabolism.

Regular reflexology sessions bring about homeostasis.  People receiving regular reflexology sessions feel better and have fewer foot issues.

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Let’s Get Back to Basics! Start with Foot Reflexology

Reduced to a basic practice, reflexology works with zone therapy.  So, this chart is the one I’m displaying first. If you feel that your life is too complicated for reflexology, try massaging your feet and observing where you feel soreness or sensitivity.  Rather than feeling you even need to know how you experience these points, just knowing where they are on your feet is enough.

Foot reflexology sessions relax, balance, detox, and heal your entire body.

Reflexology brings about homeostasis – a body balance that is important for your health.

Reflex areas in your feet correspond to the internal organs.

Note where these points are and then work them over the next few days.

Work your toes to help alleviate headaches,

The ball of your foot relieves tension in your neck and shoulders.

Your foot arch relates to your liver, bowel, and kidneys.  Manipulate this area gently, especially if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends.

Massaging the top of your foot induces psychological calm.

Modern reflexology is based on the centuries-old theory of Zone Therapy.  The principle is that the energy connection should be free-flowing.  An energy blockage will imbalance body parts within that particular zone.

Reflexology sessions work to restore free-flowing energy pathways throughout the body, creating homeostasis.  This energetic body balance is essential for your good health.

When our bodies are balanced, things work better:

stress is relieved

the immune system improves

there is relief from pain

circulation improves

bowel movements improve

toxins  clear

relaxation is better

In short, the body works better!

Most of us know these things but it’s nice to have a short review occasionally.  It’s easier to find time in the daily schedule for a reflexology session if we can remember what the session will actually do for us.

On behalf of healers everywhere, I honor you and thank you for seeking wellness throughout your life.

With blogs, books, classes and sessions, I am not here to change your story.  I am here as a conduit for your healing.

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What’s Your Definition of Healthy?

When I first studied massage therapy at PMTI, I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of things that make up the healthy human body.  There are, for example, over 600 muscles.

From the beginning of this class in 1980, I have never stopped studying and learning about the human body, its wellbeing, and its health.  Not even for a moment.

The question looming over all the studies, classes, and courses is this:  What is the definition of healthy?

As a healer, my goal is to be a conduit for your healing.  I am not here to change your story.   And, I certainly cannot define “Healthy” for you.  Each person I meet in my daily travels has a truly unique and individual definition of “Healthy”.

An important word in my vocabulary as healer is “homeostasis”.  Through the years, I’ve worked to make that word and it’s definition a part of your life, too.

Homeostasis is the return to balance of your body.  As a Reflexologist, my goal was and is and will be to bring your body to homeostasis.

And, of course, Homeostasis is a big word because the body has so many thousands of working parts.

That being said – what is Healthy?  For me, as a healer, that word is loaded.

For many, healthy comes down to what you eat.  After all, we’ve all heard and read the saying:  “You are what you eat.”

And, I think we can agree that something that is perfect for one person is not good for another.  That’s why there are so many different diets for people these days.  Each of us has individual needs when it comes to what we need to be healthy.  So, it comes down to this:

One body needs different foods compared to another body.

Our dietary needs continually shift.

Whether we’re talking diet, exercise, sleep, or any other activity, our daily decisions are spiritual.

So, this all includes judgement and criticism.  This is an extremely eye-opening statement for some.  But, I know it to be true.  Many people feel judged for what they eat, where they get what they eat, and how they store, prepare, and serve  what they bring home.

People not only feel judged for what they eat, they feel judged for how they look, whether they are over or underweight, and their lifestyles.

When we eat to be healthy physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, we come up against a lot of opinions and questions.

Something I try to never do is criticize another person for what they eat or don’t eat.  However, that’s a tough thing to do.  But, really, we never literally know what another person needs to be healthy.

You can simplify your life a bit if you just believe that we don’t know what another person needs and we don’t need to know.  It’s just not anybody else’s business.

And, it’s easier to do this if we factor in the cost of food these days.  Nowadays   it’s getting to be more common to encounter people who simply don’t have the money to eat the way they might otherwise eat.

