Reflexology For The Spirit

Reflexology, Reiki, and Your Self-Care Diet Journey

Your diet is a life-changing self-care journey.

A  successful diet begins with  a plan .  For many, this plan begins and ends with the diet itself.  Nobody gets past whether the diet is Keto  or  low carbohydrate or low calorie diet or any one of hundreds of weight-loss diets.

The diet itself is only a part of the total package.  A diet is a time  when you  embark on a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical self-care journey.  And, surprisingly, it’s not really about  getting to a certain body size.   The quest for a body with perfect proportions is doomed before it even starts.

Your total diet package is a quest for a healthy body that functions, not just  window dressing.

These upcoming blog posts are keys focused on helping you achieve your goal.  They offer you tools to change your life  so that you achieve your own goals.  There is no authority here  telling you what is best for you.

Except you.  You are your own authority.  No one is going to challenge what is right or wrong for you.

This is your ultimate self-care manual.  As you read these blog posts, use whatever tools work best for you, your health and your well-being.

They help you achieve your self-care goals as they share ways to boost your energy, enliven and calm your mind,  balance your emotions, and prevent, control, and reverse health problems you  experience.

Your life-changing, self-care journey begins with reflexology and reiki sessions.  My hope is that you will schedule at least one session each week.

Keep a journal describing your feelings and reactions after each  session:

Are you sleeping better?

Are you calmer?

Maybe you are more excitable.

What about your bowel movements?

What does your skin look like?

Whatever happens to you, write down what you observe.  It may take several sessions before you feel and observe differences.  Or, you may see changes from the first session.

There is no wrong or right way to experience reflexology and Reiki.  Each person is different.

Regular sessions are important for your self-care diet  journey.

You may perceive some obstacles here.  Now is a good time to overcome them.  Find a Reiki master teacher and learn Reiki 1 if you don’t know where to get the sessions.  A Reiki 1 class will teach you everything you need to help yourself in a successful journey.

Is $$$ an obstacle?  Offer an exchange of some kind.

Regular foot reflexology sessions are ideal.   if you don’t know a reflexologist, get a book and chart on hand reflexology and give yourself a session.

Thank you for reading this blog post.  It’s  the beginning of several articles written with you and your successful diet in mind.  The things I suggest in them are not listed by how important they are.

Each suggestion is equally important.  More important is how they interest you.  And how each item motivates you to progress on your journey.   I’m hoping you will see each change you make as an achievement toward your goal.

As you continue down your diet path, I’m hoping you will let each change  be a new habit you can live with for the rest of your life.

Please post this article on your favorite social media network.   Share it with a friend.

I’m looking forward to joining you on your journey.

Thurman greco