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Reflexology, Homeostasis, and Your Diet. 9 Ways They Help

Your body continually changes throughout your daily activities.  Sleeping, dancing, or taking out the trash, your body tries to maintain a healthy balance – homeostasis.

When  you  visit a reflexologist, other bodyworker, or healthcare professional,  you may be trying to address one or more ongoing,  persistent,  health problems  in addition to your diet.   You seek solutions while saying to yourself  “I may have to learn to live with  fatigue ( insomnia, constipation, headaches)”.  A reflexology session does much for you.

Sleep comes easier as patterns change.

More regular bowel movements emerge.

Your body  begins a mild detox.

Your tensions relax.

Your overactive or underactive glands and organs begin to normalize.

Your nerve and blood supply improve.

You begin to feel refreshed, relaxed, and energetic.

Pain and discomfort disappear.

The truth is, we don’t know how a person’s body will respond to or react to a particular reflexology session.  Whatever the reaction, it is a sign that the therapy is working.

Things happen after a reflexology session because they need to happen – whether it’s sleep, relaxation, tension reduction, or pain loss.

These reactions and responses are important when you diet because of changes  brought about by your weight loss as you change the foods you eat and you move more.

These reactions are also important because they tell you that you are self-healing.

One thing people don’t really mention is that both reflexology and your diet encourages you to tune in to your own feelings and your body to see what feels best for you.

This is a major change.  I hope this sensitivity will stay with you long after the diet and extra pounds  have moved on.

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Thurman Greco

Beginning with the next post, I will be blogging about self-care during a diet.  I feel that a diet is the ultimate self-care experience.  It is your opportunity to care for yourself spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Go for it!