Instead of feeding their bodies and souls, they are” robbing Peter to pay Paul” (as my mother used to say) as they choose between rent and food.  We can’t blame our unhealthy activities and habits on the rising cost of food when our rents have risen from $800 per month to $2000 per month.

Meanwhile, the job is paying more but not THAT much more.

Guess what, this blog post has just degenerated from a spiritual discussion of the word “healthy” into an economic  politically spiritual one.  Our struggles all have a spiritual component.

And, when a person finally loses the roof and life’s struggle includes finding a warm, dry place to sleep for the night, I wonder how they fit healthy into the struggle to get to work, get the children to school, and find a meal.

At this point, “healthy” becomes a lot about how to breathe deeply for grounding.

And now, I’m reminded of Kerrith McKechnie, my massage teacher at PMTI.  She spoke a lot about breath, breathing, grounding and staying healthy.

I listened to her when she spoke about breathing and its importance to our health.  And, every time she lectured or instructed us about breathing, I  wondered how this was going to fit into the next exam.

Well, Kerrith McKechnie, I finally know the answer to my question.  When the rubber meets the road, proper breathing techniques are essential.

Proper grounding and healing breathing techniques fit smack dab into the middle of the situation.

When you can, please schedule a reflexology or reiki therapy session for yourself, your family members, and even your pets.

If this seems a bit expensive, maybe it’s time to learn to practice Reiki or reflexology.

Thank you for reading this blog post article about the spiritual journey we are all on.  My intention is that this article can be a conduit for your spiritual growth and healing.

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Your First Chakra and Your Better Health

“I don’t know what I did, but I know what I’m going to do now!”  My fellow yoga student blurted out recently at class.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know what happened, but my lower back really hurts!  I’m going to a doctor tomorrow.  I’m afraid I’m going to need surgery..”

Your first chakra is located at the base of your spine. Whatever the issues, a painful lower back is a strong indication of a spiritually stressed spine and an unbalanced first chakra.

When things are right in your life, you feel safe and secure.  You have a positive mental attitude and can protect yourself from life’s daily issues.

When your first chakra is unbalanced or blocked, depression and other negative experiences  impose themselves on your daily decisions.   You have difficulty sleeping and worry about money, health, and your job.

An overactive first chakra produces anxiety, greed, hoarding, and control issues at home and at work.  Basically, you feel unsafe.

Health symptoms and ailments involving your first chakra include:   adrenal fatigue, anger, anxiety, low back pain, codependency, fear, hemorrhoids,  leg pain, panic attacks, sciatica.

Addictions are root chakra issues.

Chakras are often out of balance for quite a while before health issues and diseases manifest themselves in the physical body.

Chakras are energy.  And, they are communicators.  They talk to us, giving us valuable information we need to be well.

Where is your disease or issue located?

When you have an injury to your lower spine, you probably have a first chakra imbalance.

Any issue connected with the rectum, anus, or any elimination issue is a first chakra issue.

Other first chakra issues include addictions to alcohol, food, coffee, gambling, drugs, sex, shopping.

For men, any issue with the testes,  or prostate cancer is a first chakra issue.

Things to remember about first chakra imbalances:

Chakras are connected to the total body.

When you’re dealing with a health issue, work with your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional body.  If you have a kidney infection, for example, heal your total body, not just the infection, and not just the chakra.

And, you need to balance your other chakras also.

It’s harder to fight a disease with a unbalanced corresponding chakra.


Your chakras don’t work in a vacuum.  They collaborate with other chakras.  They work with your physical and mental bodies and they work with your energetic body.

So, don’t just give one chakra a boost.  Don’t just give your swollen ankle an ice pack.  Help your entire body.

Take the medicine you’ve been prescribed.

Look around, is there something in your environment that you can change which will help you get well and stay better?

At times in my life, the answer to this question involved eating a specific diet.    At another time, I had to buy a better desk chair.  Recently, I joined a combination exercise/yoga class.

Well…DO IT!

As your body and your spirit and your mind improve, what can you do to keep things that way?

Well…DO IT!

Everytime I ask myself those questions, I always come up with…guess what!

Reflexology and Reiki!

Thanks for reading this blog post.  I will continue on with other chakras as well.

For me, this article was a real eye opener!  I knew, existentially, that men and women experience their first chakra issues and balances in different ways.  After all, women do not have testes.

Sex is very different for women than it is for men.   I’ve known this all along but I just never connected the differences to the chakra system.

These basic differences affect how we feel about belonging in our bodies.

I now realize that our chakras and how we experience them is a very different experience for women and men.

These differences, of course, carry over to the second (Sacral) chakra.  But that’s another blog post.

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Boost Your Energy With an Autumn Detox!

I love autumn and I love to celebrate the season with a detox.

When September rolls around, I know a detox will put sparkle in my eyes, and  boost my energy.

One reason I like an autumn detox is because I’m a reflexologist and I know that one of the things a reflexology session does best is encourage a mild detox.

So, I begin my autumn detox with three days of reflexology sessions right in a row.

My next step is to eliminate.  After all, that’s what a detox is all about.  My autumn detox is a little different from any other detox, though.  I’m not looking to eliminate everything – just the foods and drinks that weigh me down and make me feel sluggish.  That means I’m going to ditch the junk and processed foods.

Because of the foods I eliminate, this detox is different from all the other detoxes that I do.  Junk food and carbs top the list.

This season’s detox focuses on eating fruits for one day.  Use them to rebalance your system.  Because fruits always make me feel so good and energetic, I’ll probably stretch the one day out to two or three.

Each year, when I schedule my detox, I always schedule a few days of elimination when I cut out the junk foods, carbs, processed foods and the caffeine.  (If you smoke, this is a good time to offload the nicotine.)

It’s never more than a couple days before I notice that my body is energized.

While I’m getting rid of the toxins and replacing them with good nutrients, I feel lighter, cleaner, and more energetic.

That’s when I take time to walk, schedule a yoga session, or go for a swim.  The idea is to participate in activities which relax and rejuvenate your body.

An autumn detox is not  new in my life.  I remember autumn detox events dating back to my childhood in the South.

As the days grew cooler, a neighborhood mother prepared her special concoction and gave everyone a giant spoon full.  To this very day, I have no idea what was in it.

This I do know:  It tasted terrible!  And, our bodies smelled terrible for several days afterward.  If I ever smell that aroma again, I’m going to ask whoever is walking around with it to talk to me.  I want to know everything!

Another neighborhood mother put herbs in asperfidity bags which she personally prepared for us.  We wore them around our necks like necklaces.  The only thing I remember was garlic.  After that, my memory grows hazy.

Well, now is the 21st century and I prefer my autumn detox.  It’s practical and easy.  There are no smelly asperfidity bags to wear through the winter.

The power you will achieve by getting junk foods out of your life and your body encourages good things for you.

Several days worth of reflexology sessions bring bliss!

Adding exercises like walking, tai chi, or yoga are ideal for autumn rejuvenation and relaxation.

Complicated changes are not always necessary to promote wholistic health improvement and a longer life.

I hope you’re planning to join me and take the autumn equinox detox challenge!

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September Brings a New Season.

September is a time to honor your health – your wellbeing.

Have fun with this!  Celebrate the season!

LOCAL FARMERS’ MARKETS offer a bounty of fresh and local fruits, vegetables, and artisanal products.

September’s markets bring my favorite foods.

Tomatoes, potatoes, squash, apples, melons, figs, and beets are in season this time of year  adding color to your plate and your soul.

Stick with these new fresh produce options throughout your Autumn and into Winter.  Two fruits which I make a point to buy and eat in September include pears and pumpkins.  I love both these foods and they taste best during September.

Find a farmers’ market and plan your meals around the seasonal produce you discover.  A bonus on this food is that you’ll boost your antioxidents when you eat fresh seasonal produce.

Cook up a soup or stew.

I think of my breakfast as a September food.  Every morning I have a serving of muesli topped with yogurt and blueberries or other seasonal fruit.

Visit your LOCAL HEALTH FOOD STORE for what you can’t find at the farmers’ market.

While you’re there, stock up on immune-boosting supplements.  Go for a multi-vitamin, calcium, D3, a protein, and probiotics.

Commit to staying hydrated with lots of water.

It’s sweater time!  Is your wardrobe ready for that extra layer you’re going to need?  Consider LOCAL THRIFT SHOPS AND YARD SALES.  Make eco-friendly options a priority.

Is someone in your house returning to school?  Check the backpacks and lunch boxes.  Are they in good condition?

SLEEP BETTER in this cooler weather.  When September rolls around, I enjoy renewing tranquility with soothing colors in my bedroom.

I look around the room and remove any and all electronic gadgets that have somehow sneaked in during the year.

September is the time of the year when I ban  TVs, computers, phones, and anything else with an electromagnetic field which can produce irritating attitudes and challenge my sleep.

My goal is to refresh my bedroom so that it’s a retreat where I escape from the noise of everyday life.  This sanctuary reminds me that meditation, rest, and contemplation are important for a renewed state of mind.

Nourish your mind and rejuvenate yourself for the coming winter months.

Go a step further and schedule a regular reflexology or reiki session.  Better yet, get one of each!

ENRICH YOUR LIFE a bit.  September is a good time to learn to play a musical instrument, visit a museum, investigate your family history, take a walk, or just daydream.


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Wellness! – 10 Small Changes Make a Large Impact.


Each day, first thing, remind yourself about one thing that makes you happy.  We each have a happy trigger.  Part of our inner core, it doesn’t care how old we are, what we weigh, or how much education we have.

Find your happy trigger and meditate on it daily for 1-2 minutes when you first wake up.


Try this:  List your thoughts in a notebook and then put the book away.  This is your way of putting these recurring thoughts away for the night.


Banish your phone, fitness watch, computer, and any other piece of equipment with a little blue light, from your bedroom.


Eat a meal with your family, or someone you enjoy being around.   Sometimes the daily grind overwhelms us with stressful information.  Time with friends and loved ones can be healing.  Plating food and sitting down for a meal can enrich your life and bring joy.


Book a reflexology or Reiki therapy session.  An hour spent on a healer’s table can be both grounding and healing.


If you no longer see an item and don’t notice it, the time has come to release it to the universe where it can find renewed energy in another environment.  An added bonus is that you will also be making room in your life for what is important.


Owning a pet is not always an option for everyone.  You don’t have to own a pet to receive its unconditional love.  When you pet sit, visit with someone else’s pet, or walk a dog at a shelter,  you can still benefit from lower blood pressure, reduce your stress hormones, and improve your sense of well-being.


Prayer is always appropriate, whatever your religious beliefs, or situation.

angel with bird


Books and music lower your heart rate and ease your muscle tensions.


Add images, artwork, and other finds and mementos which can inspire, expand,  and positively motivate you.  A vision board helps you create your future.


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3 Ways to Find Yourself in Our New World

Forever changed is our future:

The pandemic and its surrounding life events changed us dramatically.  We each  experienced the pandemic differently.  This event transformed us.  Even if you denied the pandemic and ignored the events…

Especially if you denied the pandemic.

We have a new life now.

Remember those plans you made for the future?  Are the goals the same?  Do they need updating?  Improving?  Now is a good time to update them.

We can keep them as simple or complex as we want.

One thing is still the same:  feeling happy everyday.

Everyday habits keep us healthy and happy.  By that, I’m referring to what we eat, how well we sleep, how much exercise we get…

To plan my life again, I took stock of my days.  I focused on the everyday habits that I never even thought about.  I focused on things I ignored in the past.

I asked:  “What works?  What doesn’t?”

I realized I have a chance to be happy today and tomorrow and next week.

I hope you’ll join me in this review.

First step in your new life:  feel, really feel your feelings.  All that anger, fear, stress, curiosity.  Acknowledge it. Feel it. Somewhere in all those feelings, you’re going to discover happiness.

Spend some time on this.  Feel your past.  Feel your present.  Feel your future.  Take some time now to think joyous thoughts.  Catch those happy thoughts and hang onto them.

In step two, don’t blame anyone  – not even yourself.  When you don’t blame anyone, you jettison everything but happiness.  When you don’t blame anyone, you suddenly control your life as you leave your past behind and move into your future.

In step three, choose happiness.  This is where you have a gift card to all the goodies in the deli.  This is where you choose all the things which make you feel good.  This is where you choose your future.  What you focus on becomes your future.  Meditate on this happy future.  List all the things you like about your happy future.

What comes next!

What comes next is healing!

Practice Reiki with the intention of choosing a happy future.  Heal your future self with Reiki and reflexology.

Your feet are your command center.  Focus on a healthy future for your feet and for the rest of your body.

Did you study Reiki in your past but never really used it?  Now is a good time to bring Reiki with you to your future.

Schedule regular sessions.  The homeostasis offered by Reiki and reflexology cannot be overblown.

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Thurman Greco



7 Self-Care Tips to Boost your Diet

This post gives you a week’s worth of life-changing tools to help you boost your diet.   Try them if they attract you in some way.   If something feels good to you, then it probably is good for you.

The timing has to be right.  Maybe you’ve tried one or two (or even all) of them in the past and they didn’t seem to work for you.  That was then and this is now.  Don’t go for them unless they attract you  for some reason.

These tools  will boost your energy, calm your mind,  and help prevent or minimize some health problems.


Go for homeostasis!  This means reiki or reflexology.

Include one or both of these modalities in your schedule this week…and every week.   I suggest distance reiki.  Self-reflexology is a good option.

Hand reflexology is easy to use.  Does the thought of hand reflexology seem challenging to you? Your library should have hand reflexology books on its shelves.

To simplify  your hand reflexology journey,  I’ll send you a hand chart and detailed instructions for reflexing your own hands.

Just send me  your mailing address to and I’ll return them to you.   There is no charge  or obligation  for this chart and instruction list.


Eat whole, fresh, locally-grown food.

Whatever diet plan you’ve  chosen, this is a good tip for you and your diet.  When you say “Yes!” to fresh foods,  you minimize  processed, packaged, shipped products.

When you eat fresh, your food will taste better.  Your calories will not be so empty.  Your food will be authentic.

You’ll find  authentic food on the outer perimeter of your local food store or at a nearby farmers market.


Don’t skip your breakfast.

This meal can be anything from a serving of yogurt to a platter of eggs,  bacon, and a hearty whole grain bagel.

Whatever you choose for your breakfast,  include powerful berries.  Their  antioxidents can’t be overemphasized.  Let a banana  give you the potassium you need.


Skip the sugar.  This doesn’t have to be a shock to your system.  Begin sugar avoidance by skipping it one day a week.  On this day, instead of sugar,  include a sugar substitute on any food or in any beverage you would ordinarily use sugar.

There are many brands available.  Try several until you find one you like.

If you feel weird without sugar, snack on some chocolate.


Water! Water! Water!

I know.  My message is stuck when it comes to water.  But, I mean it.  Water gives you energy, moves toxins out, and makes your skin look younger.  It also has 0 calories.

What more can we ask for?

If you’re not accustomed to water, I suggest this:

When you feel tired, drink a glass of water.  No, don’t drink a glass of water.  Instead, chug it right down.  Now, wait a few minutes to see if you feel better.

When your lips feel dry, drink a glass of water.

What about your urine?  What color is it?  Concentrated urine has a murky color you don’t need.  Drinking more water will get rid of the murky color.


Go Nuts

Daytime snacks are an essential taste treat between meals.  They boost your energy midmorning and midafternoon.  They are a welcome break from the day’s activities.

One snack which is good for your diet boost is nuts.

Walnuts, almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts  give you energy, satisfy your appetite,  and are high in anti-inflammatory fatty acids.

They do lots of other  things too.  Each nut is different and unique.  Take a moment to read about all the  wonderful things they do .

Instead of reaching for a sugary food, go for the nuts.


Thanks for reading this  article, the first of several to help you boost your diet.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

Thurman Greco

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